Duitmyself Review, Scam Or Legit – Dont Join Dwayne Goldens Duitmyelf Pyramidal Scheme!

So, you have seen Duitmyelf online and you are here to see if it is legit and worth investing your money in. Welcome to my Duitmyelf Review!

A friend got an invitation from an unknown person to join this opportunity he was told is the rave of the moment, and been new in the industry, he asked if I could do some digging up about Duityoursel for him.

Perhaps you are like my friend and you have been invited to look at this program or you just saw it yourself and you want to find out if it is a fit for you, you are in the right place and at the right time.

I have been online for a couple of years now and I’ve seen lots more of the negative programs than the positive ones.Most of these programs created supposedly by the gurus are nothing but cheap scams, not trying to dress down anyone.

Would Duitmyself be any different, different from Ingreso Cybernetico and other programs created by this same Dwayne Golden and his Associates?

Come with me lets go do some digging up!

Program Overview.

Program Name: Duitmyself

website: www.duitmyself.com

Owner: Dwayne Golden

Price: Cheapest 0.03btc ($60)

Overall Rating: 30/100



A little digging reviewed that the domain name Duitmyself was registered on the 11th march, 2017 and has Dwayne Goldens name as the registrant.

Dwayne Golden listed an address in the USA, 123 Raven CT, Royal Palm Beach Pennsylvania 33411  as his address.

Dwayne Golden in the past was linked to Blue Bird Bids, a penny auction bidding company, which is now in the past. After the collapsed of Blue Bird Bids, Dwayne Golden moved back to Green Apple Fridays, a penny auction company he built before Partnering with Mardy Eger to launched Blue Bid Birds in 2012.

It appeared GreenApple Fridays would not also last as Dwayne Golden moved on and created another Scheme, Ingreso Cybernetico, an MLM company that was known more for its pyramidal and recruitment activities than its digital products.

In 2015, Dwayne Golden alongside his son Dwayne Golden Jnr launched a site called Genius Trainer Pro.

Now, with the exploit of bitcoin, a digital cryptocurrency that is fast attaining cult status in digital currency, Dwayne Golden seems to have seen an opportunity to cash in on it and has created Duitmyself.


What Is Duitmyself About?

Duitmyself is a bitcoin concentrated online marketing platform designed by Dwayne Golden to provide Online Marketing training and Tools for its Affiliates while also providing them a platform to build a Passive home based business, all using bitcoin, a worldwide acceptable cryptocurrency.


What Is The Product Line Of Duitmyself?

Duitmyself seems to have some digital products available within the paid membership area. These products and tools come in different version and it’s dependent on what an Affiliate paid for.

Here is a list of the products available for members to chose from.

  • Duit Page Builder- 0.03btc- A simple drag and drop web page building software.
  • Duit Advanced Content Management, Email Broadcaster and Autoresp[onder System- 0.04btc- A software for managing email list and sending bulk email and autoresponders, the like found at AWeber.
  • Duit Live Streaming and Screen Recording Tool- 0.25btc – A software for streaming live videos and recorders.
  • Duit Affiliate Platform- 0.40btc.
  • Duit Personalized Funnel – 1btc
  • Duit Tailored marketing System – 3btc.
  • Duit Customs Business System – 6btc.
  • Duit White Label Resell Rights – 10btc.
  • Duit Your Own MLM/Direct Selling Platform Business 17btc.

These products although great in their own right but to thinks you are getting these products at this rate is outrageous, to say the least.

Not trying to talk down the value of the tools and software, but one can easily get these at way cheaper price elsewhere, and some can be gotten free online.


I also would have love to see some free versions of these tools and software as obtained with some other online training networks, where they would allow you to learn how to make money online free.

Duitmyself  MLM Compensation Plan.

Having gone through the who program and also listening to Dwayne Golden speak about the program, one can easily see through it that the whole program is wrapped around some sort of pyramidal recruitment scheme. That seems to be the only realistic way one can make money with this program.

Ok, so how does Dwayne Golden intend paying those that build a business around this program?

Read on Friend!

Duitmyself run a 4×1 unilevel structured compensation plan. Uni-level based plan sees affiliates placed on top the pyramid with 4 levels opening under him to be filled by his personally sponsored affiliates or as a result of spillover from the upline on the matrix.

You get paid at the top of every hour what ever you do, not waiting for a week, or even a month like other bitcoin earning programs, thats according to Dwayne Golden, the CEO of Duitmyself.

