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My name is Clems, an online marketing coach,a scam buster, and a blogger.About me


Sometimes in 2008 when I first got to know about internet marketing and how people were making money online, I said to myself,  Clems, one day you are also going to share your own online success story.
Back then the in-house thing was selling of information products; information that a lot of sellers themselves never ever practiced.

But sadly, this didn’t happen immediately until 2010 when I first presented my own info product for sales. Did I make money selling this info product? Nay, I only made a couple of sales that barely covered my investment.so, I moved onto the next available make-money-online opportunity I saw that look promising and that required less of my personal input-just pushing a button.

The sales page looked so real and I was convinced this is the opportunity to break free from my lack of online earnings, after all, what was required of me after paying into the program was to just push this button, push that button. copy this and paste there and so on. I paid some dollars to gain access-I was going to make money!

That was my first feel of scam. Yes, I was scammed!

…But I was determined to find out how to really make money online the same way many other people were making, so I moved on. The search continued for a period of three (wasted)years, during which I fall to many other Scams.

…I became tired and concluded there was no genuine method of making money online. The numerous online paid survey opportunities I was into could only make me enough money to pay for my next internet data. I was fed up and backed off. I continued with my day job, at least here I was sure of my next paycheck.

…But somehow, I still found myself surfing the net for a possible opportunity, and then, just when I had given up, I saw a review about a free Affiliate Marketing training course, from Canada. I was skeptical, but since it was not going to cost me a cent,I decided to peep in. That was that, exactly what I needed.

A step-by-step training that exposes all the nitty-gritty  of internet marketing. How to turn your passion into a business that will consistently generate revenue for your years on.

…Fast forward to today, I have three beautifully designed websites that rake in revenue on a consistence basis for me from Amazon and other top Affiliate companies.


If like me, you have been scammed and at the verge of given up, just hold on a little more, there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel. We in here together. I am going to be there for you!

You can read my review of an opportunity that shaped my internet business here 


I am  going to be reviewing some money making online companies for a possible scam, this is because during the period I have been online, I have seen a whole lot of people scamming unsuspecting members of the public with impunity.
Sadly, many so called money making opportunities out there are nothing but a scam, I have fallen victim to them so, you don’t need to.

Also, there are a couple of ‘How To’ opportunities presented on this website that is geared towards helping you on your quest to make money online.



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