Is Matt Lloyd MOBE a Scam-Is It Legit



Lots of our inquiries have been pouring in asking the same question; is Matt Lloyd MOBE a scam?

In order to deal with these issues once and for all and bring clarity on the subject, I’ve done my research

in-house and have decided to put up this write up with a view in mind to help you in making up your mind in investing your hard earned income.


Chances that if you’re a seasoned marketer or a new one you’ve heard about the Matt Lloyd MOBE system and would like to know if it’s a legitimate instrument or just another new scam, whether you’re new or seasoned get ready as I expose the myths and facts behind the Matt Lloyd MOBE’s system since I tried it myself to see if Matt Lloyd’s MOBE’s system is a scam or could stand up to its reputation.

Is Matt Lloyed MONE a scam

Program name: MOBE(My Online Business Empire)


Cost:$49 +lots of Upsells

Owner: Matt Lloyed

Overall rating:35/100



What is Matt Lloyd MOBE system all about


MOBE’S an acronym for My Online Business Empire, launched by Matt Lloyd in 2011.Matt Lloyd MOBE system is an online business course for affiliate marketers. It’s a 21 stages course with an affiliate program alongside.

It is a multi-level marketing platform that has lots of high priced products that members can promote and make commissions.



MOBE programs are based on the concept of buying into an affiliate program as a franchise, and if you’ve done a few other affiliate programs you should know that you don’t ever have to pay a dime to become an affiliate, if you intend to promote a product by owning a franchise, you shouldn’t have to pay to earn commissions.


With other affiliate marketing programs, you are only required to sign up for free and then begin marketing after which you earn commissions based on promoting the business. But with MOBE this is simply not the case,

as MOBE requires users first pay a signup free and then promote a franchise on MOBE,

in reality, MOBE is simply a pyramid scheme that promises very high rewards with little or no work,

as a user, you will simply be buying some very expensive software training program that you have to sell to other people and recruit them into doing the exact same thing you are doing.


This should sound familiar to you and just like other affiliate programs it has a higher membership level that’s called the private inner circle where you pay higher,Matt Lloyd makes it appear so legitimate that all you need between $1,500 and $4,500 as commissions within your first 30 days of registration as commissions. It promises very high returns but are these promises real, read on to find out more.



What exactly will I be doing if I join MOBE

Good question, if this question ever came to your mind. As the name suggests you will be building an online business empire only the platform.

You will be required to pay a $49 signup application fee and take a short test to determine your registration approval.


Yes! After paying the application fee you are required to take a short test to validate your application.

If you qualify and are accepted into the program, you will be provided a MOBE kit ; this is simply a recruitment training program that teaches you how to recruit other people into the system, this vicious circle never ends, the system also feeds on more on more people registering to be members. I had very high hopes after I got flooded with requests and decided well I had to join to see for myself.


What do I get after applying

Every applicant that undergoes the test and are accepted are given access to my top tier business structure that comprises of training manuals and videos. This MOBE scheme like other Multi-Level Marketing schemes then gives you access to promote the very same product thousands of other users are promoting with promises of high commissions.

You will be required to upgrade your membership if you want to earn more commissions and rights to these products, and this upgrade isn’t just a one-time event, different levels are prevalent in the system.


Tiers of Membership


Standard affiliate: $19.95 monthly

MLR: $2,497 one-time + $99 per month

Titanium: $9,997 + $199 per month

Platinum: $16,667 + $299 per month

Diamond: $29,997 + $299 per month )


Memberships are restricted and advised to upgrade their membership package to unlock benefits that restrict them on one level.



Payments are made through bank wire transfer and credit card.


Though members are told they get to build a business prior to registration within any niche of their choice they most times end up promoting MOBE, whether it is a standard affiliate registration or using the higher tiers it re-directs to the same thing, you’re just a sales promoter of MOBE.



What products will I be promoting


When you enlist as a member in the system you will be a sales promoter for materials that though looks decent are pretty available all over the internet. Furthermore,you are simply a reseller for over-priced commodities; an example is a video training course called Make Money Blogging that costs $290.



By the antecedents of daily occurrences, it is very easy to learn to blog for free and the internet hosts tons of information with free videos materials for absolutely free. Lots of bloggers that are successful bloggers I’ve met personally have learnt and mastered the act of the trade by using this free information and access the internet provides without having to pay for a $290 video training course on the subject, other products as well follows the same structure, they are over-priced at the value of what they are offering.




– Users get to make some commission

– Some valuable tips can be learned about how to make money and how to grow traffic

– Some knowledge of affiliate marketing concepts can be obtained.

– The system also members within the system to interact with one and other and share information.




– It is setup just as a Ponzi scheme

– You get to pay $2,000 just to be an affiliate

– It provides no training on how to build an online empire as the name implies

– It doesn’t allow you access to a free trial

– The products put up for sale are extremely over-priced and not worth it.

– Bad Reputation – Too many people have reported MOBE as a mere Ponzi, a scam and because of this lots of banks do not authorize transactions with them, this influenced its name change during the transition of the system.

– It is pure MLM – To do well you need a desire for MLM, if you do not have an appetite for MLM, I must advise you that this is another MLM invention. Unless you like MLM or you’re an expert at it, you will struggle with MOBE; also MOBE products do not carry weight to control any niche on the internet.



Does MOBE provide support

MOBE offers support that is mostly slow and unresponsive for much of the times. If you have an inquiry you have to submit a ticket and hope for a response. The upside is there’s a Facebook group you can join as a member and make your concerns known on the platform.


Is MOBE a scam


Given a very bad reputation that is common online, expensive and very over priced products coupled with very terrible customer support it is easy to conclude MOBE is a scam, it delivers but it hardly delivers on the promises it makes.

Though members are paid, it is hard as promised, too many customers have complained about not been refunded by MOBE when they opt to sign out, they are either told to wait for one year in the system or further upgrade after even when that is done no refunds are paid.


My verdict on this is if you’re that guy looking for short term gains on very tight income that took your effort to make, I advise you not partake in this system; it can help seasoned marketers or people that are inclined to MLM.



Expensive products with little importance are difficult to sell when they have lots of sources offering them for free and having to deal with thousands of other marketers in the system to compete with is another strain. High paying commissions may sound appealing but the market

is saturated with many companies offering this same service and you won’t be doing anything new besides being a salesman and paying for it.


Final words


If what you seek is how top become an affiliate and earn money without having to pay a dime for registration, then join other affiliate programs.

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This live free training will take you from the preliminary stage of online marketing to the intermediate stage all through to the advanced stage, so you see, it is actually a program for both beginners and advanced marketers.

Take a look at this program I recommend against MOBE


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