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Ranking fast on Google and other search engines are always the major headache of many people especially those starting up new in internet marketing. In this article, I am going to show you how to rank fast and easily on Google and Bing search engines within 16 minutes.


Ok, cool, but before I do that, I would want to highlight some of the major reasons why some site ranks pretty faster than some.


Why Some Websites Rank Faster Than Others.

Basically, there are lots of contributing factors that makes other sites rank faster than others. You might have seen an article published by a website within your niche ranked faster than yours even though you published before it and you are wondering why it is so.Here are some of the reason why it is so.

  • Domain Age A site whose domain is, let’s say 10 years will naturally rank faster than a brand new site.


  • Site Age – Site age is a major contributing factor towards faster ranking as old sites who have built trust with Google over the years will rank much faster than the ones coming up new.


  • Trust Flow – Google and other search engines tend to trust older sites more than new ones.


  • The frequency of contents – A site that frequently publishes new content will naturally have googles’ trust hence rank faster than the one that rarely posts new content.


  • Overall Volume Of Content– Google and other search engines tends to look at the overall volume of contents when rating and ranking sites.


  • Content engagement- another factor Google look out for is how well there is an engagement on your site and on blog posts so it is advisable to always encourage comments on your site and also always respond to comments on your site.

So, does it mean that my new website stands no chance of ranking above the older sites? I know lots of people will be asking this right now but hey, you can rank above an older site especially if you follow the steps we are going to be listed here shortly.

Now, lots of people in a bit to rank fast and high to the extreme of doing some things which are absolutely not necessary and which in the long run might harm the site ranking and trust in Google.

Here are some of the things you should avoid.

Things To Avoid.

  • Avoid any software that is said to aid in ranking high. I know lots of people go to the extent of acquiring some fancy and fast ranking software purportedly to help in ranking fast and high on Google Search engine but I tell you, no software can help you rank faster than following the normal and cheap route which I am going to be listed here shortly.


  • Another thing you should also avoid while seeking to rank on Google is the use of Automated tools. Some people erroneously believe there are automated tools for content writing that will help one rank higher. That is a complete BS as there is no short cut to legality.

Cool, let’s move on and see how we can rank within 16 minutes on Google and other search engines.

11 Proven Steps To Ranking Faster On Google And Other Search Engines.

  1. Content – The first thing you need to have to be able to rank on Google search engine is content. You need to have content to publish on your website, Unique content and not copying somewhere to paste on your site.
  2. Keyword In the Content – An important element of content writing is the keyword. Your content should contain a keyword within the content body once in the first paragraph of the content.
  3. Meta Title and Metal Description – At the end of an article just before you press the publish button, scroll down to the tail end of the article, there you will see where to input both the meta title and the meta description.
  4. Image – Aside creating some unique content, you will also need an image to go with the content. Some people write great articles with having a corresponding image to go with. Images actually complement without it is you are writing about, so it is just right you put an image in your article, at least 1 image.
  5. Alt Tag Within an Image – This Simply  is a common shorthand term used to refer to the ALT attribute within in the image. Any time you use an image,make sure you include an ALT tag as  doing so will provide a How to rank fast and easy on google within 16 minutesclear text alternative of the image especial for screen readers. Doing this will also enhanceyour ranking on Google Search Engine.
  6. An embedded Video – Although you might not be needing to do it always with all articles but once  in a while, you embed a video, it will go a long way in enhancing your ranking over your competitor within the same niche.
  7. Internal Link – This is simply linking your web page to another page within the same website. As you must have probaly observed that there are some links embedded here that when clicked on will take you to another page within this same wensite.
  8. External Link – Unlike the internal link that links a web page to another page still within the same website, external link are links that take you out to another website, it could be anywhere, wikipedia, google etc. There must a connection before you link to the external sources.
  9. Google Search Console Account and Sitemap – This is absolutely a neccessity for every website owner. You need to have a google search Console account and then creat a site map for your website. The site map helps Google to crawl through the pages of your website easily which in turn helps with indexing of your website. If you don’t have one, you can easily create one now right here at, it’s simple and doesn’t take time.
  10. Post On Google Plus – You are  done writing your article and have gone through to do some final changes to make sure everything is in order, goood. Your articel is now published and its live but not yet showing on search engine. What you would want to do is to head over to your Google Plus profile and share on your profile. It doesnt matter whether you have followers or not, but its great if you have, so you should work on having followership on your network. Why do you have to share on google plus? Simply, Google owns Google plus and  sharing on it simply send a direct message to Google telling them to act on it. While postin on Google plus, use the meta tag and the meta description to post, same way it appeared on your site in the meta tag and description.
  11. Fetch as Google and and Resubmit Sitemap – The last and final thing you would want to do to get ran the ranking you right deserve is to get over to your seach console,scrol down to the crawl icon and click on it, scrol further down to ‘ Fetch as Google’ and click on it, head over to your website and copy the main keyworld and paste on the box that appeared on the search console and click on fetch  as seen below.    How To Rank Faster And Easily On Google In 16 Minutes - Proven!

Thats pretty much about ranking fast with 16 minutes. I have done it on several occassions and it worked perfectly for me and I am sure your will be even better.


One more thing you would want to do is to try and get few comments on your articles for that will also help with raising your ranking level.

Okay, cool. Now that you are done and ranked on Google search engine, how to you intend monetizing your website? Perhaps this article might be of help to you as it was wrtten soley to help people on how to make money from their websites.

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  1. Chris


    Great Information here on how to rank a lot faster on Google.

    I think a more mature site will always get ranked earlier provided it has a lot of great content. Being the patient seems to be the key to consistently get rankings.

    Your steps provided are simple to understand and i look forward to some of your future posts.


    • clems

      Hi, Chris!

      Thanks for dropping by and for honoring us with your opinion, and yes, I agree with you that a more matured site with greater content would always rank faster.

      The point here however is, following these steps would make it even faster ahead of your compatriots in the same niche.

      Thanks for your comment again, and yes do visit my website again for more articles and tutorials.

  2. Jen

    This is really great insight for anyone trying to build traffic on their website. When you are just starting out, or even for some people that have been working on a website for awhile, getting ranked in google is really a mystery.

    You have done a great job of laying it all out in easily explained terminology. I thought the things to avoid were interesting, as I hadn’t previously realized that some of those automated services really don’t do anything for you and aren’t worth it.

    The 11 steps seem easily enough. I will be trying them out to see if it works! Thanks for sharing the information.

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