Is Project Payday Scam-Here is the real fact


Since the first time that the Project Payday hit the markets (more online markets than the physical though), a lot of questions have been asked as to the legitimacy of this alternate money making franchise. In this review, we are going to go deep down and see if this program is worth your time and resources.

what is the project payday about


Program Name: Project Payday


Price: $4.95 Trial

overall Rating:50/100




What is Project Payday About

Basically, Project Payday was launched as a Program that would enable you to make more money through a referral program. A lot of people are already familiar with referral programs one way or the other but with the launch of Project Payday, the style and mannerism were set to change.

Signing up to Project Payday is relatively low – relatively in the sense that you would have to sign on a trial account that would cost you just $4.95. On the surface, this sounds like a pretty great idea since you were at least, offered the option to start a trial account for a minimum cost. What then is the scam/ gimmick that might be behind the Project Payday Offers?


Project Payday is Just a Referral also.

You might have thought that Project Payday was the company responsible for all the referral offers that you would get on the website but this is so far from the truth. The platform itself as created as a sort of referral program that could lead you to other referrals and as such, any money you pay to them does not go directly to Project Payday but to the original companies that you are being referred to and they get their own share from it. In other words, you are not making all the money off Project Payday but in a simple and twisted way, they are making a lot off of you for all offers that you sign up for.


The Project is not entirely free

During sign up, Project Payday would require you to enter your credit card details. Now, after entering for some offers which would be advertised for free, you would find it annoying later that most are just for a limited time frame and you would start to receive billings from the credit card you supplied. What’s more frustrating is that upon subscribing to these companies, it becomes a real headache when you wish to cancel your subscriptions as they most likely won’t opt you out of the offers till you spend hours screaming at their customer care reps. Many people did not even get the chance to opt out of the offers they had signed up for and the only way they could stop the charges being deducted was having to cancel their credit cards. The risk is totally on you here and that is certainly not a free program.


The Subscription Offers

Project Payday has a lot of subscription offers for you to opt in to, some being free (well, relatively again) and the others being paid straight up. The issue with these offers is that to opt-in, you need to provide credit card details and make sure that you cancel your subscriptions after a period of 7 days. If you do not opt out within this time (which is usually hard because you most likely won’t get someone to attend to you that fast) you risk losing money from your card. As if that is not painful enough, if you end up with no or little amount in your account, every penny you have earned would be transferred back to the buyer. If you even try to play it safe and cancel your subscription just a few days into the offer, you stand a risk of losing the pay that you were supposed to get on referrals.


Charges imposed on every referral

Referral programs are there to help you make big but on Project Payday, you would need to pay something for every referral you make. That’s right, you pay for being a referral to a company. The payments to be made could be classed under different titles such as membership fee, trial fees, and the lot, but you are surely going to part with some cash.


No residual payment program

On top of all the money that you would be required to pay for opting into particular services, Project Payday would only pay you one-time for any leads generated by your link and that is it. For every click you get, you get paid, but that does not translate to some residual earnings in the future, one of the things that make affiliate marketing enticing. This means that if you are required to sell leads worth $1.50 and you sell hundred in a month, you get $150 from that but that’s it. You need to start generating new leads if you wish to make more money. This is contrary to their ads which suggested that the average Joe can make a living out of this, as the average Joe doesn’t have the affiliate experience to keep churning out these amount of leads on the regular.



Project Payday being just another referral program in itself would mean that they do not necessarily have your best interests at heart and would most likely do anything to get you to sign up and complete their own offers which they would get paid for too. The people making the real money from this program are therefore not the job seekers but the marketers themselves who make their own fast money and leave you in a puddle of confusion.


Final Verdict

If you are looking for a way to earn a decent income online, then, in my humble opinion,project payday might just not be the program you are looking for.

First off, the amount of work you put completing the offers and the stress you pass through while trying to cancel an offer is NOT just worth it.

Project payday might not be entirely a scam, but the line that separates it from the scam is thin.


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