Affilorama -Is It legit Or Just Another Scam

Welcome to my review of Affilorama. Due to requests backed by popular demand about Affilorama,it is incumbent on me to provide incisive and honest assessment about this business.

I like to inform you that this website is independent of the company mentioned and the opinion and review are byproduct of careful research.

This website is committed to providing reviews about business opportunities so users like you can make informed decisions about business opportunities;you’ll agree with me this is necessary and should not  be discarded as unimportant because many programs and business opportunities rise and fade after taking advantage of funds of innocent victims,having adequate information about business opportunities is indispensible. Having established the basics let’s move on to the fundamentals.



Program Overview:


Program Name: Affilorama

Program Website:

Program Cost: Basic Membership is Free, $1 Thirty days Trial.


Program Upgrades:


Premium Membership costs approximately $70 monthly

AffiloTheme costs approximately $100

Affilo Blueprint costs approximately $200

Affilo Jetpack costs approximately $500

Program Founder: Mark Ling

Founded: 2005

Overall rating:70/100



What is Affilorama all about

Affilorama is an online business opportunity that provides members with multiple benefits. The benefits of getting educated through educational materials and the advantage of making money while getting educated.


It doesn’t end here,Affilorama provides thorough mentorship creating tutorials and educational materials that cover a wide variety of subjects in internet and affiliate marketing,so whether you’re a new or seasoned marketer they claim there’s something you can learn from and develop further especially for the more experienced marketers.


Affilorama hosts some interesting products packages that can be accessed if you upgrade your membership package. They include:

– Affilo Blueprint

– Affilo Theme


-Afillo Tools



Affilorama Basic Membership

Affilorama provides free basic membership. This basic membership level contains about 19 hours of educational materials and tutorials in MP4, written documents, and testimonials of some of its members are also included in the package.


Well,since it’s free 19 hours of video must  be something Although much of the videos you can guarantee yourself would be a pep talk about why you must join the program and upgrade in order to get its overblown benefits. It’s a clever marketing strategy.


The basic membership level contains videos and materials that are useful besides the company’s marketing materials,you will be provided basic video training on :


– Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)

– Pay -per-click (PPC)

– Content Management

– Website Design Basics

– Affiliate Marketing


The courses are centered around providing skills and training to its members to have knowledge on how to become successful network marketers.

It provides foundational training that will get you drawn in to register for its premium membership.


Quite frankly, the courses may be free,the content and training provided can ignite some feeling of actually learning a new skill for yourself though there’s some dodgy feeling it arouses I’ll shed more light on this matter as you read further.



Affilorama Premium Membership

Unlike the basic membership that provides just about 19 training videos,the Premium membership levels offer a lot more in common. The premium level contains a large variety of educational video courses that provides not just the basics but deeper training than the videos in the basic membership level. The materials at this level are more beneficial to people who have passion and interest in Affiliate Marketing. Here’s some difference between the basic and Premium Membership



According to the developer,the videos in this premium level promises to provide excellent value because the knowledge provided can be harnessed into creating other successful online businesses.





AffiloTheme is just a scheme to make extra money from the company after it has persuaded you to join its premium package. This is obvious because it’s merely a complimentary to the premium membership benefits.


This membership level provides video trainings on how to build websites and how to design websites easily with wordpress(Insights are shared on how to create opt-in forms to build your own email database and pop up ads and a few other stuffs).


While this may sound cool, these ideas are not new and definitely not worth $97. There’s no second guessing it,you may want to know how to do the things this level offers to create wordpress sites,opt-in forms,pop-up ads but all of this put together isn’t worth $97,it’s just an overpriced training.




This package is a host of video collections covering a wide variety of subjects like content management,website design and improving search engine ranking. As juicy as this topics sounds,it is more or less the same trainings are offered in the premium membership level. Don’t fall for it.


Affiloblueprint teaches how the founder built his own first website from start to finish. It highlights the techniques and strategies he used in building his own website.


Every video lesson in this package has a set of assignments to test your skills so if you like to feel back at school again,this is it ! The videos contain instructions that are easy guides for anyone to work with.


I wouldn’t know about you but paying approximately $200 for instructional materials that are easy to lay hands on is quite a stretch.The instructional materials though are good are over-priced,furthermore it’s almost the same topics covered in Premium membership that cost lesser.There’s no superior value over premium membership.


With this being said,people who are keen about acquiring more education may find Affilorama to be an interesting adventure. More often, when people register for Affiloblueprint they realize after a while they need to register for the premium level to tap into added benefits that are not included in the Affiloblueprint package.




The marketing department for this program says this package offers people who just want to make quick money without watching tons of videos,going through tedious trainings an easy way out to make some money.It is claimed to perform over 85% of tasks for you while you only need to do 15%, very little to make money.


While this may be mouth watery, easy money always sounds like a lure to be ripped off, I’m not comfortable with doing nothing and getting paid – it sounds like a familiar territory some of us have made some losses in the past.


AffiloJetpack costs approximately $500 to register for it, and in addition you will need to purchase a domain name and register and auto responder service to use with this package.


It doesn’t sound convincing this will be a consistent means of income,i don’t recommend buying AffiloJetPack.



IsAffilorama for everyone

While you can make some money with affilorama,the signup costs are high. If you’re on low finances then the upgraded membership levels are not pocket friendly.


Affilorama consumes resources to go through tedious steps before setting on do start your own business,it will take quite a while before you can gain mastery of the skills the courses provides training on if you’re not an experienced I.C.T specialist or affiliate marketer.Imagine if will take you 6 months to acquire the basic knowledge taught and 10 months to begin to know it deeper,this length of time isn’t for anyone with pressing financial obligations.


Don’t get me wrong I’m not an advocate of get-rich-quick-scheme but newbies looking to make some extra ” benjamins ” to cool off some heat may find it difficult to cope with the timeline involved and the distractions can be disturbing.If you’re in need of regular income,i won’t recommend Affilorama while it is legit,i recommend Wealthy Affiliate – this is my verdict on this issue because with Wealthy Affiliate you can make monthly income that is consistent and you’ll give yourself a pat in the back for this amazing discovery. Allow me highlight the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate:



– Wide variety of learning materials to benefit from.

– You can learn to become an experienced affiliate marketer.

– Free basic registration gives you some taste of what to enjoy ahead.




– Delayed support

– Many of the training materials in different levels are duplicated forms of each other

– The trainings are expensive and will take time before any substantial money can be made from the program.

– The basic membership is very limited in scope.



Final Verdict

Affilorama has some good benefits, its actually one of a few programs online that offer genuine tutorial on how to build an online business.

The program is definitely not a scam, but at the same time Not a program i would recommend to my readers.

There is a program that is a Step ahead and offers far more Value; and for a ridiculous fee of $0:00

You can get started with this program  today for free


If you are committed to building a real business online that will pay you for years to come, then sign up with this program now.

There is currently a live 7 days training ongoing, here you can interact with over 500,00+members including some Top earners in the industry.You can ask questions through the live chat section and get answers immediately from top internet marketers on the forum, you can not afford to miss this!



I hope you enjoyed reading this piece.

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