Is MTTB 21 Step Program Scam-Here Is My Take

Affiliate marketing is gaining traction and a lot of grounds among people these days but so is the amount of scam affiliate markets out there also, all being woven into themselves that you probably find it hard to properly recognize the good ones. Well, while we cannot always give you an exhaustive list of all the good ones or the bad eggs in this market, reviewing them one at a time is a great way to save you a lot of headache and money at the same time. That is what makes looking at Matt Lloyd’s My Top Tier Business or the 21 Steps MTTB system as others have come to know it worthwhile.

Matt Lloyd has owned one of such affiliate business in the past with a website he built called My Online Business Empire then which he got called out on as a scam and going on to establish another product such as this on the internet would certainly get people worried of the legitimacy of the whole program. So, what do you say we take a peek under the hood and see for ourselves whether or not MTTB is just following in the footsteps of MOBE?

is mttb 21 step a scam


Program Name: My Top Tier Business(mttb)


Price: $49 + upsells

owner: Matt Lloyed

overall rating: 40/100

What Is The MTTB About

Well, the name tells you much of what would have otherwise been said in longer words. It is a business and they trade in top tier products. As basic as that sounds, it goes beyond just that. MTTB has been structured in a way that you get to sign up for the program  free of charge but end incurring a lot of additional costs in the process. True, you can get through the program without having to invest all that much in it but then, their marketers have found a good way to prevent you from doing this.

On signup, you get your own account and you get a business coach assigned to you who would talk to you via Skype to get some basic information before you get started. Your coach would also be responsible for unlocking your videos and getting you through where the going gets tough.

MTTB uses a 21 step approach for its program and all of these are rooted in 21 different videos with the first six being unlocked in steps and the last 15 being given to you all at once.

Now that we know so much about MTTB, how about we just go ahead and review it?

MTTB is still affiliated with MOBE.


MOBE was the first venture of this kind to be launched by Matt and he ended up making enemies of a lot of people on that only. The website and platform was called out as a scam more times than one and you would rarely get a positive review of this program that was not scripted. He ended that enterprise to then start this new one called MTTB and runs it almost with all of the same principles used on MOBE. This is actually one of the first major pointers that this program cries spam.

Furthermore, the MTTB program requires you to, at one point, also get affiliated with MOBE and make a purchase. This is like getting you wedged between one major program that has been deemed spam and another that you do not even know anything about here. We think this should be in itself, a major reason to dust your shoes off the mat of their website and leave.

Hidden Payments

Although you get to sign up free, you don’t get to start making that money they promised you without paying something. Since you would be required to make referrals and get commissions on what you earn via affiliate, it is surprising that you would still need to pay an initial $49. The good thing about this is that they promise you that this money is totally refundable but they are just setting you up to get fully into the program by which time they would have made more money off of you than you get back. Transparency should have been embraced when informing members of the signup in the first place and hidden charges like this are what makes people lose big in the end.

The Up-sells

This has to be the real moneybag of Matt Lloyd and all other investors in the business. The marketers go on to tell you that to start making big on the platform, you need to buy upsells which you can then trade at even higher commissions. They make it all seem exciting and easy to you and even pitch you a great content, whetting your appetite to start receiving the kind of pay they promised. What is baffling being that those upsells are quite expensive to begin with and would set you back about $20,000 to purchase all, excluding the monthly charge that you would be racking up alongside. The basic one that you would be asked to purchase goes for a price of $1997. They even trick you into making your decision faster with a kind of sloppy money back guarantee which takes us to the next point.

The Money Back Guarantee

is mttb 21 step scam

There must be another definition for “money back” in MTTB’s dictionaries as what they offer under the guise of this can only be best described as a white collar rip off. They tell you that after purchase of an upsell, if you do not make a single sale on it, you have a money back guarantee of $500 payable to you within a period of 30 days since you made the purchase. This is sick because after paying a minimum $49 to become a registered and full member and making a purchase worth $1997 at least, you only get $500 back after 30 days of making no sales? Where does the rest of the money go then? Well, your guesses are as good as ours.

Limited Earnings

MTTB limits the kind of money you can earn in a bid to get you to sign up for one of their advanced upsell packages and this is unethical of an affiliate program. You are allowed to earn commissions on sales they make through you for products worth $500 or less but once the price goes beyond that, you earn nothing. So, if you help them make a sale of $20, you would get compensated but you helping them making a sale of at least $501 means you are not getting a single penny in commission.


The organization’s disclaimer is certainly something that you should be worried about. In there, it was stated in clear terms and more than once that they do not guarantee that they would make you very rich (which is understandable) but then goes on to add that they do not guarantee that you would make any money at all. What kind of program lets you pay $49 for signup and as much as $1997 for an initial upsell then tells you that there is no guarantee of you making any money? Doesn’t that look like bad investment from the start?

There are far superior products out there that offers more value, that let you creates and controls your online business, with far less financial commitment.

Take a look at the comparison Table bellow




They say “action speaks louder than words” and that the reputation of a man precedes him. Matt Lloyd has already built a bad reputation for himself with MOBE and he has spilled that over into MTTB. If you really value your money and would not want to fall victim to a scheme that doesn’t care about you making money, stay away from My Top Tier Business.

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