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Are you interested in the Free Money System and you need an honest review to help you make an informed decision? Are you already in the system and don’t know where it is heading for? If you answer yes to any of these or you are simply on the lookout to avoid been scammed online then this article had been written for your sake.

Here is an honest review of Walter Green free Money System which  has been done after a thorough research and also base on my involvement in similar programs in the past.

Free Money System Scam


Name: Free Money System


Price: $200 start up.

Owner:  Walter Green.

overall: 10/100


What Is The Free Money System About

Free Money System known also as Walter Green Free Money System portrays itself as a software system developed to help non-experienced persons in binary trading (Including those that have never traded binary options before) to become a millionaire in 90 days. The owner made it clear that he is not a binary broker but have a system which could be used to make predictions on reputable broker platform.

Walter Green claims his  software had recorded 85% success rate and you need not worry. The only thing you need to do is to make just two clicks and their software does the magic for you which according to them would make you a millionaire.

Pros & Cons


  • No experience is required
  • Registration is Free (Though you need minimum of $200 to start trading)


  • Binary trading is a risky venture, as the Odds are Never always in your Favor.
  • Earning Possibilities is over-stretched (hype)
  • No Trial Account


Who Is The Free Money System Meant For

It is meant for every person wanting to make millions without any prior experience in binary trading. This set of inexperienced person includes people that had not even heard of the phrase “binary trading”

binary options


Now this kept me wondering, how can an inexperienced person make millions in binary trading? Walter Green had already cooked the answer, their winning system had been programmed in such a way that it had always predicted correctly. He even claimed the market is predictable and their algorithms had been set to follow this predictable trend. A lie I must say!


Does Water Green Free Money System Offer Any Kind Of Support

The only form of support offered is primarily through emails and calls which is mostly on funding your account. They did claim they link you with a coach which in most cases is only quick in swindling you into funding your account. With this, I can only tell you the support is for their own gain, not yours.


What Is The Start Up Cost

According to the information on their website, it`s membership is free. Quite impressive I guess? Don’t reach your conclusion this early, the moment you complete registration, you would be informed it is a binary options trading and you need to deposit $200 for a start….. This is even because they labeled it free. This $200 isn’t a one-time payment, it just to introduce you to the system. The moment you pay this, you have already committed yourself they would keep asking for more payment.


Free Money System does it really work

Would Walter green Free money system make you a millionaire?

I know a lot of people have already fallen to this cheap sales pitch, the promise of making a million within 3 months well, take a seat back and really consider how money is made in binary option.

Basically, you make money on binary option when you place a bet that either stock XYZ or currency XYZ will rise or fall against the opposite stock or currency, if it turns out to be in your favor, you win, otherwise, you lose, it looks more like gambling to me. And you know, the thing with binary trading most times is, the odds are NEVER in your Favor regardless of whether you use a system or not.

You would notice this type of way of making money is like playing casino and nobody can assure you of such high success rate of 85%. If Walter was making such, it definitely would cost you a fortune to get enrolled into such system.



Here are some reasons you should stay clear of Walter Green and His free Money System


  1. Risk Disclosure

This is the number one reason I wouldn’t advise anyone to get into this system, they promise you heaven in your bedroom without any experience and doing anything and then didn’t hesitate to put up a risk disclosure just in case you file a law suit against them. Now if their system was as accurate as they claimed, would they need to come up with this?

free money system disclaimer


Now the thing is why talking of risk when you had guaranteed me success? Something is definitely fishy…… and that should give you a reason to stay clear. This disclosure was even placed in unnoticed places like the end of the video and add the bottom of the website.


  1. No Demo  Before You Start Using Real Money

All legitimate ventures like this usually have a demo system where you would use a virtual money otherwise known as fake money to learn the nitty-gritty of binary option trading before starting out with real money but this Walter System starts with real money and if you happen to lose, your money had gone.


Why would a legitimate system teaching inexperienced people how to make money make them use money to learn?


  1. Free Money System Is Connected To Millionaire Blueprint


Watching the professional sales video on the website and hearing Walter speak like your millions are already in your backyard waiting for you to pick it up,  the way he makes it look like a secret with it “register now, free slot left” one would think he stands on it own. Looking at the risk disclosure, you would see the logo of billionaire blueprint, another scam.

This is to show that it is a member of a larger scam system and you should avoid it.


  1. False Income Claims And False Testimonies

Walter Green in the video on the Free Money System Website claimed they made a profit of $189,671,458-well, I refuse to believe.

And the numerous testimonies that follow, well, if you have been online for a decent time, you should be familiar with ‘bought Testimonials’ on

anyone with as low $5 can have any kind of testimonial in their favor.

Look at the screenshot bellow.

is free money system a scam

Don’t be quick to bring out your credit card because of the Testimonies that were obviously bought.


How Free Money System Makes Money

Have you asked yourself how they make their money since they just link you up with a binary option broker? Asking yourself would open up a lot of things. I would reveal that now.


Free Money System headed by Walter Green is just an affiliate marketer that earn commission for every trade people that they refer make. This commission they earn whether you win or lose and that is why their main target is to see you invest period. Whether you win or lose is nothing to them.


My Verdict: Scam!

From the above, it is clear that Walter Green Free Money System is out to make money only for itself and resort to using scams by making unrealistic promises just to lure you into joining its system.

If you really want to earn money online, then consider building your online business like a lot of other successful online marketers, scam free.



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