Is a Scam – Here Is What You Need To Know.

Welcome to my review.You are here because you want to find out if is a scam.

It’s good you are here because there has been a lot of buzz about this latest scheme in town; with many claiming to have made some fortune promoting it.

What really is Is it a scam or legit and can you rely on it to build a business online?

Come with me as I lead you through the entire operations of


Program Overview:

Program Name: Crowdrising


owner: Gerhard Rempel

overall rating: 45/100


Background Information.

There is no much information as who owns, although there is a talk of the 5 Founding and Funding men, called the 5 Horsemen. upon digging a little further, I discovered that, One Gerhard Rempel registered the domain name on march 26, 2016. with this information, I can safely say he is the owner of

Again, about 59.6 percent of traffic comes from Nigeria, followed by USA, Germany, UK and Canada. The Alexa ranking of the site has also improved considerably of late owing to the massive traffic coming from Nigeria.


What Is is a member to member donation platform that allow members donate directly to one another. Like mmm global, there is no central account where all monies pass to before been release to members, rather, members donate directly to the account details of participating members.

Crowdrising seems to have gotten the ideal from crowdfunding, the later meaning when some different group of people willingly agree to contribute towards funding a project for a single cause.

Of recent, the trend of setting up gifting schemes like this is becoming somewhat worrying. It looks like there is a lot of money to be made from schemes like this with a lot of countries struggling with unemployment issues; Third world countries been the major targets.

Back to, let’s dig deep and see what products the company has and what they look like. Products.

Looks like does not have a tangible or retailable product, members are only able to market the company itself.

Older members are paid from cash coming from new investors. this is by clear, a Ponzi scheme. Ponzi schemes are by the way a serious financial crime the world over.

What Is The Cost Of Joining

Looks like joining is free but in order to earn money and refer others, an intending member must part with $20 to have a position in the matrix, and this must be within 72 hour of joining as a free member. Compensation Plan.

Crowdrising operates a 5×10 matrix system with $20 been the entrance point. once Affiliates purchase the $20 position, affiliates are then placed on top with five positions opening under, to be filled by 5 people with each coming in with $20.

once that is filled, Affiliates are then encouraged to upgrade to a higher stage which will open up 25 positions below. the upgrade takes $40 and the 25 positions would be filled with same amount.

To make it more simpler, this is how it works.

  1. You donate $20 to your upline, then 5 people under you donate $20 to you.
  2. You donate $40 to your upline as a step leve, 25 people under you each donates $40 to you.
  3. You donate $60 to your upline to upgrade to a higher level, you receive $60 from125 down under you.
  4. Donate $1oo to your upline, in turn, receive a donation of $100 each from  625 of your down lines.
  5. Donate $200 to your upline, receive $200 donation each from 3125 of your downlines.
  6. Donate $300 to your upline, you receive $300 each from  15,625 of your downlines.
  7. Donate $400 to your upline, receive donations of $400 each from 78,125 of your downline.
  8. Donate $500 to your upline, you receive donations of $500 each from 390,625 of your downline
  9. Donate $700 to your upline, receive donations of $700 each from 1,953,125 of your downlines

And this is how it continues down till the last stage is reach, all you keep doing to be getting paid is to keep on donating to upgrade to a higher grade once you complete a certain stage.

Can I Make Money Through

Of course you can make money but the question is how long can you keep making money through

The business foundation of is not laid to stand the test of time.

Just wondering how long the owners can keep the scheme going, probably as long as new people keep joining the scheme, then there will be no problem, but the moment there is a drop in the number of new people joining up, the whole scheme will come crumbling home like a pack of cards.

That will be a big disaster for the new people coming in because, obviously they will lose out and their investments gone with the winds.

Is a scam?

In my opinion, gifting schemes designed like crowdrising are scams, nothing more nothing less.

How else will you explain the business value of collecting from A and paying B and then forcing B to upgrade and pay higher to C,  and then C upgrades and pay to D and the upgrades continues till Gerhard Rempel and his cohorts gets paid from the upgrades as the last people at the top of the ladder?

A lot of folks might not see how the scam works but that is exactly how it works.

Gerhard Rempel and his lieutenants sits at the top of the radar and receives  huge amount each time there is an upgrade, because the upgrades starts and ends with them.

Hey, did you ever think while they hasten to lock your account if you fail to upgrade when the system says you should even though they said its completely optional to upgrade? That is because they make huge amount of money when you and your upline upgrades. And failure to upgrade means you are hindering them from making money, right.

My Final Take/Verdict.

You might make quick money from scamming unsuspecting members of the public through platform, but be informed that it is not a business, neither is it an investment as clearly stated on the website, and sooner or later the system will collapse. Then you would have ended up tarnishing your image and creating enemies from those you introduced into the scheme.

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