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Clickbank is a digital marketplace where products are sold. This is a platform that brings together product creators and affiliate marketers together for the single goal of improving the business of the ClickBank business, product creators, and affiliate marketers. It makes it easy for affiliate marketers to make money since it isn’t difficult to join compared to other affiliate marketing programmes. This article would centre on how to make money on Clickbank.

Clickbank had been around for ages and could boast of a user strength of 20 million people as customers. Yes, they had made a lot of money and still making and there is still a chance for you to join the train and earn from there. How then do you do that? Simple, You advertise any of their products and get paid up to 75% commission. You see? No need of making your own product, less paperwork, high commission percentage, lots of items to promotes. If you look at all these, then you would consider being an affiliate marketer on Clickbank.

However, like the wise would always say, simply doesn’t necessarily translate to been easy. Many people just had the programme, become excited and jumped onto the website and choose a crappy product of their choice without been objective and researched driven, start spamming everyone they meet online to follow and buy this product. After some time, they become burned out and loose the excitement and label Clickbank a system that don’t work, some would even go as far as calling it a scam.

Now, who would throw his money on you to buy your crappy product? I guess not even you would. Let say the product isn’t even a crap, who do you think like spams and would buy your product for spamming him? Nobody. Then comes the mistake of quitting when you’re just starting out. If you look at all these, you would see that a lot of mistakes are been made by these affiliate marketers which eventually prevent them from making money. So, if you avoid these mistakes, you are sure you would smile to the bank and that what this article is meant for, showing you the right way to make money on Clickbank.

 Make Money Online from  ClickBank

This would be in sections, each explaining a very important aspect of making money on Clickbank, all these would then work as a whole to determine your success in this affiliate journey. These are.
• How to select the right product to promote
• Drive traffic to your affiliate link
• Get visitors to buy the product and you get paid

How To Select The Right Product To Promote

This is the first step to making money as an affiliate marketer on Clickbank, thousands of products are been showcased which leave you as the promoter in a state of dilemma. Choose the wrong product and your business is doomed before it even starts, selects the right product and the next steps would determine your success.

A lot of crappy products with bad sales page exist on Clickbank, giving product promoters a headache when choosing a product to promote. As a smart promoter, it becomes prerequisite to have that sense of judgement to separate the products that do well and those that don’t so you wouldn’t be wasting time, expectations and in some cases, money on products that would keep you waiting till thy Kingdom come.



To liken it to SEO, no matter how smart you are and you outsmart Google to take the first page of the search engine, visitors would immediately leave when your content is a piece of written crap. This is the same this, no matter how good you’re at marketing, nobody would spend money on a piece of crap so make sure you select the product that people would buy when they visit the sales page.

The question now is what makes a great product? This is a product with good reviews, low refund rate and has a gravity less than 20 (a sign the page converts well). Also, This product should have a video sales page and also a native sales page, this doesn’t in any way disapprove you of choosing products without video sales page, it only gives more credit to the product. Also, the product should have a low-cost initial offer with up to
3 sales. With these, you are sure you have a product that when you send a targeted traffic to it, it is bound to convert them well into buyers so the only thing now is for you to be sure many people are interested in this product.


Create an affiliate link

how to make money on clickbank

Now that you had picked out the product(s) you wish to promote, the next step is to create an affiliate link for it. You can only do this if you are a registered affiliate so check the Clickbank website and register as one. After generating this link, you also need a Tracking ID so that you would know where most of your sales are coming from and which promotion method is less effective. This in itself would help you more in better decision making. To create a tracking ID, when you create your link simply add it in the “Tracking ID” field.


Driving Traffic To Your Affiliate Link

Traffic is what would be converted into sales. It only when people visit that they would make a purchase so this step is as important as the first. How then do you drive this traffic?


Generally, we have different methods, each having it own uniqueness. Some people drive traffic directly to the sales page through Facebook ads, Google ads etc. While some people create a platform (blogs) to drive traffic to the platform first, rub minds with the visitors before sending the visitors to the sales page through their affiliate link. Yet, others that had built an email list of subscribers simply send traffic to the sales page by emailing their subscribers. Either way, just know the right way to do it. Other ways of driving traffic include YouTube and Instagram.


I would advise you start winning subscribers into your email list if you don’t already have one because this is a great promotion funnel that converts well if your mailing list contains subscribers that are interested in your offers. This means the platform you use in gathering these subscribers most be highly targeted at the product you wish to promote.


Converting Visitors To Buyers

This appears to be the last but actually the most important step. You can be very good at driving traffic but when the visitors get to your page, they bounce back without buying. And as we know, selling is what keeps a business. a business without sales gradually folds up. How then do you convert visitors and sell to them?


Simple, do what others are not doing, that’s preselling. Many people just drive traffic directly to the sales page and expect them to buy. This would only lead to a scenario where you introduce a user to Clickbank, he Bounces back only to return after some time and buy other people’s product. You see, this becomes a waste to you. So instead of doing this great mistake many people make, why not rub minds with these visitors, convince them and make them predisposed to spend money even before getting to the product page on Clickbank. This would enable a higher buying ratio compared to just sending them to the product page directly.


In doing this, you can make use of a blog, website or Facebook fan page to achieve this. Your mission would be to produce unique and quality content for your visitors so as to win them over, making them see you as an authority in whatever you’re blogging about. Make sure your blogging niche is highly targeted at the product you wish to promote.


While you keep doing this, you should also endeavour to get these visitors into your mailing list. Now, the idea here is, when they see you as an authority, they tend to see that which you recommend for them to them as been good for them since the contents you have been feeding them are rich and helpful. This way, they would be forced to click your recommendation and go through the product to buy it with great expectations. Isn’t that what you are after? You just achieved it.

how to make money on clickbank clickbank 3

A greater way to even achieve this is by reviewing the product on your site, bringing in your marketing sense into it but avoiding exaggeration since you would want them to buy more products you promote because when they discover you told them what a product is not, they lose trust in you and your sales drop too.

Nothing complicated, they buy the product you recommend, you are paid your commission… Simple! It may be rough at the beginning but with persistence, you would earn a living and even employ people to work for you and with you.

That’s that for now, stay glued to us as we bring you more exciting tutorials on how to make money with Clickbank. I hope you enjoyed this article on how to make money on Clickbank. Thank you for reading.








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