How To Make Money Online And From What


The quest to make money online is increasing daily as many people are turning to the internet for an opportunity to create an income stream. In this article, we present a clear path on how to make money online and from what.


First, I would like to clear the air on any free money online scheme. There is practically no such thing as free money online, you can only earn money by either selling a product or providing a service. So anytime you see such thing, run before you get brainwashed.


The above been said, let move straight to the topic. As stated earlier, money can only be made online by selling a product or rendering a service, this article would centre on making money rendering a service online. There are tons of services you can render online which then leaves you in confusion, we had taken the pain and had chosen a sure way for you to earn money online and this is known other than Affiliate Marketing


Affiliate Marketing-What Is It

This is a type of marketing based on performance where a business rewards an affiliate(marketer, that you) for each sale of their product brought about by the affiliate. In simple terms, it can be said to be the process of earning commissions by selling other people’s products.

Affiliate Marketing Green Blue Squares



Affiliate marketing is sweet, you don’t have to go through the problem of investing and production to be able to sell a product, just pick from products of others that permits affiliate marketing and sell. Doing this would earn you a commission usually in percentage per individual sales.


Let say you market a mobile phone that cost $250 and the percentage you can earn is 5%, that means you would earn $12.5 per sales. So let say you sell just 20 of this product a month, your commission would be $250 for that month, imagine you have about 10 products of this price, that`s $2500 per month. This implies that for you to make money from this, you would market more than one product except if you have enough audience to sell that product to earn much.


I know you now have an idea, that is to get a product with high market value let say $500, $1000 or even the $250 I used in the illustration above right? Where only one buyer buys a product and you earn $50? Then you might be nursing a wrong idea except if you have an audience that would buy the product to earn you the commission (money)  you wish to earn in a month. It may even be better getting a low-cost product that sells faster e.g a fast selling product for $20 that you can sell 20 in a day and make $300.


The very good thing is, you are happy been paid, the product owner is happy for the sales while the buyer feels happy for buying the product (if it a good one). I will explain the step by step guide to make money online with this method below.




Choose a Niche

This is the very first step to a successful affiliate marketing process. When you choose a niche, your audience would be more targeted and would convert well into buyers and you would spend less(incase of adverts) than when you promote every product that comes your way.

niche marketingTARGET


A niche is just like a subset in an area. Let say in a market, we have different places meant for selling of a particular item, This particular place for a particular group of items is what is known as a niche. We know it would be very hard to capture a whole lot of products and so, it would be wise to capture just a section.


Choosing a niche isn’t hard as some may see it. Goto and check through the list of sites ranked according to their popularity. Giants like Google, Facebook and other popular sites would come first, After this sets of sites, you would notice some sites that focus on just a particular topic (niche). When you get a niche you like, write it down.


Then go to, a question and answer site. Your aim is to find out if people are actually asking questions about this so you can be assured to get traffic. On this site, type the topic and it would show you list of questions people had been asking, these would serve as the topics you would write on to lure people to buy your promoted products.


Now, take individual suggested keywords and find out their search volume in a month using Google keywords Planner. If the search volume is high, it means the niche would be profitable. Also make sure the competition is not high else, you may find it difficult to earn. You can still get the competition information beside the search volume. This can also be done by googling the keywords.


If you had find out the above, the next step is to go to affiliate marketing sites and search for products highly targeted at audience that would be interested in the articles you would right for your niche, this is done to make sure your niche have a niche in affiliate marketing products. This can be done on Clickbank . com,, etc. When you find the products that is highly targeted at your niche, move to the next step.



Create a Website/Blog

Why do you need this? To serve as a platform where you can interact and build an audience that would be interested in your product. If you just just need short term money, you can employ other ways but the best method is creating a website or blog to communicate with these visitors before sending them to the product page through your affiliate link.



Different blogging platform exist, the two I would recommend are WordPress and Blogger. To dig deep, I would advice you choose WordPress and get a good hosting company to host it for you. Then choose a domain name for your website/blog. Avoid using free domain name as that doesn’t sound memorable and also good for business. This should be done by a professional, if you are not good at it, hire a freelancer. After all these, it is now time for writing your articles.


Attract Visitors

Without contents, nobody would visit your platform. How then do you do this. It had been done half way when you got some list of keywords from Quora and tested their viability and Google Keywords Planner. You then write an Search Engine Optimised articles which would earn you visitors from search engines.

This would get you the visitors you would convert to buyers since you are sure people search for this keywords.



Aside the use of the above, you can advertise your platform using Google adword, Facebook and other ads network. If you have a fan base, you can also advertise to them.


Monetization/Affiliate With An Affiliate Company

Now that your platform had been getting a sizeable amount of traffic, it is now time to start earning money by recommending products that are highly targeted to them. When it isn’t targeted, you may be wasting a lot of ads space as you would only make little.



Different affiliate companies exist. Some are general and you can find virtually all things your highly targeted audience may be interested in, while some are also niche dependent like affiliate companies that sells only female shoe. This then would be OK for blogs that write on female shoes. You would do yourself a major if good to search the Internet, it is a good time and energy sapping activity that is worth it.


I would mention only few of these affiliate companies and you search for the rest, these are Click bank, Amazon, Cj, EBay, Link Share (Now known as Rakuten Affiliate Network). Register as an affiliate on your chosen site and get your affiliate links (steps differs, get them on the affiliate company website) and write them down, you would be using them on your blog.


After these, you can then put them up as banners, hyperlinks or even embed them into your recommendation links. You can also directly create a post to review the product and tell your audience why they should buy it. A word of caution, do not over put them in a such a way that your audience would get distracted and have a clue that your site is meant for just affiliates, it annoys some and they may decide not to show up or even click your links again.


The step ends here, when you are able to get them to buy these products, you are given your commission which you can withdraw according to their payment method. Do you have any question? Then make use of the comment box below.




  1. Wing

    I like your intro to affiliate marketing. It can be confusing and maybe even intimidating for those that are unfamiliar with it. But I think you did a nice job with that and also the intro to WA. WA’s community really helps everyone get better at the online business. Good job on this post!

  2. Derek Marshall

    Hi there Clemz,

    Wonderful description of the affiliate marketing model and industry. I too am an affiliate marketer and it is in my humble opinion a good idea to diversify interests and have multiple site so that you can earn money from several different niches, some might do well in summer others in winter, other well, seasonal. You get the idea. A property tycoon does not own just apartments and houses but commercial property and land also. Diversifying interests.

    • clems

      Hi, Derek.

      I must appreciate you for your educative comment, you are absolutely correct, Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money from multiple niches provided you have the time to invest.

      Thanks again for your comment.

  3. merinda

    seriously, disappointed… u ave to bring other peoples biz down to uplift urs? not my idea of success…. think again dude.

    • Hey,
      Are you referring to this article or what? be specific so i can reply appropriately.
      In any case, thanks for dropping by and for your comment.

  4. Chris

    Affilliate marketing sounds like an excellent choice for making money online but isn’t this sort of thing a long game?
    I mean, how long will it take you to really get your head around all the systems and terminology?
    I see you have a free 7 day course on offer here – did you learn on this course?

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