Is Opinion Outpost Legit or Not

It’s not today that companies have started to solicit customer views, thought,and perceptions about them or their products. Most times, it is not companies that are behind this but just some people (maybe a bunch of researchers, some students on a project etc.) who would love to gather some quick info and would need you to take their surveys. Now, this is where the Opinion Outpost comes in.

opinion outpost

Product Name:  opinion outpost


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Opinion Outpost offers you the chance to help these people complete their reviews and lets you take various surveys which you would be paid for in the end. Looking at this can take two different perceptions depending on whether or not you have ever worked on this kind online platform before.

The first one is you thinking that you probably do these kinds of reviews and take different questionnaires and surveys frequently which you don’t get paid for and it would be nice to get some extra bucks for something that you would normally do for fee.

The second kind of perception would come from someone who knows how this business runs and would know that these kind of programs pay very low for taking a lot of your time. While everyone is having their own perceptions, is the Opinion Outpost even legit at all or is it just a scam to get people to do some quick reviews? Let’s find out together below.

So much more for so much less.

You should have had enough experience with reviews and surveys to let you know that they do take a lot of time. An awful lot of time too, to put it mildly, and the kind of reviews that you would get to do on Opinion Outpost are nothing short of this. You get to do a review that would take not less than 30 minutes out of your time given that you are of average speed. This is surely a lot of time to invest in one venture but the pain does not hit you hard till you see that you have been paid just $1 for completing that review.

Effectively, for a 30 minutes’ exercise like this, your time should be well worth around $2 – $3 but no, you have been given only one. Now, start to imagine and calculate the amount of surveys you would need to take on an average of 30 minutes per each one to make at least a decent amount of $20. Yeah, that’s about 10 hours of your time just to make $20, a very poor time-money conversion rate.

Survey Qualifications

To ensure some kind of decorum and factual records from the surveys taken, Opinion Outpost has set up something of a pre-survey screening to see if you are eligible to take the survey you applied for. This sounds like good news for the people that want to gather the facts but it sounds like very bad news for you. This is because most times, you would end up not being qualified enough to tale that survey.

Pre-qualification surveys are usually around 30 minutes too but in the case that you do not qualify, you do not get to do the survey and you do not get paid – not even as much as a consolation fee. How bad is that? Try to factor in the amount of hours that you would waste daily trying to qualify for surveys and when you finally do, the extra time you would need to complete them and you would agree with us that according to the above calculations, even making a meagre $20 in 10 hours seems to be a long shot. By this time, you should be looking to reduce that estimated 10-hour income to about $10.

Not getting enough surveys

Is it not painful enough that you get kicked off a survey because a test determines that you’re not qualified to take it then add more to your worries by not giving you enough surveys to complete? Most times, this is not usually the fault of Opinion Outpost themselves as the companies might be looking for a specific set of individuals to take their questions and you simply do not “match the profile”. Waiting online for hours on end for a job that is never coming is frustrating and if you happen to not match a lot of profiles, you would get next to nothing from this program. Effectively, we should reduce the 10 hour earnings we started with drastically now but you get the full picture already.

One-time Payment

One would think that with the kind of small change payments that is being offered on Opinion Outpost, there has to be some kind of means to get residual income somewhere. That is as far from the truth as you can get as they offer their services on a one-off basis. This means that as soon as you get a survey done and get paid for it, forget about that survey totally and start looking for new ones.

For an opportunity that should make you tons of money, this is a really poor business. How would you make about $2 – $3 an hour and not get anything from that again, ever? It is simply too much investment of your precious time and energy to even consider that at all.


Account Freezing without warning

A lot of users have complained that they have just one day woken up to see that their account on Opinion Outpost has been frozen. A variety of excuses could be given for freezing your account such as data concerns and you violating some terms of the contract but where it gets frustrating is that they never even send you a warning message before this is done. Freezing means that you lose any contacts or privileges you might have been gathering for how long you have been working with them and painful enough, you lose all the earnings associated with your account. That means you have had to put in all those hours and hard work just to be slapped with a frozen account. Would you say that was totally worth it? I hope not.



While Opinion Outpost is not a scam in any way (at least the customer complaints have been in range with normal customer issues), the program does not really offer you value for your time. There are a variety of online platforms out there that would pay you more for your invested time and reward your hard work better than this one does. There is also an extensive list of other online investments that you could make with promise of residual earnings – something of an insurance in the online world. In simple words, Opinion Outpost is really not worth it.

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