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Email marketing campaigns are crucial parts of any successful marketing strategy. They help create relationships with potential clients, amass important data and help elevate marketing ROI. Although campaigns are very crucial for marketers, most of them miss the target and continue to fall below the expected campaign’s return.



To effectively build and maintain email marketing campaigns efficiently, close attention must be paid to the audience, the message trying to be passed across and avoid the major mistake of just sending out messages which people would sense are adverts right away and delete it without even opening the mail.


This article would serve as a form of guide to keep you informed about how to run an effective marketing campaign.

What Is Email Marketing

Email marketing is basically when a company sends a message or messages to a bunch of people via electronic mails. They are mostly through advertisements, sales, request for businesses or proposal for donation. Any communication done by email that helps to increase customer loyalty and trust in a company or its product is known as email marketing.



Email marketing is a very effective way to keep in touch with your customers while simultaneously promoting your business. Using email marketing enables companies to reach their target market with ease without having to book spaces on billboards, radio or television time and large quantities of print space which do not come cheap.

With the creation of email marketing software, you can build your email list that has already been categorized based on a number of factors like how long the mail has been on the list, what the customer likes and detests, the way he spends and other important data to make it easier.  Email messages are then created and sent out to the target members on your list, providing them with a mail which suits their personalities, giving them the information they might be interested in or asked for. This helps elevate trust and loyalty while also promoting sales.


Steps In Running An Effective Marketing Campaign


Set Clear Goals

Although it may be easier just doling out emails without having a defined goal in mind, it best to first consider what you aim to achieve with your email campaign as that would help you decide  the type of campaigns you would engage in.

Your target, the content and how to measure if you were successful or not.

Set Your Goals

Set Your Goals


The crucial part of setting your goals for your email marketing campaign is to make sure they are in tune with your company’s marketing goals and objectives. Is the goal to promote sales? Bring in more donations? Build better relationships with clients?

Email marketing is a very powerful means to reach a wide range of clients and it can be used to achieve various things. It is best to spend time deciding what you plan on achieving before starting your campaign.


Build Your Email list

After you have set your clear goals and what you intend to achieve, the next step is to build you list so you can start sending your campaigns. There are various ways to build your mail list, but the appropriate way for each campaign is based on the goals established.


You can build your email list by:

  • Import a list of existing contacts; if you have the permission to send emails to your existing or former contacts, you can just add them into the market tools you have chosen and make sure their details and information are up to date.
  • Build a list from scratch; if you plan on using emails to pass information to addresses you haven’t acquired yet, you can start capturing addresses and adding them to your list from scratch. To make people subscribe to your emails, make sure they have compelling contents that would keep them interested and want more. You can also make available incentives for subscription, most people love incentives and this is sure to pull people in.

There are various ways to entice people to subscribe to your emails, just make certain you pick those that are in tune with your stated goals.


Choose The Type Of Campaigns You Plan On Sending

There are different types of campaigns that can be sent by marketers, it’s best to choose those which align with your stated goals. Some of the marketing campaigns that can be selected from include; newsletters, announcements, marketing offers, an invitation to an event among others.

  • Announcement; informs your subscribers about new products or services.
  • Newsletters contain one major topic of interest.
  • Marketing offers are sent with the aim of getting back a direct response from clients.


Create Your Campaign

After going the necessary processes then you can create the type of campaign you have selected and intend to start sending, before you start doling out campaigns you must make sure of the following;

  • Make sure your campaign is easy to read, most people won’t read if they find it stressful
  • The campaign should be of some importance to all the subscribers
  • Your campaigns should be able to elevate trust
  • The campaigns should be easily read on all platforms because most people use different platforms to access emails, it is certain to reach a wider range of people that way.


Measure Your results

When your mail has been sent and it starts getting opened and clicked by subscribers, you can now start measuring the success rate of the campaign.


You can monitor the success of your email marketing campaign via your website analytics tool or your marketing tool. You can check the reports section of your email marketing tool so you know how people interacted with your campaigns.

The crucial metrics of measuring the success rate of your campaign include;

  • Number of times email was opened
  • Number of emails not opened
  • Number of times email bounced
  • Unsubscribed rates
  • Number of spam reports
  • Amount of times shared


Email marketing is a very efficient tool if used properly, and I do hope that the above article would help you run an effective marketing campaign.

Although Email marketing is a great tool in getting across your message to your customers, it remained a choice. If you choose to go the way of list building, the above methods will surely help you get ahead with good result.


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