Inboxblueprint 2.0 Review – Is it worth The Hype Or Just An Over-hype Garbage!

Inbox Blueprint 2.0 is one of the numerous Anik Singal products on making money online. I have resisted reviewing this product for some reasons but a particular friend asked me to look at it for him so I feel I should do the review, and as an independent person.

The majority of the reviews on Inbox blueprint2.0 you read online are from Affiliates who are going to earn some good money if you sign up using their link and so I can understand why they choose to polish the review and make it look a bit over the bar.

Not taking anything away from the product, in this review, I am going to go down deep and look at the product, the value of it, the impact it has made, the price and how easy to get help if you are stuck anywhere.

One of the many reasons I talk passionately about Wealthy Affiliate is, apart from the amazing training it offers, they have an unmatched 24/7 active support within the platform, and to think that the owners are always on hand to help out makes it even more amazing.

Lets get on and see what Anik Singal has on offer through the inbox blueprint.


Program Overview.

Program name: Inbox Blueprint


Owner: Anik Singal

Price: $1,497

Overall rating: 50/100



Inbox Blueprint first popped up in early 2014 with lots of success recorded but it seems Anik Singal wasn’t satisfied with the success and now he has reviewed the program upward and has included some bunch of valuable information to make it more rounded in line with modern realities of online marketing, and that is what you have today, Inbox Blueprint 2.0

Like I stated earlier, there are tons of reviews about Inbox Blueprint written mostly by affiliates of Anik Singal and not many by neutral persons and so you may find it difficult getting anything negative about the program if that is what you are looking for.

But hey, does Inbox Blueprint worth all the hype about it? What really is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 about?


What Is Inbox Blueprint 2.0 About?

Inbox Blueprint is basically an online marketing program that teaches you how to build a profitable business online using techniques such as list building, email marketing, Affiliate and Niche marketing etc.

Inbox Blueprint is said to be your one-stop shop training for online marketing based purely on list building and email marketing. What that means is, you will be taught how to build a list and then market to the email list you have just built using a template from Inbox Blueprint.


Why this is cool and absolutely great, you may have to have some sort of basic knowledge of internet marketing to be able to make a real impact with Inbox Blueprint and that is where Wealthy Affiliate comes to mind as it is a place that offers both the introductory, intermediate  and  advanced training on how internet marketing works.


Inbox Blueprint 2.0 products.

Inbox Blueprint boasts of some real nice stuff off the pack, stuff that will no doubts break open the door to making real money on the internet as you can see from the image at the left-hand side of this review.

let’s go over some of these products and services and see how they will benefit you earn money online.


Module 1- Addiction Meter.

This is the first of the many pieces of training within the package.

This stage basically introduces you to Niche selections. it lets you know that not all niches are profitable and you know to get someone to buy something it must be what he/she is in need of.

Inbox blueprint will guide you in selecting a good niche that suits you.

module 2- The Bait.

Here you get to learn how to build an opt-in page that works effectively and also you get to learn what doesn’t works so you can avoid it. You also learn about the kind of data to collect from the subscribers.

You also will be taught how to give out free gifts to your subscribers. This will no doubt add lots of value to the information you give out.

Module 3-The TYP Method.

This is the method that set you up on avoiding the critical mistake lots of online marketers do when composing their thank you page.

Model 4-Email Machine.

Here you get to learn all about autoresponders and some recommendations on the best options to choose from. Autoresponders makes your life easier as an email marketer by doing the automated work for you.

This, however, will cost you some extra bucks when using them as they are not essentially free.

Module 5-List Relationship.

This is an important stage in the training as it teaches you how to build a relationship with your subscribers’ list which will ultimately lead to trust. The more your subscribers trust you, the more they will trust your offers and the more they trust your offer, the more money you make.


Module 6- Payday secrets.

This module basically takes you on how to earn more money, the reason why you buy the product in the first place. It also teaches you how to further your relationship with your mailing list.


Module 7 – Easy Traffic.

This module teaches you how to generate tons of traffic without which you can make no money. It covers a wide area of traffic generation, from social media to paid traffic to solo ads to blog commenting and so on and so forth.


Module 8 – Unlimited Success.

More and more success tactics are what you learn here. shows you how to use different tactics for success when one method fails.


Ok, pretty much that’s  the core of Anik Singal Inbox Blueprint is all about, a Pretty product I must confess, especially for lovers of email marketing. Plus when you buy the product, you have lots and lots of other bonuses worth thousands of Dollars.

What I Like About Inbox Blueprint 2.0.

There are some amazing features I like about Anik Singal’s Inbox Blueprint 2.0 and I am going to list out some of them here.

  • Anik Singal through inbox blueprint 2.0 teaches you how to build a business online focusing on email marketing. I am glad here because unlike many offers on the internet where someone tells you to just buy a certain software and you literally will start swimming in money, Anik Singal’s program will teach you how to build a successful business online and will let you do it by yourself setting you up to be independent.



  • The tutorials involve videos and webinars and that allows for easy comprehension for those that not too good with text comprehension.


What I don’t Like About Inbox Blueprint.

Now,  I am going to list out some things  I feel are not right with Inbox Blueprint.

  • Very Expensive: Inbox Blueprint in my humble opinion is way to expensive for an average Joe that is looking for a legitimate way to build a business online. At $1,497, not many people can afford it, and to think that you can get the same value of training elsewhere at a far lower. Also, you might still be needing to spend more money on other necessities like Autoresponders.



  • The Training is way to Complex for beginners and those new to online marketing might find it overwhelming, I would have preferred a training that takes one from the basics of online marketing before coming to list building and email marketing.   Wealthy Affiliate is the perfect place for such people, beginners who want to learn how to build a solid business online, and its free to get started on the training.


  • Another thing I found disturbing is the lack of free trial, I believe people should be able to trial out a program to see if it is a fit for them before been billed but hey no, Inbox Blueprint won’t allow you the luxury of trying it out to see if you would like it or not.


  • No money back guarantee, once you have paid for it that’s all, no one is gonna refund you should you find the program unsuitable for you.


  • Another thing I think is important is the Focus of the training, it’s basically how to rip people off their money without giving real value, just gather a bunch of email list and keep spamming them with offers.


  • It also appears getting help is mainly through the FAQ as other channels seem to be unavailable, as you are directed to the FAQ whenever you need help.


That’s it, just the way I feel. Moving forward, what is my final take of Inbox Blueprint.


Inbox Blueprint 2.0 conclusion.

Having said all that, not taking anything away from Inbox Blueprint, it is no doubt a great program especially for those who are already in the system, but for those just coming newly into online marketing, I dare to say that this program is NOT for you as it is way too complex and will leave you more confuse than when you first came in.If you have no previous experience with online marketing, I suggest you look elsewhere, like Wealth Affiliate, which is free to get started on.

Another thing I find somewhat disturbing is the value of the training, it centers on building a large email list without really caring about giving real value to the subscribers and letting them make a decision whether or not to buy the product like is done in Affiliate Marketing where you  help your audience take decision on what to buy through the reviews you write and blog post.


You may also be ready for other hidden expenses aside from the $1,497 you paid for the course, other expenses like Autoresponders, Domain and hosting. These will no doubt punch a big hole in the finances of a newbie.

The good news, however, is that you can get all those and much more for free elsewhere and with much more help and mentorship all through your training.


You Can Start A  Free Live Training Here!



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