Is DS Domination Scam-Here Is What You Need To Know

Welcome to my review about DS Domination. I’ve been bombarded with lots of requests to speak on this subject matter and provide clarity if this is just another scam or profitable venture to invest in.

Before you continue reading, allow me introduce you to my internet review website that bursts scams and schemes and provide honest reviews about profitable systems, this is essential because most internet programs if not all promise all sorts just to entice people to register in these programs, these programs often promise high rewards and end up delivering nothing, quite a few deliver while many are just schemes seeking to lure innocent people of their income, these kinds lures and takes advantage of people looking to work from home with very little information on the subject.



Moving on to the fundamentals, I’m sure you wish to know if DS Domination is just another scam and you want me to give you an outright answer to this question, be patient and read on while we unravel its contents.



Program Overview


Program Name: DS Domination

Program Website:

Program Cost: $9.95/month (Affiliate Fee) + $19.95/month (Pro), ds dom$99.95/month (Elite)

Program Upgrades: $199.95 Market Extreme, $249.95 Unleashed, $499.95 Monopoly

Developers: Roger Langille, Kevin Hokoana, Hitesh Juneja / President: Jason Rose



What is DS Domination all about

DS is an acronym that interprets drop shipping, this is a supply chain management technique where

the retailer manages a virtual store without stocking goods but transfers client orders and shipment details to the stock owner from where products are shipped out directly to the customer.


It is assumed to be a system where people can act as sales desk to receive orders and then transfer the purchase requests to the product seller and earn a commission based on sales.


How Does DS Domination work

With DS domination, users are not working with the manufacturer or wholesalers but users act just as agents. In simple terms what you will simply be doing is copying customer information from review sites of one retailer and then transferring this information to another retailer with the top that they will make a purchase decision, an example is copying information of a customer asking for more inquiry about a product on a store’s page like Walmart and going on to paste it on your eBay sellers’ page adjusting price value in order to lure this customer to buy from your seller’s page.


When this client buys from your product store and pays you via PayPal, you then buy the product from Amazon and have it shipped to the customer and make some profit for yourself. This is the reason I interpret DS in another way, rather than drop shipping I call it deceptive selling you’re only taking retailers traffic to your own seller’s page and taking advantage of the client’s motives.


There are some hidden costs using DS Domination so many times users get to hike prices of products to cover the price of products and make extra profits for themselves.


Large retailers like Amazon have noticed this and hence have put laws in place that states that DS Domination is against their policies so this is a huge deterrent if you’re just about to embark on this journey.



As a matter of fact, since Amazon have it boldly on their website,look at their disclaimer below :AMAZON RULES


Amazon Rules :Copying information, text and photos that DSD advocates violate Amazon Condition of Use Agreement.


Note just Amazon has begun taking steps against people engaged in Ds Domination, eBay is also cracking down on sellers doing Ds Domination.



I spoke with some friends that had eBay seller accounts seeking for opportunities to make more income by Ds Domination, shortly after they started; they all got their accounts suspended as a result of engaging in DSD (drop shipping domination).


All of them had their premium accounts suspended by eBay because many clients made complaints directly to the companies after the purchase .You should also know that retailers like eBay suspend accounts giving no opportunity to appeal against the suspension.



How does eBay Know

Many of the products are shipped from the manufacturer so customers get to know the actual shipper of the product and make complaints to them regarding this, some of the complaints are in form or requests or post-sales inquiries. Lots of goods are delivered in Amazon boxes rather than plain boxes so it’s glaring to see by even the most naive customers that something is wrong. To do this successfully requires a real drop shipper  that does re-packaging and re-shipment, the drop shipper receives the product and packs the product in plain boxes and mail it out to the customer.



What is the big deal about Ds Domination

It appears legit and simple that you’re simply buying stuff at cheap prices and selling it at higher costs to make some cool profits but it’s not actually selling low and buying cheap, it has a name, it’s called arbitrage because you’re only buying from this retailer and then re-selling it to innocent victims of your scheme.




  •  Money can be made if the program is implemented correctly using a drop shipper.
  • You get to learn the business of shipping and more technicalities in the field.
  • You get familiar with lots of wholesalers.
  •  You get easy to understand training videos that expose you to new paradigms of online business
  • It’s a bonus money making program





  •  Ds Domination is arbitrage and not drop shipping by its definition.
  • No money back guarantee is offered for the products been marketed.
  •  There’s need to purchase these marketing products monthly to earn an income
  • No discount or free trials for new users
  • You won’t be able to make money immediately if you’re just signing up a new eBay account
  • There is no start up information that says you need to be an eBay seller to make huge profits
  • There are hidden costs like eBay listing fee, eBay final value fee, and Paypal fees
  • Profit margins are not as high as DSD video suggests due to hidden charges
  • Too many people have not excelled at DSD because it is both time and effort consuming for little profit on single transactions.
  •  eBay makes it very difficult to earn Top Rated Seller level using DSD as a beginner
  •  If you make referrals to enlist with you just like MLM you get to pay a monthly fee.
  • DSD violates Amazon Conditions of Use Agreement
  • Competition from other DSD members will cut your expectations
  • You will have to pay for information on wholesalers and drop shippers that are available free online.



Other things you should know

In order to make it in DSD, you are required to purchase the monthly products.

The cost for these products is billed and when you join DS Domination you have to accept those Terms and Conditions. You also have to agree to the No Refund policy, (see below image).



You also need to have a minimum of 100 transactions and make a minimum of $3,000 in sales over a year before you can become an eBay power seller.You have to make lots of sales before even reaching the eBay power seller level.



Subscription Levels

  • DS Domination Pro – $19.95 per month – This is an introduction into the system, it includes a training manual that teaches you how to make money on smaller items from Amazon, eBay & Walmart .If the reviews are anything to go by, many users agree you can’t make enough money at this subscription level.


  • DS Domination Elite – $99.95 per month – This subscription level offers a more robust package than the Pro subscription level, it teaches users how to make money on products with larger prices. I also provide a wide variety of wholesalers and a scraping software that researches products for sale.



  • DS Domination Unleashed – $249.95 One-time fee – In this subscription level, secrets are provided about how to become an eBay power seller. A lot of users believe this subscription level is where one can begin to make real money. This implies both pro and elite users have wasted their money or are yet to start if they choose not to upgrade.



  • DS Domination Monopoly: – $499.95 One-time fee – This subscription level provides expanded range, information is provided on Amazon and how to research products more, inclusive of how to buy products cheaper, how to list and sell products and much more.


In general, you will be paying $500 for instruction videos that you can buy elsewhere for just $25 or less. You can even learn all of it for free by joining forums like Amazon forums. Talk about throwing $500 into the open air.





If what you seek is a means to earn money online, avoid DS Domination. It is pure arbitrage and takes a lot to make a single buck from it.


Apart from the training videos that are over-priced, you can learn this act online for just $25 or free.



My Verdict

DSD can be proclaimed to be drop shipping but it’s actually deceptive shipping, arbitrage, and in all honesty, I recommend affiliate programs that don’t require you breaking your account and back to be a part of.

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