10 Surest Ways On How To Make Money From a WordPress Website

So you have a WorldPress Website and you have been thinking of ways on how to make money from it. Probably you have tried previously on how to go about it but failed due to not having a guide or a clear cut way to go about.

I want to tell you that there are a dozen ways of turning your WordPress website into a money generating venture right there at home working from your computer.

With your WordPress website, you are open up with lots of potentials to explore and only you can hinder yourself.

In this article, I am going to take a look at some really cool ways you can monetize your WordPress website and make an endless stream of income.

Ok, cool let’s go there!

But hey, in case you are reading this and you don’t yet have a WordPress website, you can head here straight and create a free one, and host it as well with the start of the art hosting facilities right below.

Ok, cool. I assumed you now have a WordPress website so we can proceed right off.

  1. Google AdSense (Pay Per Click Advertising).

9 Surest Ways On How To Make Money From a WordPress Website

One of the numerous ways you could turn your idle WordPress website into a money making machine is to place Google pay per click advertisement popularly called Google AdSense on it.

Although many have argued that the money Google usually pay is small, lots of other people have made some real good money using Google AdSense. It all go down to how much traffic you are getting on your website, once you are having some decent traffic, you should begin to think towards sharing in the huge Revenue Google pays to Advertisers to place adverts on their sites.

The good part of this is that it’s pretty simple to get started with Google Adsense.If you already have a Gmail account, your work is already half way done, all that is required is to put in an application for Google AdSense using your already created Gmail account. Once Google accepts your Application, they will put a code on your website to find out the content of your website and once that is done and approved, Google will start displaying relevant adverts of your site.  Google will pay you each time someone clicks on the ads on your site, and the payment could be anywhere between $0.50 to $1-5. That’s just that, cool mhen? I guess so.

A little $0.5 here and there will definitely add up to be huge. Good traffic will earn you what you never imagine could be possible. So, now, get to work and place some Google Ads on your WordPress website and see the money rolling in.


2. Affiliate Marketing

9 Surest Ways On How To Make Money From a WordPress WebsiteAffiliate Marketing, oh I love Affiliate Marketing to the core.

Beside been the fastest way to make money With a WordPress website, it is actually the best way I know you can monetize you existing WordPress website for maximum profit.

It is very easy to go round with Affiliate marketing depending on your niche, that is what your website is about.

If it is about health, you could look for products relating to health you could recommend to people, and if it’s in any other field, be it fashion, Weight Management, Finacial management and debt recovery or any other field you could still find products and services you could recommend to customers using your Affiliate Link.


This is by far my best and the most efficient method I have used over the years to generate most of my revenue online and I have written an article on How To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing Here to get you started.

Amazon, eBay, ShareASale, ClickBank etc are some of the Top Affiliate Companys you can partner with. I have Written something here on How To Make Money On Amazon Affiliates Program to help you.


3.Sell Ad Space.

9 Surest Ways On How To Make Money From a WordPress Website

Selling ad space on one’s WordPress website has proven over the years to be very profitable as you can probably see from the many ads displayed on many sites you have visited in time past.

This is simply selling of advertising spaces on your site or blog to companies or individuals or businesses wishing to have their products seen by a large number of people.

You can charge a fixed amount of $$ depending on how much traffic you get, from $10-$5,000 per month, but be sure the advertisers are getting value for their money and so it’s generally better to have decent traffic before going this way.

Some of the popular places you can look for  those willing to buy ad spaces on websites are BuySellAds and AdvertiseSpace


4.Sell Your Digital Products(Ebooks, E-guides, E-manuals etc)

9 Surest Ways On How To Make Money From a WordPress Website


Another way to monetize your WordPress website is to sell your own digital Products. It could be products you create yourself or some E-books with resale rights.

The good part of this business is that you get to keep all the profit 100%, unlike Affiliate Marketing where you share with the owner of the product.

Starting off online, the first thing I did was to sell some e-books and some other information product and I tell you, it was all good.

Creating of Information products is actually not a difficult thing to do as you can easily get someone to create one for you while you pay them and then sell same for good profit.


5. Write Reviews and get Paid.

Apart from having affiliates link on your website, you can be written reviews on products related to your niche and get paid for it.

This is slightly different from Affiliate marketing in that you don’t necessarily have to display the product link just write an honest review about the product, some of the products will be given to you free to try them before writing about them. Once you become an Authority in your field it won’t be difficult for the money to start flowing in.

Here are some websites to source for review job:

Make sure you review only products related to your Niche and that will get your audience interested in, that way you will not lose your audience.


6.Start An Ecommerce With WordPress WooCommerce.

Hey, You can turn your WordPress site into an E-commerce site Focusing in a certain niche and have other people display their products on your site for a fee after sales. You might just be the next big E-commerce hub for your Niche product same as ClickBank is known for Digital Product, yours could be known for a specific niche you choose.


7.Email List Building/Lead Generation.

They said the money is in the list and that is not far from the truth as a welled built email list can fetch you thousands of Dollars within a short time.

The easiest way to get someone to sign up to your mailing list is to offer an incentive like a free ebook or information product in exchange for their email and usually, there are Autoresponders that make the work easier in collecting and sender bulk and automated messages.

The good part of this is if you build trust maintain a good relationship with your mailing list, they could be your long term customers and choose more products at your recommendation.

Here is something in details I wrote about building a mailing list and how you can about it.


8.Sale Tutorials and e-courses.

You make money on your WordPress site by selling tutorials and e-course on pretty any topic. It could be  tutorials about creating  a website as a programmer or educational courses like solving simple mathematics especially if you have a comparative advantage in it.

All you need to do is to convert your WordPress website into an e-course and tutorial site where members are expected to pay to take some training and courses. Coursera is an example of an e-course website.




9. Accept Donations.

9 Surest Ways On How To Make Money From a WordPress Website

Another great way to turn your WordPress website into a revenue generating site is to accept donations and the best way to accept donations is to ask for it.

I am sure you must have seen a site asking for donations from the audience before. The donation could be for any course, charity, or for anything even just to keep the site going is a reason to ask for it.

Usually, you must be churning out real helpful information and service for free, information that help solve someone’s problem for them to willingly donate to you.

If you are thinking or going this way, you might want to incorporate donations plugins that accept both PayPal and credit card and also you might want to secure your website with SSL security, if you created your site at Site Domain and hosted at Wealth Affiliate, you automatically have a free SSL security.



10.Sale Off Your WorldPress Site.

This is called Website Flipping. Your WordPress site can give you lots of cash especially if you are having decent traffic and also you have some sort of Authority in your niche.

You can actually just get into creating websites, generating traffic and selling them for profit.

There is a huge market for this although you need to understand how and what the niche on demand is and how to price your site, you can get started off trading your site at Flippa.com



Having a website is like having an estate, you can keep making money off it for as long as you want but then you need to know how to go about it and I believe with this article, you can now go out and put your website to use.

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