Fund Your Success reveiw – Legit or Scam!

Hello and welcome to my Fund Your Success review. Chances are that you have been approached by someone you know or through a social media platform about joining this scheme and you are here to find out more about it before committing your money to it.

You are in the right place because, as a third party, I will review the details of the program and make you see from a different perspective if this program is worth your time and resources.

Come with me as I take you deep down on how the program operates and help you make an informed decision.


Program Overview.

program name: Fund Your Success


Owner: Dierksmeier John

Overall Rating: 30/100


What Is Fund Your Success About?

Fund Your success is a matrix platform designed to help you generate funds-both dollars and bitcoins, according to the owners of the program.

Bellow is the information found on fund your success website:

The INCOME PLATFORM is a NEW, SIMPLE and EFFECTIVE plan designed to help you generatefunds – dollars and bitcoins – that will allow you to upscale and upgrade your life and be able to do all the wonderful things you have been wanting to do.

Now…at first glance this may appear like many of the other offers you see daily. and you may even be a little skeptical. We respect and welcome your skepticism especially in this day and age when so many different claims and promises are being made in the business opportunity marketplace.

But…here’s the deal – if you pay close attention to what you are about to preview, you will see exactly how we use ACCELERATED LEVERAGE in a 3-Phase 2 by fast-fill matrices that can get you on the road to earning as much as $250 over and over – even DAILY!

curiously there is no information on the website as to who owns fund your success but we were able to dig a little and going by the domain registration, Dierksmeier is said to have registered the domain on December 19, 2015, and recently, renewed it on the 19th, December 2016.

Dierksmeier John listed  Texas, USA as his address.

A Little About Dierksmeier.

His Full names are John Dierksmeier Quesada.  Dierksmeier first came to limelight in 2015 with a matrix cycler; 2x2wealth but was not really successful with it and since then he has gone on to introduced other programs such as CafeNopal, Ecoplus Network, Only7Bucks, EZAdsNet, and Mysecret Fortune.

Towards the tail end of 2016, Dierksmeier moved on and started promoting another program, The Amazing living, an auto ship recruitment scheme. in order to build a massive downline size, Dierksmeier created a tool called-Amazing prebuilder though the scheme failed to take off and it seems as that informed his decision to start this program-Fund your success.

Fund Your Success Products Line.

Looks like fund your success does not have any products. Those buying into the program are only able to market the company itself. As usual, any program that does not offer a product but depends largely on recruiting new members is bound to fail because, as soon as new membership dries up, the system will naturally die and those caught in the web will lose out.

Fund Your Success Pay Plan.

Fund your success goes with a three-tier  2×1,2×2, and 2×3 matrix cycler. To become an affiliate, you must buy a position of $10 minimum after which you can start recruiting others into the program in other to fill up your matrix.

Here is  how the matrix works:

Phase 1. 2×1 matrix

You buy a position with $10 and you are then placed at the top of the matrix opening two positions directly under you to be filled by those you personally sponsor or those who spillover from your upline.

The result of this is that you earn $10 each from the 2 persons under you.But then you are not eligible to withdraw the money ($20) because it is immediately used to purchase a higher matrix position for you.

Phase 2. 2×2 Matrix.

From the earnings generated from phase one of the matrix, you are automatically entered into phase two where again you place on top of a 2×2 matrix with 4 positions opening from your level 2 downlines.

What that means is that those at your level 2 downline levels will pay you each $20 when they are upgrading to take up their level 2 positions.

that`s how the matrix looks like.

Again, just like the phase 1, you are also automatically entered into the another matrix position in the last cycler with $60, leaving you with a massive $20 to use.

Phase 3. 2×3 Matrix.

This is the final phase in the matrix where affiliates can now cycle out and claim their cash.

Here 8 affiliates under your level 3 downlines pay you $60 each when they are been upgraded to phase 3.

You also earn another $75 when any of your direct referral cycles out.

Again, you are automatically re-entered into phases 1, 2 and a double phase 3.

That’s how it looks like from the picture above.


Fund Your Success Pros And Cons.

I personally find fund your success not attractive but who know, you might have a contrary opinion, let’s examine the pros and cons of this program


  • It’s cheap to get started at $10.
  • Does not require any other money from your pocket, all upgrades done from your profit.
  • If you are good at referring people, you could earn much as each person that cycled out earns you $75.


  • Matrixes are generally not easy as they require huge downline size to cycle out.
  • You are required to by means of automatic positioning  move to the next phase meaning your earnings are automatically returned back to the system.
  • To cycle out in phase 3, you will be needing a total of 126 persons, that is massive. The implication is that you will keep recruiting and recruiting on order to fill up the position from downlines who might not be good in recruiting.
  • The only way to make any money here is when you promote the program other wise you will get nothing.
  • This type of business has no long term plan meaning the program can fold up anytime any day.
  • You must get real good at recruiting to have any success here.

Is Fund You Success A Scam?

Well, in my humble opinion no, at least not now because they are still paying but of course, calling a program scam depends on the angle you want to look at it from.

If any program that doesn’t have product  from where they make money off  could be regarded as scam, then fund your success might as well be called one.

Also, if any program that depends on funds from new investments to pay off old investors could be call scam, then you might as well call this scam.


Although fund your success might not be regarded as scam yet, but the business structure it operates is Ponzi in nature and so it has little chance of surviving for longer period.

I have seen programs come and go and people losing out big time most especially those that come in late on.

If you are considering joining this program you also have to consider the fact that you wont make any money unless you are a super recruiter. Most of the guys you see displaying their earnings got in at pre-launch and were able to build a good downline size before the program finally hit the cyber space.


Do I recommend Fund Your Success?

No, there is no chance I will recommend this program.

A friend was ask to register and then  create two more accounts in order to move on to stage 2, but unfortunately that was the end of the road for him.

To be successful in any matrix, you need to really be a great recruiter, there is no two ways about it.

Is There Any Program That Can Help One Make Money Online Without Recruiting?

Absolutely, there are some great programs that will teach you how to make money online without having to recruit anyone, no matrix, no Ponzi, no cycler but program with real value.

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