How To Start In Affiliate Marketing

The concept of affiliate marketing is simple and has been around for a very long time. It is simply making money when people purchase the goods or use the services of others you are promoting. Affiliate marketing provides a medium for making money online without manufacturing any commodity nor being the owner of a service. It entails looking for a product which you are capable of promoting to people and when people buy this product or uses this service, you earn a commission. The amount earned as an affiliate varies according to the percentage set by the owner of the product. This system of marketing does not require you to go through the process of manufacturing a commodity or creating a service before you make money online.


For instance, if an affiliate company offers to pay 30% commission on every of its product sold, it means you will get $30 on every $100 priced product. Selling 10 of this product means you earn $300. Interestingly, you are earning money while making the owner of the product you are promoting happy by helping him/her sell the product.


I call this a symbiotic association, that is you benefit through earning commission from goods sold while the manufacturer benefits from the sales of his goods. Affiliate marketing if done right can make you quit your daily job, however, it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. If you are looking for a get-rich-quick scheme that will probably make you part with your hard earned money without earning anything in the long run, then affiliate marketing is not for you. This type of marketing requires you to work hard, the harder you work, the more money you make. Fair enough isn’t it?


So, you’ve known what affiliate marketing is all about, how do one get started you may ask? Getting started in affiliate marketing is not hard, however, it requires doing; t the right way to get the right result. All you need to get started will be discussed in this write-up. There are tons of article on affiliate marketing littering the web space but most of them paint a picture of setting it up, relax and money will start following in. However, affiliate marketing would not yield a result if you intend to go that route. This step by step method to getting started in affiliate marketing that is presented here give details of what you need to do first before taking the next steps. They are sequential steps that will make your effort at affiliate marketing not to be a futile one. One of the reasons why new entrants to affiliate marketing fail is putting the Carr before the horse. They put what should be done first at the rear and vice versa, hence they quit before the end of two months. Let’s take a look at the first steps involved in getting started in becoming a successful affiliate marketer.


  1. Choose a niche
  2. Create a website or blog around your niche
  3. Attract traffic
  4. Monetize


  • Choose a niche

The first step and important step in getting started in affiliate marketing is to choose a niche. A niche is a subset of a larger set. In affiliate marketing, a niche can be said to be a section of the market. While you may think that marketing a wide range of products is a good way to make so much money, you won’t achieve success in affiliate marketing by trying to be a jack of all trades, master of none.


For instance, if you jump into affiliate marketing by choosing just a generic niche like the health, you may fail and woefully too. The reason is that health is a such a broad niche that will be too tedious for one person to build and rank for. You can choose a sub-niche under health like, Natural health, home remedies, skin care and so on. While it is not a prerequisite to being an expert in a niche to become a successful affiliate marketer, it is necessary to have a fair knowledge and interest in the topic. This ensures that you do not quit before the money starts flowing in. Choosing a niche isn’t rocket science, but requires knowing where the interested of people lies. This is done by navigating to to find out what questions people have been asking. Type your topic of interest and it will bring a result showing the list of questions people have been asking about your topic. These topics are guides on what you need to write about to get visitors coming to your website day and night. Once you provide a solution to people’s questions, then you are sure of getting return visitors to your site.


The next step is to do a keyword research. A word or phrase used by online marketers in search engine optimization marketing is known as a keyword. This is gotten based on the terms people are using while sourcing for information online. Haven gotten your keyword suggestions from Quora as described above, the next thing is to make use of Google Keyword Planner in researching the keyword.


These are the steps to make use of this free but great tool from Google.

  1. Head to, and log in with your G-mail account details if you already have an account. (Skip number 2 if you already have an account).


  1. You can click on sign up to create a free account with Google if you do not have one before. Complete the registration procedure by following the required steps.


  1. Visit to enter your username and password.


  1. Upon getting to the Google AdWord home page, click on “Tools and analysis” on the green menu bar. Select “Keyword Planner” from the drop-down menu list.


  1. Click “Search for keyword and ad group ideas” on the keyword planner page. Ignore the other two options.


  1. In the column for “Your product or service”, enter your main site topic. For instance, if you planned to blog about DSLR camera reviews, enter “DSLR camera reviews”. Ignore the columns “landing page” and “product category”.


  1. Choose the country or city you are targeting in the “Targeting” section. Simply click “Remove all” at the upper right corner of the box if you are targeting a global audience.


  1. The next step is to customize your search by clicking on the “Keyword filters” box in the “Customize your search” section, set the “Average monthly searches” to greater than 100. This is to ensure that the keyword you are targeting is attracting a substantial amount of search monthly. Leave the “Average CPC” box empty.


  1. Click the “Include or exclude” box, in the “include terms” box, type in your keywords “DSLR camera reviews” and leave the “Exclude terms” box empty.


  1. Click the “Get ideas” button, and wait for the results. In the results page, click the “Keyword ideas” tab, and the results page will display average monthly searches, competition, keyword ideas and average CPC values (ignore this).


There is a higher chance of ranking quickly for low competition keywords than high competition keywords. Having done the above, move to the next step.


  • Create a site or blog around your niche

Creating a site or blog around your chosen niche is a proven method of becoming successful with affiliate marketing. A blog attracts returning visitors who are likely to purchase any product you eventually promote over and over again. A blog or website also serves as a showroom for you to advertise your potentials. For instance, an affiliate marketer who gives an unbiased review about a Digital SLR camera while making a recommendation in the best one to purchase is more likely to get buyers purchasing through his or her affiliate link than someone who just throw an affiliate link at people.

A blog or website is also a platform for building trust and relationships with prospective buyers. It is a medium by which you interact with visitors who are looking for solutions to their problems. Through this platform, people can ask questions about what they are not clear about while you provide appropriate clarification. So, having a site or blog will help you build credibility with buyers trusting you. The platform I recommend for your building your blog or site is WordPress. You can hire a freelancer to design a simple and easy to navigate blog for you if you do not know how to do that.


  • Attract Traffic

Having a blog or site without people visiting would not bring in sales and this can be very frustrating. The usual saying that content is king still holds. To attract visitors, you need to offer quality content on your blog, search engine optimized blog posts containing the keywords you have researched earlier. Not every affiliate marketer is a good writer, even those good at writing are probably busy to do that. There is no cause for alarm as you a can outsource your writings to freelancers for a small fee. For instance, Fiverr is an online place where you can hire qualified and experienced writers to get you good content starting from $5.


If you offer good content on your site consistently, your site will start ranking higher in search engines when people search for the keywords you have targeted. You can also advertise your blog using social networks, Google AdWords, and other ad platforms.


  • Monetize

Haven gone through all the above steps and you have started getting traffic, it’s time to start earning money through affiliates programs. There are many affiliate companies to register with. Each company has its own advantages and disadvantages. While some target only one niche products, others have multiple products you can choose from. Examples of affiliate programs are Market Health which is strictly for health and beauty products, Amazon affiliate program, Click bank, EBay, and others. Make research before registering with any of these companies and read and digest their terms and conditions. After registering, you will be given all the tools you need to display your affiliate banners and links on your site. These affiliate links can be embedded in your blog posts or any place on your blog. You can also write a comprehensive review on the affiliate product you are marketing.


It is important to know that the product you should promote must reflect around your overall site. It will amount to a futile exercise if your site delivers content on photography while you are promoting shoe or jewelry products. This is because people visiting your blog are those interested in photography and related products and not fashion items.


So, above are the steps required to get started in affiliate marketing. So if you have any questions whatsoever, don’t hesitate to hit the comment box below.

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