Is Global Money Line a Scam – Here Is The Bitter Truth You Need To Know.

Hey friend, welcome to my review of the global money line system.
Chances are you have been approached by someone either one on one or through a social media channel about joining the global money line system. Well, I was also approached and I did joined  the money line system but after that, I saw what it is and that is why I have decided to put up this review for others to read, so is the global money line a scam? Friend, read on to the end.

Program Summary:

Company’s Name: The Global Money Line.
Price: $20.
Owner: Kent Anthony.
Overall rating: 45/100


What Is Global Money Line

Global money line is purportedly a lead generation company where members have the opportunity to interacting and sharing their business opportunities through messages within the platform. You can also refer others to the business and earn money. That’s pretty much about the global money line business opportunity.

What Is The Product Within The Money Line Business Opportunity.

Global money line basically does not have a unique product aside the lead generation through messaging platform.
The main product that earns members money, based on what I gathered during my stay there is promoting the global money line system itself. When people sign on through you, you earn commission.


How The Global Money Line System Works.

Firstly, registration to the global money line system is FREE – yes, free. You are not expected to pay any fee before you are granted access to the system. This is unique, a lot of other programs I know would charge you a token to allow you access, they call it trial accoont.

Now, as a free member, you have access to send one message at a time to people, but premium members can send as much as 20 messages at a time to people – members with the platform.

Premium membership starts at $20 yearly.
Here is a break -down of the membership levels within the global money line community.
1. Bronze membership cost an annual fee of $20.
2. Silver level cost $50.
3. Gold membership cost $100.
4. Platinum membership is sold at $250.


The Compensation Plan

Like every other MLM opportunity, global money line has a way members are compensated when they, or their referrals refer others to the program.
They use a system call the 2 up system. What this means is that, an affiliate will have to pass up his/her first 2 referrals to the person that referred them, much more Reverse Commission, you only earn from your 3rd referral, sounds funny right? Yea, I kind of find it difficult to accept at first, but that is how the system works.

When you pass up your first 2 recruits, you also enjoy the same benefit when your referrals passed up their first two referrals.
They use a single line matrix paying down to infinite depth and there is no limit to how many people you can refer
If you are a premium member and you refer some one that also go premium with $20, you earn $5, that’s like 25%, huge huh? Whatever.

Pros Vs Cons


• Program is free to join.
• Every other person that joins after you is placed under you.


• The free membership level is very limited.
• The so call leads are basically members of global money line who might also be there to promote their own products.
• Sharing of Affiliate links is a NO NO within the system that is basically designed to help you generate leads, what that means is whatever lead you generate cannot be close there.
Like I said earlier, the global money line program is free to join

Can one make money with global money line?

It is possible to make money with global moneyline opprtunity although you may be needing tones of referrals to able to make anything tangible.

Each referral earns you just $5 especially if you are on the $20 pack. Also, the commission per referral is not passive except if you and your referrals stays in the system every year, that means, you will  be earning $5 per ferral every year.

To make $200 in a month, you will need to refer  40 persons directly, that is huge task.


Global money line is great for generating leads especially if you have a product or service you are offering and you want to get across to people with it.

The problem is, most of the people in the global money line system also have their products or already belongs to an Affiliate and are there to promote their Affiliate links or opportunities, so chances are you may not be getting quality links if that is what you want.

Another thing is sharing of Affiliate links is not possible within the Global Money line system, which means, you may have to look else where to conclude what ever deal you are offering, defeating the main purpose of lead generation.

Is The Global Money Line A Scam?

The answer depends on what you consider a scam, but in my opinion, its borderline.

First, you will make no money if you don’t recruit. All the people you see under you are recruited by other people and so you benefit nothing from them.

Secondly, the lead generated through the global money line system is nothing unique as the only people you get to message are the same people within the system whom probably are there to also promote their opportunities.

Thirdly, there is no sharing of Affiliate Links within the platform which make it a bit absurd in my opinion. That means, you hardly can conclude any deal on the platform.

Fourthly, to make  anything worthwhile, you need to recruit tone of people and if you are like me that hate recruiting, then you might just have to start looking else where to make money.

I can go on and on and list reasons why I think Global money line wont make you money and why I think you should look else where if you want to make money online.

Final Verdict.

If you have been told you will make tones of cash through the Global money line system without recruiting people, then I beg to disappoint you, you will have to work your butt off recruiting.

And if you hate recruiting like me, then you might want to look at my recommendation and why I think its the best bait for you.


You will learn how to make money on Amazon, eBay, Walmart etc.

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