Is My Lead System Pro a Scam


Welcome to the review of My Lead System pro. Chances are that you are looking for how to make money online and you come across My Lead System pro. Or someone had invited you to the program through whatsoever means and you are making inquiries if it is a scam or not. Let me say that you are in the right place as I will be giving an honest review of this program. While you can make money online through legitimate means, most of the programs littering the internet are nothing but scam. They are often packaged and branded to lure unsuspecting newbies to internet marketing into them without disclosing the nitty-gritty of the system. They take advantage of vulnerability of those looking to make a living from home knowing that many of them know little to nothing about how internet marketing works.

Does My Lead System pro make the list of scam programs out there to dupe marketers? Or is it different? Journey with me as I answer these questions.

is my lead system pro a scam

Program Name: My Lead System pro (MLSP)
Cost:                      $49.97 per month or $149.97 per month + many upsells.
Owners: Brian Fanale, Nobert Orlewicz and Told Schhomer.
Overall rating: 46/100


What Is My Lead System pro About

My Lead System pro is a program which claims it provides the best multi-level marketing training resources for multi-level marketers. So, My Lead System pro is multi-level marketing program founded in 2008 by Brian Fanale, Nobert Orlewicz and Told Schhomer. The company has its concept centered on “Attraction Marketing”. Attraction Marketing is simply a strategy which involves attraction of people or companies that are already in need of the services you provide. Rather than you do the chasing, they are after you for the values you provide. This sounds easy with words knitted together, in practice, however, it is a very tough method of marketing to master. Does MLSP even provide a complete step by step guide on how to learn attraction marketing? The answer is No as we would found out shortly.

Who Is My Lead System pro for

Great question here. The design of My Lead System pro is such that Multi-level marketers can generate lots of new leads online in order to recruit more people to their MLM organization. It therefore means that MLSP is for those who are already MLM marketers.

My Lead System pro claims it provides training for marketers on how to recruit more MLM marketers. The expectation therefore, is on the number of recruits you can bring into the program. This means there is a high probability that you are joining MLSP to promote the system as against your own MLM Company, the company however won’t tell you this.

My Lead System pro Product

A look at this program reveals it has tons of educative training offered members depending on your entry level and subsequent upgrades. Take note that this is not a software or computer programming language but skill resources. My Lead System pro “teaches” those who opt into the program, what they need to do to put their MLM business before the right clients.


How much exactly does it cost to join My Lead System pro? That’s a question I will unravel in this section. Although there are two membership levels on the MLSP you can join with each level differing in cost, training and earning potentials, I must warn you of the need to take note of upsells before you jump in. We shall discuss these upsells later. Below are the membership levels involved:

1. My Lead System pro University
2. My Lead System pro Mastery


  • My Lead System pro University

Thus is the basic membership level and costs $49.97 a month. On this level, the features are locked and it only gives you an idea of what is available on the My Lead System pro Mastery. You cannot earn from referrals nor can you make money from upsells in this membership level. When you sign up for the MLSP University, you will be urged to upgrade to the Mastery level to get all the features unlocked.


  • My Lead System pro Mastery

This is the package with additional features and often recommended for experienced network marketers. It costs $149.97 a Mont or $ 1499.97 a year.

is my lead system pro a scam

At this level, you enjoy the following features:

• Unlocking the MLSP training library.
• Resources page for all your referrals.
• Create your welcome video.
• Receive $100 per member you recruit in a month.
• An hundred percent commission on all one-time offers sent to your referrals once they join MLSP.

Don’t think upgrading to or starting at MLSP Mastery level is all that you need to enjoy the advanced training. Far from it! There are upsells, One can safely conclude that without these upsells, your MLSP Mastery subscription profits little.


My Lead System pro Upsells

MLSP has three major upsells which would be strongly recommended to you after upgrading to the Mastery level. These include:

1. Access to My Lead System pro training library
2. Attraction Marketing Intensive
3. Sound Traffic Mojo


  • Access to My Lead System pro training library

The MLSP training library consists of all the training held since the company started in 2008. It costs $797 a year to make this upgrade. You can purchase this in equal installments if you cannot afford the one-time fee.

* $447 each twice which amounts to $894
* $317 for three equal installments totaling $951.

As you can see, these are more expensive than paying at once. Even the one-time fee is heavy on the pocket considering that $1499.97 has been paid for membership.


  •  Attraction Marketing Intensive

The attraction marketing intensive gives training on attraction marketing. The training comprises videos spanning long hours but gives a little value. It costs a one time fee of $297 or $167 two equal installment plan.

  • Sound Traffic Mojo

This product makes use of music to bring targeted traffic to your website. This is the most confusing of the upsells as creating music to rank in search engines will not in anyway benefit network marketers that lack knowledge about music creation.

Why are there many upsells

The answer is not far-fetched, to keep making the founders richer. Each month, you pay membership fee and by recruiting just one person, you make a $100. However, you continue to pay thus membership fee without earning if you cannot recruit anybody. These upsells are hidden charges not disclosed to MLM marketers before going into the program.

The Pros of My Lead System pro

1. A 30-day risk-free trial.
2. Free weekly webinars on most effective marketing strategies involving blogging, search engine optimization (SEO), internet marketing, social media marketing e-zines, pay-per-click and much more.

The Cons of My System Lead pro

  •  It is expensive

The MLSP training is an expensive package for a MLM marketer who has his/her own multi-level marketing company to invest time and resources in. Membership fee and upsells run into thousands of dollars. With good research, most of the training offered by MLSP can be accessed online at a much cheaper rate.

  • Promoting MLSP at the expense of your MLM

In order to start making a decent income, there is need for you to promote My Lead System pro to others meaning you are helping the founders advertise the program even after paying to join. It must also be noted that most of the training focuses on expensive advertising.



If you are looking for a way to start earning on the internet, avoid My Lead System pro. Multi-level marketing in itself is tough and the downliners fail 99% of the time, let alone a MLM company which “does not” have product to sell to people.

Apart from the training being expensive, it can be overwhelming for a new entrant to online business because of the tons of resources that need to be digested.

MLSP user interface is also complicated and uneasy to navigate further complicating the woes of a marketer. A program that requires you to pay an upfront fee before marketing its products is questionable.


My verdict

MLSP though claimed to be an affiliate program, but is a pyramid scheme in my honest opinion. A pyramid scheme places emphasizes on the people you recruit into the system as opposed to the sale of products to the public.

For recruiting one person into the MLSP, you are paid a $100 commission; that to me is a pyramidal structure. While I cannot out rightly call My Lead System pro a scam, it is not a platform to explore if you want to make money online. New entrants who are trying to make it online wouldn’t want to part with that much.


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