How To Earn More Money On Clixsense


It is no longer news that folks are making lots of money on clixsense, now, in this article on how to earn more money on clixsense, I am going to take you through the easiest and guarantee steps to help you earn more on clixsense.

In case you are just hearing the term clixsense for the first time and you are wondering what it is, Clixsense is one of the top and most trusted pay-to clicks (PTC) advertising programs that has been around since 2007.Pay To Click basically is a program that pays you each time you click and view an advert for a couple of seconds.

For the sake of this article, I am going to keep it short and straight to the point and show you how you can really make some free dollars on clixsense.

For the records, I am already a member of clixsense and I am making some cash as part of my online come, it might not make super rich, but it will sure earn you enough to pay some basic bills if done properly.


Back to how to make money on clixsense, to get started, you must have to be a member by registering, it’s free, you don’t need to pay a dime before you become a member, if you are not already a member then you can get registered here.
The sign up form looks like this


After sign up, get straight to your mail box( the email you use in signing up with clixsense) click the confirmation mail sent to you. Once that is done, you will be required to complete you entire profile set up, please endeavor to complete your profile set up with correct information including your mode of receiving payments from clixsense.


Once that is done, get straight to the money making aspect of it, and that is the main focus of this article, how to earn more money on clixsense.

How To Earn More On Clixsense

Basically, once you are sign on to Clixsense, you are expected to begin to earn little money via the clickable adverts presented. permit me to list the various ways you can make money in clixsense.

  • You earn money through clicking and viewing adverts.
  • You earn money by completing Surveys.
  • You earn money  by completing different tasks and offers.
  • You earn money by playing the clixgrid games.
  • You earn money by refering others to clixsense.

Clicking and viewing ads

This is usually the first point of call for a lot of people when they sign onto clixsense. Its also the easiest way of earning money. Here, you are presented with a number of ads, all that is required of you is to click on the ads and view for some seconds, usually 10 seconds.


You can see that some ads have clicked already. Yes, I did, you can see I am involved in fully.

Once you click on the ads, it takes you to the next page, which is the ads page and something like this will appear, and you are expected to click on the cat.



Another great way of earning cash on clixsense is by taking surveys. To take part in the surveys, you are expected to have set up your survey profile properly, this will enable clixsense to bring to you more targeted surveys that are relevant to you.


Please endeavour to take part in the sueveys, for it is a great way of earning cash on clixsense.


Completing  Different Task and Offers

Daily Task and offers  presents another way to earn money  on clixsense. I would suggest you take part in the task presented through Crowdflower. Some task and offers could fetch you up to $5:00 per offer.

Task comes in the form of micro jobs while offers could be an offer to sign up with a site, or an offer to participate in a survey. They come in different shades and normally do not take much time.

It is suggested that, if there is no surveys or tasks and offers available for you at a given time, just keep coming back as the portal is updated all the time.

Taking part in these Task and Offers will surely add up to give you a tangible earning power.


You Earn By Playing The Clixgrid Game

One of the multiple ways you earn money on clixsense is by playing the clixsense grid game.

Clixgrid is a game where you can win money if you pick or click on the correct spot on the grid.


This to me is actually fun. Even if you don’t win at a time, just keep playing, its a great way to wait while the system is updating for more PTC clicks.

You could win as much as $10, its more or less a game of luck.

You can also earn money by completing the  daily checklist bonus. This is done simply by viewing ads, viewing the forum and completing tasks.


Earn More  Money By Referring Other People To clixsense

This is where the main money is as far as I am concern. Imagine following the above routine and making money daily and also making money when someone else does the same thing. Now, this is what is called passive income.

You earn commission anytime your referral view ads, completes an offer, complete a task, completes  a survey etc. Each time your referrals completes a payable activities, you are also paid. Absolutely fantastic, don’t you think so?

How To Get Many Referrals

There are some basic and sure ways that will help you get as many referrals as you want and in turn makes you as much money as possible.

One of such ways is to share your Affiliate URLs on all the social media platform you belong to.

Once you sign up with clixsense, you are given an affiliate link, that is a link you can use in referring other people under you. The more members you have under you, the more commission you make.

Another sure way to can get referrals is blogging about clixsense, just the same way I am blogging here.

This requires you to create a website or blog. It could be a simple website dedicated to promoting clixsense and other PTC advertising programs that you are be involved in. This is a great way of getting referrals.

You can create  and host a free WordPress site to promote your PTC business.

On a personal note, I prefer building a site, which by the way is not complicated no matter who you are, to promote my business. in this way, you can get as many referrals as possible.

If you are on other PTC programs, then it is ideal you create a common platform to promote all your PTC programs, and I see no better platform than to create your own blog or website.

If you would like to Learn how to create your own website or blog in order to promote your business, then take  Free 7 days Live training Program


As learning how to create your own website, you will learn lot and lots of stuffs concerning marketing and making money online.


Although Clixsense might not make you super rich overnight, the daily money you earn from your daily activities and the commissions coming from your referrals will add up to really help upset some bills, and if you dedicate enough time here, you could earn something really tangible.

The good part is that, you do not need to spend money before you start earning on clixsense. If you are not registered already, I suggest you get started right away.

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