It looks like there is going to be lots of recruitment to be made.

This is a typical MLM program and its great for the lovers of Multi- Level -Marketers.

Picking from the packages, affiliates would have to personally sponsor 4 persons in order to earn from the Duitmyself bitcoin Affiliate program.

  • Affiliates earn 40% from the 1st level referrals.
  • Affiliates earn 9% from the 2nd level referrals.
  • Affiliates earn 2% from the 3rd level referrals.
  • Affiliates earn 2% from the 4th level referrals.
  • Affiliates earn 3% from the 5th level referrals.
  • Affiliates earn 6% from the 6th level referrals.

members of BTC Producers club can earn 1% referral commission from level 7th down to level 11th.

Affiliates who wish to join BTC producers club within the Duitmyself btc affiliates network must pay a club fee of 0.39btc this according to Dwayne Golden is to enable them earn from level 1 down to the 11th level and also to earn 60% on every direct referral.

Affiliates on the BTC producers club extended  earns from the Unilevel plan:

  • 60% from the 1st level referrals.
  • Affiliates also earn some producers club bonuses down to 4th level.
  • 20% from the 1st level referrals.
  • 15% from the 2nd level.
  • 10% from the 3rd level.
  • 5% from the 4th level.

Pros and Cons of Duitmyself Btc Affiliate Program.

As with any business out there, there bound to be so attraction and the not so attractive sides of the business.

Going forward, let’s look at those things that make Duitmyself program attractive as well as those that make it unattractive .


  • Payment is every top of the hour so you don’t have to wait for days or weeks or even a moth before you are paid.
  • Payment goes straight to your bitcoin wallet, no central account meaning you are paid straight off what you earn, no BS.
  • No waiting for the matrix to complete before you are paid.
  • Depending on the package you are on, you are paid for everyone that join your network.
  • Great way to build a passive home based business especially for lovers of MLM.


  • This is a typical MLM company.
  • You will have to recruit and recruit until you are worn out.
  • The structure and everything else is of pyramidal nature, meaning those on top will feed fat from those coming in later.
  • It is Ponzi in nature because you are basically going to be paid from the money brought in by investors and not from profit made by selling the products( soft wares).


Duitmyself Review – Conclusion.

If you are a no, no guy when it comes to MLM opportunity, you may have to look elsewhere as Duitmyself is your typical MLM business opportunity.

The software and other online marketing tools are just a cover up for the main product which is recruitment and more recruitment


Attention Friend!

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  1. Jamie

    I’ve dabbled in Multi-level marketing programs like Duitmyself before and have had mixed success at best.

    I searched to see if this program was a scam before going into it properly and I just want to say thank you for providing this information and saving my time and money from being wasted on DuitMyself.

  2. B. A. Scott

    Thank you so much for this very informative and in depth article.

    I was going to give Duit a try until I saw your review.

    It seems like the people benefiting most are the ones a the top whiles the ones at the bottom have to work their butts off filling their pockets.

    Thanks for the warning!

    If you don’t like to recruit, what other options are there?

    • clems

      Hi, B.A Scott.
      Duitmyself is your typical MLM opportunity the only earns you money when you recruit. Once you sign up with them the only realistic thing to do is to go recruiting, recruit for yourself and perhaps recruit to fill the gap for your downlines and so you find yourself recruiting all the time you are in the system.

      Sadly, there is no other assignment with the system that is known to earn you money except you refer and if you are not good at that then you better stay off.

      Looking at earning money without having to recruit, I have repeated mention this platform regarded by lots of people as the best way to earn money, you might want to look at it.



  4. Dolly Estrada

    This is so lazy. Don’t you feel dirty after you write an article like this just to push your own opportunity? Fake comments and all, what are you doing with your life? If your opportunity was any good you wouldn’t need to crank out boilerplate critiques of your competitors to get signups. I know you won’t publish this but at least I know you will read it and somewhere deep inside you will know I am correct. This is lazy clickbait.

    • admin

      Nah, I am going to publish your comment because I am convinced deep down in your heart you know everything written down here is the whole truth. I am not also going to deny the fact that I am showing people who desire to earn money online something they won’t have to pay before realizing later its not for them. In your glorified opportunity, you have to go about scrambling for people to register under you before you have any chance of earning whereas I show people an opportunity where they don’t need to recruit people before they can earn. Go to my number one recommended program again.

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