Atlantic Global Assets Management Review, Scam Or Legit – Yes, it is a scam!

Hello, friend and welcome to my Atlantic Global Assets Management Review! Chances are that you saw this online or you have been approached by someone about joining this scheme and you are here to find out if this is a scam or legit.

In recent days, I have reviewed programs structured in this manner, From  Richmond Berks to  SportArb, Hourlyrichcash, etc and all of them have one thing in common, Scam and Pyramidal Fraud.

So, Is Atlantic Global Assets Management scam or legit?

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Program Overview.

Program name: Atlantic Global Assets Management


Owner: Not Stated

Price: €90EUR minimum

overall rating: 30/100



Atlantic Global Assets Management is said to be an investment company that is into trading IPO, Forex, Real estate, etc. Belo is the what is found on their website.

The company pays huge weekly ROI on an invested fund for the period of 52 weeks.


Program Details.

Atlantic Global Assets Management is the same as Questra World or Questra Holding and is run by the same known Ukrainian Scammers, Alexander Prochukhan, Pestyuk Cheslav, Fanis Dzhurayev, Konstantin Mamchur, and Stanislav Kravtsov.


These guys are well known financial fraudsters and swindlers and had in the past promoted similar scams like,,, etc.


Here is a comprehensive review I have Written Against Them


If you have already invested funds in it then I can only wish you well if not, then you have a pretty good chance of thinking long and twice before sinking your money in this program.

Here are warning signs to note in a program:

  • Any program that promises high return with no risk involved is a red flag. All financial investment has one risk of the other.
  • When the ROI is consistence- mathematically, no investment has been proven to give an equal result on a consistency level as there are highs and lows in every profitable business.
  • Complex strategies that only the owners understand – Run from such program

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