Is Infinity Profit System a Scam



Are you interested in knowing if the Infinity profit system is a scam? Well, you are not alone and you know what? It is good as you seek to know the legit status because frankly, hundreds of online money making schemes springs up yearly and it is difficult to pin point which is scam and which is not. The sophistication of some of these scam schemes even makes the pin pointing more difficult as they portrays themselves legit just like the legitimate ones that’s if they do not even look more legitimate. So, the aim of this article is to review the Infinity Profit System and decide its scam status based on the information gathered.


is infinity system a scam


Name: Infinity Profit System




Cost: $135


Owner: Dale Payne Sizer.


Rating: 20/100


What Is The Infinity Profit System

Infinity Profit System is an MLM system where your aim as a member is to get others to join and also persuade them to get others to join too. For each of this referral, you are paid from the sign up cost of the person you referred with commission peaking at almost 100%.

To me, any business model that promises 100% is a no no for me as they usually turn out to be scam, but lets not be quick to judge with this alone.


The Infinity Profit System offers a range of 3 products which you have to purchase them to be able to sell them for 100% commission. This products levels includes the reseller, starter and basic product. The principle is simply, you will be added into a team where you would be trained on how to promote the system to people and then given affiliate links so you could use them to refer people and earn your commission.



  • Money can be earned
  • You can cancel at anytime you wish
  • You are been trained by team members



  • No tangible products to sell except their E-courses and blog platform
  • It is an MLM and I know many hate this fact
  • The cost of promotion is high


Who Is Infinity Profit System For

Well according to the information provided on their website, it is meant for anybody wanting to make money fast. Technically after doing a thorough research, this failed my test. This anybody here includes highly inexperienced persons, teachers, nurses, stay at home mom, people with an economic downturn etc. Now, tell me how these set of people would make money from this without skills. The business entails marketing a type of product people are highly not interested in so it requires a lot of marketing experience to be successful in it.


From my own research carried out which I stated that it came out different from the claim of the company, the system is meant for people with good marketing skills, patience and also have the $135 which he/she must be ready to take the risk of losing it since you are not guaranteed of success.


What Are The Products And Training Available Within The Infinity Profits System 

An indicator of whether a venture could earn money is when it either produce goods or render services. For this particular company, they do have a product but it isn’t tangible and all what is contained in them which you are made to pay are scattered freely on the Internet which can be found with less stress. Now the question is, why should I pay for what is no better than free information on the Web?


The products they offers are in levels each having it own price. These products package includes

The starter package:

starter pack

This product would basically put you through in building your brand for the purpose of the business. In this package, you also have access to an SEO powered blog which you would use for the promotion.

The Basic package:

basic pack

This package is basically an addendum to the first as you are thought the nitty-gritty of marketing and management


As stated before, all these are information can be found online pretty easy. Also, most people interested in this system are really not out for another version of classroom lecture and that what they ended up getting. They were promised quick money and that what they had prepared for and not another




Does Infinity Profits System Offer Any  Form Of Support

Support is available but the credibility of that support is questionable and it may be the reason you may not succeed. The support is usually provided by the team you are placed in and been placed in a bad team spells doom. Worse of it, the support ends there as you do not have any form of contact with the owner aside you team so if you happen to join and got placed in a bad team, just know you are in for an experience of a lifetime.



What Is The Start Up Cost

Technically, I wouldn’t want to call it a startup cost since you pay the same whooping amount every month to keep your membership. The cost incurred is on 3 packages which you have to pay for all monthly.

  • The Reseller package: The monthly cost for this is $10. This is the cost incurred for sales page setup, affiliate tracking software as well as other sales related services like advert posters and videos.
  • The Starters package: already discussed above, this would cost you $25 monthly.
  • The Basic Package: This also had been discussed above and had the highest cost per month, priced at $100.


Adding this compulsory fees together, it is $135. This is one reason I wouldn’t even think twice before kicking this out of my money making plans. I mean why should I or anyone else spend $135 in promoting a crappy MLM scheme that offers little value


Can You Actually Make  Such Money As Claimed By Them

statements like “earn $50,000 monthly” by Infinity Profit System usually get people excited while some raise eyebrows to it and ask? Can they really make such amount? I would be answering the question objectively in the below paragraph but before then I would want to prepare your mind for it by asking you this, what would you sell to make such huge amount?


Many online money making schemes had resort to making bogus claims and promises just to get people into their mediocre system that is no more than a 101 lectures found on the Internet and for people desperate to make it big, they fall for this cheap scam and only get to know they had been scammed after 3 months when it become obvious they are not going to make any money from the system.


Now, Infinity Profit System is just like any pyramid scheme, the company is kept by the new recruits and not on any product  except the overpriced yet none effective and crappy training which usually do not teach what it claimed. So it basically an affiliate marketing program that would earn you commission for referring new members.


One very laughable reason why I see Infinity Profit System as a sort of scam is the 100% commission they promise because the question now is how do they earn their own money if you earn 100% of it? With this, I know you are beginning to think like I do right now and wouldn’t fall for any 100% affiliate marketing program. Do not fall for this scam by being a workaholic for Infinity Profit System.


The above been said, you might actually make few bucks from it but not the way they make it seems. To make money in this system, you just have to be lucky to be in a good team to get the necessary training required to make it in this system except of course if you already possess the skills. Personally, I would even advise anyone with the skills to go this way as it would only limit your money making potentials. If you have the skills, try going for affiliate marketing programs like  my #1 recommendation, its absolutely free to get started.

My Verdict: Save Yourself And The People Around You The Stress, Stay  Off This Program!

Infinity Profit System is nothing more than a scam putting into consideration its structure and mode of operation and you would do yourself and people around you a measure of good by avoiding it.







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