How Can I Make Money Online And From What



How can I work at home and make money? How can I make money online and from what? These and many more are the tons of questions been ask by many. Truly, many people especially stay-at-home mums are fed up with their condition of always waiting for another person for money and are looking for legitimate ways to earn money. Not every online business are scams, if you are interested in working from home, then this article is meant for you to learn legitimate ways of earning money.


There are not much difference between working online from home and anywhere else, you can earn as much as you want, get connected to as many as you wish. In fact, working at home online is more flexible, more rewarding and fulfilling provided if you treat it like a business and give it all the necessary conditions it requires to excel. 

Below are the top 5 online works you can do to make money online.


Affiliate Marketing

 This is the act of promoting other people’s/ company’s product and earning a commission per every transaction carried out through you. In simple terms, it is the process of referring people to a product and you earn a commission when they buy the product. This is one of the most popular way people make money online. This is very popular among Internet marketers and some even prefer it to Google AdSense.

how can i make money onine and from what


This system of making money can earn you any figure you want and can get you rich though, it is not a get rich quick scheme and it need discipline, motivation, persistence and desire to succeed to make it really big in this system. The principle may be simply but practicing it may not, especially if you’re not patient but if you are, Then the sky is just a starting point.


The principle is quite simple, Get a product, convince someone to buy the product through your affiliate link and earn a commission usually in percentage when the person buys it. To start this, you need a very reliable and good online business that accept affiliate marketers, You can find tones of them online, I would only mention few which I had personally earned from that Clickbank and Amazon.


The next step is to research and get products they sell that you can promote. This step is very crucial, when you pick a product that is high in demand and that product is of good quality, you are bound to succeed if you do the other steps right. On the other hand, picking a crap that is not even high in demand would make you fail before you even start.


After picking the products to promote, the next thing is to look for a Way to promote it and that where many people get it wrong. To succeed in this, you need a platform, this could be a blog, website or Facebook page. I would advice you make use of either a blog or a website.


The use of this platform is to get people to be familiar with you and see you as an authority before you promote these products. Now, make sure the blog niche is highly targeted to the niche of the products you would want to promote to ensure maximum result. Post articles related to these products and then recommend this product to them. If they like your articles, they sure would like to try out the product. When they buy these product, through your affiliate link, you earn a commission from it.


Aside the above method, some people make use of ads network like Facebook ads, Google ad words and Co. To promote their affiliate link. Either way, make sure you had gotten hold of enough information and you are familiar with the nitty-gritty of it before starting.



 This is another business you can be run from home and it would earn you a sizeable amount of money if you know what you are doing. It deals with sharing your thoughts or helping people with information online on your blog.

how can i make money online and from what


We are now in an era where a person having headache would want to visit the Internet to know how to treat it before even visiting his doctor. This is to show you how interested people are in the information on the Web. Why not provide this information for these people and earn from doing that? Your blog can be on any topic, provided a lot of people are searching for information on it. How then do you know if people are interested in a particular topic online? The best answer to this is keywords research. This would show you a lot of information about a particular keywords like it search volume per month, location of people making these search, where the trend is heading to and all that. Learn more about these online.


After selecting your subject area(niche), the next thing is to decide how to monetize your blog. Many people do the mistake of not considering their blog niche when making decisions on method of monetization. Some niche are more profitable using affiliate marketing, some using Ads networks like Google AdSense while others do more by selling your own digital products. So select widely to ensure a maximum return on investment.


The next step is to choose your blogging platform, hosting, domain and design. After these, you start posting and then start monetizing it. There is a lot to know also about blogging before starting, a simple search on the Internet would reveal sites that focus on this discussion.


Freelance Writing

 Do you have passion for writing? are you very good at putting down your thoughts in writing? Are people wowed anytime they see your written piece? If you answer yes to any of these, then you are already having a skill that could earn you money online.

how can i make money online and from what


Many people are bad writers and would pay to get their work done for them. These include articles, e-books, technical and academic research, etc. Not only bad writers gives out writing jobs, even professionals do give out work probably because they are busy, needed more hands to get the work at hand done fast or because they just want to introduce a new taste of writing into their work. Which ever is the case, your duty as a freelance writer is to write these for them and get paid.


This isn’t a work you use to try out your skills, make sure you are good so as not to spoil client work, this would definitely earn you bad reviews and hinder you from getting more work. You need good writing skills added with a good research experience to be able to succeed in these business.


The earning potentials is very high, depending on your expertise level, type if work and also the clients. For an entry level, you can start with $5 for 500 words or 1000 words and then up your price depending on the reviews from clients. I know of a writer that write a 1500 words articles for $70. If someone can, you can too. Writing job bidding sites to start from are Upwork, Fiverr, etc. You can also get this work directly. Read more about this before starting.


Online Paid Survey

 This basically is a replica of the conventional questionnaires been offered offline by businesses and corporate bodies to get information about a particular thing. In this case, it is online with a good news attached to it that’s, you would be paid for taking the survey.

how can i make money online and from what


There are a lot of websites that does that online and it would be best in your own interest to choose the site that are reliable and not the site that makes promises that seems to good to be true. A survey takes basically the time range of 10min to 30min depending on the nature of the questions. However, these websites mostly are interested in people from a particular location and so would be detected for everyone.


The money that could be earned here also is quite low compared to the other methods and I would advice no one to take this as the major source of income.


Make Money Using Facebook Page

 This might sound not real but many people are earning from it. The principle is easy and only requires your seriousness, persistence, desire to succeed and the mind of achieving a goal no matter the difficulties involved.

how can i make money online and from what


To make money with this system, decide a topic of interest and create a Facebook page on it. Update it frequently and promote it very well to get more likes. When it likes reaches a sizeable amount like 10,000 likes or more, you can then approach businesses or organizations and submit an advertisement proposal. If they accept, they pay per the number of likes you have and it usually just a post or two. Just imagine how much you would earn advertising for many businesses in a month.


You should however avoid spamming your fans and only accept ads that align with your page subject to enable maximum results.



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