Is Empower Network Scam or Legit


Great that you’ve taken time to know if Emperor Network is a scam or legit. You’re in the right place, though the review is coming after other websites have written many reviews about empower network, due to recent development, I still feel the need to put up this review.

 The essence of this article is to provide an independent, honest and detailed analysis about what Emperor Network is about and what you will be encountering if you choose to become a member.

Program Overview

Program Name: Empower network 

 Website: www.empowernetwork.comemp

Owners:David Wood and David Sharpe

Price: $25 basic,$100 Inner circle,$500 Costa rica + lots more Upsells

Overall rating:40/100



What is Empower Network and who are their founders

Emperor Network is founded by David Wood and David Sharpe. They started out as ordinary bloggers and set out to create Emperor Network.


Empower Network is a multi-level marketing business. They claim to offer members training and blogging tools they claim helps their members in online marketing world. The mandate of the company is pure marketing.


It is important to know that physical products are not put up for sale, the company focuses on providing training for its members motivating members to purchase series of training and encouraging them to recruit people to the same thing keeping everyone in marketing loop.



What are the benefits of Emperor Network?

Emperor Network provide two basic things if you register as a member, “tools and training”



If you choose to join, you get to pay $25 monthly initially and doing this qualifies you for your own Emperor Network blog which is purported will make you rank high in search engines, attract massive traffic and ultimately make money for yourself on commissions by promoting their products. What they tell you is the blog will be so effective attract large amounts of people and then you can make lots of money – at the initial stage of signing up this is the information you will receive.




After registration members are taught how to market emperor network products. If you choose to join you will learn how to market emperor network to other people hoping they will buy into it so you can make some commissions for yourself.



Emperor Network Membership


  •  The basic membership tier costs $25 to register – When you register you get your own blog site.
  • You will pay a monthly fee of $19.95 in order to sell their products and ear commissions.
  • The inner circle incurs additional $100 monthly cost.
  •  A fee will be paid separately for auto responder to manage email communications with people you wish to recruit.



Emperor Network Membership Levels

There are different levels of membership and each of them unlocks a commission when a specific training is purchased. If you purchase a specific training and your referrals purchase it too, you get to earn commission. If you do not purchase the training and your referrals purchase it you don’t get to earn commissions.



Basic Membership 

Just like i mentioned earlier, if you join the basic membership level qualifies you for a blog. You will be also provided with training and a tutorial that explains how you will operate as a member. Other tools you will be provided with include access to back office, page capture systems and an access to an hour Emperor broadcast.


Inner Circle Membership


This level provides members who choose to join access to plenty of audios. It is actually a compilation bout the founders and other members and guess what this alone costs $100.


Other membership level includes:


Costa Rica Intensive Membership


This level attracts a one-time fee of $500. It is a video training that contains ideas about how to market emperor network products. This is the same thing previous level teaches how to promote their program.


The 15k Formula Membership

This level costs a one-time fee of $1,000. It contains some videos with few hours of training and teaches you how to promote Emperor Network online. Unfortunately, many sources you would have been able to promote your videos have banned Emperor Network – Facebook and Youtube.



The Masters Retreat Membership


This level costs a one-time fee of $3,500. It qualifies members for over 35 training videos and a working manual.


It is noteworthy that all levels of the program must be purchased to promote Emperor Network. If you only purchase the basic membership level, you qualify for only commissions from your referrals of that level, if your referrals subscribe for higher levels you don’t earn commissions.



What Are The Major Turn Offs


  •  You are not selling anything substantial. If you register you will only be recruiting people to do the same tedious job of promoting an unknown agenda.

The network has no business model or prospects about rendering any service.


  •  You will need to sign up for too many different levels that is actually worth nothing. All of the training they claim to provide is now littered throughout the entire internet and you can get them for free.


  •  You will have to invest a lot of money to enjoy any impact. If you do not register for multiple levels, you’re stuck with just a blog that restricts you from any form of commissions if your referrals subscribe for higher membership levels. Even if you can register for multiple levels, you have no assurance of success because the company has too many bad reviews ad reports all over the internet.


  •  Emperor Network turns you into a hustler driving you to strive to make a sale by any means possible. Pioneer members were advertising with all kind of methods that have resulted in Emperor Network banned in different social media sites. New members are stuck with nowhere to turn to advertise it. The videos and links are banned on sites like Youtube and Facebook.


  • The company has very bad reputation, too many complaints has given them a bad identity.
  •  Emperor Network does not provide real support for members; perhaps they feel it’s not necessary. In their earlier years they offered support but in recent years they do not. If you get stuck and need information about how to promote your products the right way, you’ll be stuck in the mud the support is unresponsive to requests. Imaging – you bear the burden of keeping your recruits in the network and serve as a link to a company that isn’t responding to you. At some point you won’t be able to keep up with the pressure.



  • You actually don’t own an independent blog. You have restricted control over it and can make just a few changes. The blogs are clustered with display adverts that it’s difficult to see through.


  • Emperor Network offers no free trial of any sort to intending members.


Bottom Line

In the end, if you signup you will be promoting a company with no value selling products that anyone with internet access can get freely. There are lots of other opportunities on the internet that you can make an honest income from and this is not one of them. From the blogs to the videos are irrelevant materials to cost so much money. You don’t actually own the blog and these days you can get an independent blog for free. You can’t make adjustments or any modifications.


The strategic information they claim to have is just pure marketing stunt. Nothing special is offered, you only learn how to become another sales person recruiting other innocent people to become further recruits in an all-ready saturated business model.










Emperor Network is a scam to flee from. They will only leave holes in your wallet and you don’t get a refund. Many people who signed up for it quit within very short period.


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