7 Figure Freedom Formula Review – A MOBE invention!

Hi Friend, welcome to my 7 Figure Freedom Formula review. After receiving a mail about 7 Figure Freedom Formula, I decided to dig deep to find out what it is all about. Chances are you probably have gotten similar mail or you saw it some where on the internet and you are wondering whether to invest in the program or not. Before you pull out your credit card, take some minutes read, the entire review here that way you will be better informed.

Program Overview:

Program Name: 7 Figure Freedom Formula.

Website:www.7figurefreedomformula.com.7Figure Freedom Formula Review

Owner: Matt Llyed

Price: From $1( 7 days trial account),$48 afterwards.

Over rating: 35/100


When I first got the mail about the 7 Figure Freedom Formula, I was like, Boom Boom! another great sources of generating serious income to share with my audience, but a little back ground check left me some what disappointed.

First off, 7 Figure Freedom Formula is Not a product on its own, it is rather a sales funnel from matt Lloyed to market his scheme, MOBE( My Online Business Education)

Incase you missed my previous review of MOBE, you can read it  Here


What Is 7Figure Freedom Formula All About?

Like stated earlier, 7Figure Freedom Formula is yet again another sales funnel from MOBE.

MOBE by the way was founded and launched in 2011 by Matt Lloyed.  But before then, Matt Lloyed was part of a company called, ‘LifePath’.

Back to 7figurefreedomformula, its a funnel that will take you to the main product on offer, the MOBE where you will yet again be presented with more and more upsells.

Going through the 7figurefreedomformula page, there is no information as regarding what exactly you are going to be doing to earn such huge money they are talking about.

If you have read my review of the main product MOBE, you should know what to expect. Incase you have not read the review, here is a hits of what is available within the main product.

MOBE at a Glance.

Once the 7 Figure Freedom Formula has taken you to the main product MOBE, you will be presented with a set of training softwares purportedly meant to teach you Affiliate/internet marketing.

The training comes in 21 steps but while still on step 6, you are presented with an upsell that cost $2,497, they called it the mobe license right program, which you must buy to stand any chance of making any money. Once you give into buying the first upsell, Boom Boom, comes more and more higher ticket upsells.

The upsells comes in high tickets such as:

  • Titanium cost $9,999.
  • Platinum cost $15,999.
  • Diamond cost $29,999.

This is insanely high, very high ticket. Remember what they told before you get in, just $49 and you will literally be on your way to earning thousands of dollars, nobody told you at the beginning you are required to buy some more expensive programs before you even start making the said money.

By the way, why are you even in the program in the first place? is it not so you can start making money online? But here you are, instead of making money, you are spending more and more money without any guarantee you are going to recoup your money back not to talk of profit.

7Figure Freedom Formula Products.

What is the product line of 7Figure Freedom Formula?

Like I’ve said repeatedly during the course of the review, 7Figure Freedom Formula does not have a product of its own, it is simply a sales page generating leads to MOBE program.

Should you join the program, you will be expected to buy more high ticket products from MOBE such that the only way for you to make any money is to sell the program itself.

Is 7Figure Freedom Formula Scam?

7Figure Freedom Formula is merely a pathway leading you to the main product, so in my opinion, it is Not a scam.

Bu the product the 7Figure Freedom Formula takes you to is what has a lot of question mark on.

MOBE has marks of scam written all over it. First you are told to part with $49 and you will be shown how to make tones of money online but once inside, you have to buy more and more products; that itself, is a scam in my opinion.

It is ok to pay for a program in order to earn money, but it is totally crazy and criminal to be made afterwards to buy more and more additional resources before you earn any revenue.

Do You Recommend 7Figure Freedom Formula?

No, I don’t recommend this program.

  • First, you are going to spend more than the $1 you saw on the adverts.
  • You are going to buy more and more expensive tools and training once you get into MOBE, that is the only way, you would be told you can make any money.
  • You are still not going to make any money until you promote the program itself.
  • In a desperate bid to recoup your initial investment, you are going to be spending more and more money outside of the program itself, promoting the program.

What Do You Recommend, Clems?

I recommend a program that will teach you how to make money online without necessarily having to promote the program or recruit anyone.

You Can Check My Best Choice But Free Program Here!

Here you will be taught step-by-step:

  • How to make money online through Affiliate Marketing.
  • How to build your own website to promote your Affiliate products without having your own product.
  • How to drive quality traffic to your website.
  • Current strategies of ranking your website on Google, Bing and Yahoo.

That’s just a screenshot of the First lesson you will take on my recommended program and it’s absolutely free to get started, No Credit Card required.

Imagine been shown the easiest way of making consistent income on Amazon, eBay, Clickbank, Walmart etc.

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  1. HI Clems

    I have personally came across My Online Business Empire, but it was not a very great product.

    How is 7Figure Formula Different from My Online Business Empire??

    • admin

      7FigureFreedomFOrmular, like I`ve said repeatedly within this review, is just a sales funnel for MOBE.
      It is not in anyway a product of itself. It is simply a path leading to the main product which is MOBE.
      Hope you are clear?
      Thank you so much for stopping by and stay blessed.

  2. This business really works and it is not a scam. I have a live coach that helps me through the whole process. You have a lot of opinions but you really did not dig in further enough to see the results.It has an 1800 number that you can call. This real and I have my coach numbers if I need any more help.

    • admin

      Hi Friend,
      Thanks for stopping by and for sharing your experience with my audience.
      Agreed the business is working for you and you have a live coach, that’s part of the package that comes with the program, but if I may ask, how much did you spent exactly on the program? Is it the $49 only or did you spent more than that?

      I agree with you completely about the results, I have seen similar results on Fiverr.com.
      And again I did not completely call the program scam but in my opinion, it is

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