Is Millionaire Bizpro a Scam-Here Is The Truth You May Need To Know

Scam! Don’t even sweat it. Before we go around and start pointing out obvious reasons whether or not this is a scam that is just out to get your money, let us just throw it out there – it is really a scam, and they are out to get your money while you get nothing in return or if you are very smart, get back what would not even qualify as a consolation prize.

What are we talking about? Oh, none other than Millionaire BizPro, the program that promises to turn you into a $1000 making machine in just 24 hours of signing up with them. Trust me, if this were true, there would be lesser people on the farms  and no one on the street would be doing menial jobs or begging but stay home to get at least a thousand dollars every 24 hours. Most  job holders would even prefer to quit their regular nine to five and stick to this. After all,doesn’t this business guarantee even at least $29,000 in the month of February alone?

If you are still sceptical and would love to know how we came to this conclusion, you might want to start with…

is millionaire bizpro scam

Product Name: millionaire bizpro


Price: $47

Owner: Derek Maxwell

overall rating: 15/100

Verdict: Scam!


Why do I Think This Program is a scam? well, take a look at the pointers bellow to see why i arrived at this conclussion.

Promotional Video

This is probably the first point of call when trying to call out these scam organisations. The video shows a poorly scripted performance by an actor who plans to urge you on with her own testimony to join the bandwagon of losers that they already have on ground. What is shocking is that this actor, going by the name “Megan”, supposedly makes the promised $1000 every 24 hours and she also claims to have not recorded any of such videos before. That is the first lie that you get to hear because this lady is actually a freelancer on Fiverr who would do any video for as low as $5. If you don’t believe, you would see a video on the internet of this same lady claiming to be a professionally trained actor and public speaker, winning some laurels in her field to that effect. Does the story start to add up now?

Megan claims that she has never made any money online in the past to trick you into thinking that with little or no financial knowledge, you can also become a top shot in this business. That is another blatant lie because even the legit programmes cannot give you those kinds of empty dreams to chase, especially as a start-up internet entrepreneur. This video which can be accessed on their landing pages is the first way in which they have breached your trust, and Millionaire BizPro doesn’t aim to stop there.

After going to lengths to string up this false performance, it did not surprise us to see that they put up that silent threat of urgency which many people fall for, claiming they would be taking down their “highly informative” video by night-time. This could not have been more far from the truth because even days after, the video was still on the website, same place, and same URL, and still bearing that empty threat that tricks you into wanting to take the opportunity before it leaves your grasp.

How Much Does The Program Cost-Free, Somebody Lied!

is millionaire bizpro scam

If you got onto the website and got brainwashed that the signup and membership is free, you might just be setting yourself up for some additional charges should you fall for that bait and actually register. They would peddle the entire program to you as a free venture and also allow you register without hassle, but then, the free ride ends right there. This is the point where you would need to pay a certain amount of money to take another ride on the rollercoaster, and this rollercoaster does not lead you to the bag of money they promised but a bit of woes.


Paying the $47 required after signup would entitle you to have a web company which they claim not to be able to pay for on your behalf. There are nice scam strings attached, though, promising that this makes sure you are partners with the company owner (Derek) and ensures that you make money at a faster pace than if you didn’t pay for one. They feed on all of the obvious zeal that you already have on signup to siphon those funds from your account and of course, with your full permission.

The pre-designed websites (called your lead capture pages) that they give to you would be for you to also get people’s email address, refer them and expect them to make a purchase. Where the problem lies is that when people actually go there and make a purchase, you end up earning nothing. Wait a minute. Were you expecting better ethics from a scam website? Certainly not.

Does This Program Offer Any Kind Of Support-Meet The Customer Care Agents

The customer care agents have to be the biggest part of the overall scam. While you may think that they are there to help you and are getting to know you so as to serve you better, they are actually out for their own gain. You might notice that the customer care agents tend to focus on asking you questions such as any financial debt you might have incurred, where you work and the position you hold, what your annual income is and a whole lot of other questions on that line. Run and don’t look back. They are actually sampling and calculating data to know how far they can extort you based on the information give them. There is only one piece of advice here and we strongly recommend that you take it – RUN!

Program Package

The developers of the program have told you, and even our fictional Megan has confirmed it, that you can make a lot of money on BizPro without having any experience whatsoever. What you should know is that if you want to really stick to this programme no matter the odds and make money from it, you would need to do an awful lot of work and we don’t guarantee that you would get even half of that money they promised. Experts in online trading have taken a lot of months and even years to build themselves and their income into what it is today and someone is offering start-ups that kind of jumbo sum? Shouldn’t we take a minute to think this through? Can we call our lawyer to read through first or something?

Does The Program Offer Any training-Poor Training

Not surprising, they have a training program that is aimed at making you feel at ease with them. At least, they are helping you to help yourself (or help themselves again at the end of the cycle). The video shows you everything you need to know from creating GVO account to ensure more leads, setting up your account and payment information and emailing people to the creation of the website but fail to mention anything on the important part – getting people’s e-mail addresses and getting subscribers to your platform. That sounds shady, doesn’t it? why show someone everything else but what they really need to know about making money?  Maybe because they know that showing you this would inform you of a lot of work involved and expose their “fast and easy” scam in the first place.



If the points listed above and the initial outburst were not enough to convince you, we will go on and scream it here again – the millionaire BizPro venture is a scam, and it is one you should not give in to.


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