Is Amazon Associates Program a Scam-Here Is My Take


Amazon started its online affiliate program (called the Amazon Associates Program) back in the 1990s and has been around since then but still, people are still wary of joining this opportunity for fear of being scammed. So the question is, is the Amazon affiliate program a scam?

We will answer that in two ways, first by letting you know why a lot of people feel this program is a scam,why we feel it is not and allow you make the final verdict. Before that, though, you should know that most scam programs do not always stand the test of time as they pack up easily after a while of being found out, making away with lots of money of their unsuspecting investors. That is not the same with the Amazon associates program which has been around as far back as 1996 when affiliate programs just started to gain traction and internet marketing as a use of the world wide web came to the fore.

If that is not enough, you should also know that as a globally recognized brand, Amazon would try to desist from things that would throw mud onto their name as much as possible and run a scam establishment isn’t really the way to do that. Now that we have gotten that out of the way…

is the amazon associates a scam

What is

Amazon is an online establishment that, among other things, runs the largest online retailing shop in the world. Through their online shop, Amazon sells a lot of products to different countries that are supported by the program. Yu can advertise your wares on Amazon, find a buyer for anything you have advertised and even set up the perfect platform for meeting with sellers. Amazon has also expanded its brand to include other things such as delving into the technology industry with their Kindle tablets, foraging into the world of publishing with their Amazon Kindle publishing and a lot more other ventures but still remain widely known for their online supermarket services.

Why then would people think this kind of brand building a reputation for itself would be a scam?


Why People Think Amazon Affiliate is a Scam

There are a lot of scam companies out there that hide behind the cover of being Amazon representatives to scam people out of their money and they have soiled the face of the original associates program. According to user experiences, these companies would call you with an offer to set up an online business that would affiliate you to Amazon and generate wads of cash for you monthly. Their targets and usual victims are low-income earners, the aged and retired pensioners who would want to make some side income. Some of them would even, in a bid to totally convince you, confirm to you that they are actually of which they are not. On agreement with them, they proceed to charge you a certain amount for which they would create a website for you for your affiliate marketing. Now, this is where the scam starts to get visible. The website that they create is usually sloppy and utter crap which they would pressure you to buy. Even though hosting your website with a legit domain handle goes for at most $100 per annum, these people would fully persuade their victims into purchasing one of such websites from them for as high as $149 – $499. The trick is that they have already made thousands of these websites with the same content all over the web and you are just buying a template. Their websites are usually without content and when there is one, it is the poorest of all.

While these companies would claim to you that they are associated with Amazon, you shouldn’t believe them because the Amazon associates program requires absolutely nothing to enter. That means you need to pay an entry fee of $0.00 to get into the original affiliate program as against the scam that these fraudulent people are peddling.

They do not end there as most times, they follow up with you and offer you special offers, jumbo packages and discounted prices on other offers that could guarantee you quick money. Their sales representatives pitch these ideas to you and even promise you as much as 125% interest on your investments every month. Slowly, as they start to take your money and all, you begin to lose contact with them till you can no longer get in touch.

In the end, even your website that you have bought would be as good as useless because the ads created there would be worthless and not bring you anything. Even your traffic would not be converted to sales and earnings, meaning you have lost on both sides. One of the victims of this scam, a retired and disabled pensioner at that, was made to take a $10,000 loan from his credit card company and after a while, they would not even reply his mails anymore. He complained to customer care and then all of a sudden got blocked from calling customer care either, losing all of his investment. That is what these people do to you.


The truth about Amazon associates Program.

The real Amazon affiliates program is none of those above things as they would never charge you any money for anything, not even a website,and anyone who calls you with that kind of bogus offer above is a scam artist out to get your money. Amazon doesn’t promise you unreasonable income on sign up as these people do as they try to keep everything within the range of common reasoning.

There are actually a lot of people out there today who are making it big from the associates program from all over the world. With a good website on the ground and unique visitors to click you link, you could easily make as much as 4 – 10% commission on any of the purchases that your site visitors make through you. This is a very good source of steady income and Amazon would always send you your payment as at when due in whatever form you want in – be it gift cards, products, bank deposits and even checks

One reason why the Amazon associates program is actually great is because Amazon sells virtually anything which means that you can lead anyone to your link and they would most likely find what they are needed there. Amazon also ships to a variety of different countries which means that you can expand the scope of your website reach to include visitor from other countries too. Since you get a commission on everything, this even makes it even better. You could find something as small as an umbrella or a jacket and then decide to write about it on your website and recommend it with your affiliate link attached. The number of credit alerts you would be getting from Amazon should your readers take the cue and buy through you would be surprising. Some might even place an order for multiple units, and you will earn your commission on every single one, and you didn’t even have to sell anything yourself!

Although the affiliate program has its own downsides such as their 60-day refund policy which means that associates don’t get paid when customers return products and ask for a refund, or the fact that being paid via check is an annoying process due to a long time it takes to arrive but the advantages sure outweighs the downsides of the program.



Contrary to any opinion that you might have had of Amazon or their associate’s program, the venture is 100% legit and is in no way a scam. The key is to register yourself via Amazon (which is free) and steer clear of any too-good-to-be-true offers that those scam companies provide.

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