Is Richmond Berks a Scam, Is It Legit- Here Is My Review.

Planning to get involved with Richmond berks investment program and you sought to find out the legitimacy of the program before you invest in. You are indeed at the right place because here, I am going to be taking you through the hidden facts about Richmond berks.

There has been lots of buzz about Richmond berks and lots of people are already pushing in some cash but hey, is Richmond berks a scam, is it legit or what?Come with me lets get down and do some digging to see what Richmond berks holds.


Program Overview.

Program Name: Richmond Berks.


Price: Minimum $10 (10 RBD)

Owners: John Richmond $ Klint Berks

Over all Rating: 30/100


What Is Richmond Berks About?

Richmond Berks is said to be an investment platform where you put your money and earn 1.6 percent daily as ROI on any amount you put in minimum been $10 or 10 RBD.Belo is the information on their website:

An international company that traces its history back to 2008. Two young businessmen John Richmond and Klint Berks met at an auction, fighting over one and the same lot. One year later together with two other brokers they founded a company that specialized in purchase of real estate at auctions and its further resale at the secondary market.

In 2016 due to the conflict of interests, Richmond and Berks sold their company shares and founded a new corporation – Richmond Berks. In order to increase its floating capital, the company implemented cooperation strategy. Thus, anyone interested could take a share in auction biddings and gain profit from further real estate sales.

However, a further digging couldnt establish  any Fact about the existence of either Richmond or Klint. No information about their activities prior to starting Richmond Berks.

The websites domain name itself was registered september 2016 and set at private. No further details was given others than scanty information found at the About Us page of the website. Sounds suspicious huh, read on.

What Is The Product Line Of Richmond Berks.

Looks like Richmond Berks doesnt have a product, Affiliates are only able to sell the program itself. Old Affiliates are paid from funds invested by new affiliates. This to me is a classic case of Ponzi.

Looks like Ponzi and gifting schemes are taking over the internet and making the founders richer, unfortunately, the end seems not to be in sight.

Richmond Berks compensation Plan.

Richmond Berks says on their website that the company has  been makings lots of money for the past eight years in the real estate auction market and that now the company wants to help lots of people earn money through partnering with them. Sounds great, yea. Now lets look at how they intends compensating their partners.

To benefit from Richmond Berks compensation plan, you must invest a minimum of $10 or 10RBD (Richmond Berks Dollars, a currency equivalent of $USA used within the Richmond Berks system).

Affiliates who invest earns 1.5% ROI daily. Again 10% is given out to affiliates who recruit others directly and a further 5% on your second level referral, that means if you invite someone directly and the person makes an investment of $500, you get 10% of that amount and if the person go ahead and recruit anyone, what ever they invest you earn 5% from it, cool right? Yea, so cool in theory but dont get excited yet as the next line might leave disappointed.

Richmond Berks keeps 50% of your withrawal request, each time you put in a withdrawal request you are only given 50% of your matured cash out and the company withholds 50%.


How Much Is Needed To Join Richmond Berks.

To register with Richmond Berks is free but in order to earn, Affiliates need to start with a minimum of $10 or 10RBD. 1.5% is paid out daily on whatever amount you invest. All payments are don in USA dollars


Is Richomd Berks Worth Investing In?

There is no doubting the fact that Richmond Berks offer is enticing but whether you should take the chance with them or not is entirely dependent on you.

The bitter truth however is that, Neither Richmond nor Berks exist as a person as there is no verifiable evidence anywhere to show that the two ever existed before the formation of Richmond Berks some few months back.

Again i saw some company registrations certificate displayed purpotedly registered somewhere in the Uk but again you all know company registrations in the UK is as simple as anything, with £25 and a virtual address you have a registerd company bearing a UK name.

Richmond Berks claime to have been in real estate market buying off bankrupt estates through  cheap auctions and selling same for profit but again, there is no evidence to that claim as most of the picture shown have been proven to be fake.

What about the bunch of  37 seconds video testimonials on displayed?

Well, you all know those can be gotten at a pantry sum of $5 somewhere on

Is Richmond Berks Scam?

Well, with everything about Richmond Berks looking unreal including the fake pictures of purportedly purchased properties, I don’t know what else to call them.

This picture above is the office building of CMA CGM known as the CMA CGM Towers, its actually a very popular structure as it is home to an international shipping company and there is no information whatsoever shown that the structure has ever been listed for auction nor is there any information that it has been bought by Richmond Berks.

With all these staring right at your face, it will be right to call them anything but legit.

Final Verdict.

Richmond Berks sure exist but only on papers and the so called real estate auctions business is nothing but a cover up antic to scam people into investing with whoever is in charge of this scam.

To me, Richmond Berks is just a clever script scripted by God knows who to have people invest money with the hope of earning about 40% monthly with the capital still intact and can be withdrawn anytime.

Old Affiliates here are paid from new capital brought in by new investors and guess what? the moment fresh fund cease to come in old investors will also stop been paid and the company will fold up.

Some people might argue but they are paying , oh yes, they should pay after all that’s what they promise but the truth is that they will pay you in order to have your trust and they sure know your testimony can bring in more people. But then how long will the company last is another thing entirely.


Do I recommend Richmond Berks, Heck No.

By Now you should have known there is no chance I would recommend this site to any body, not even to my perceived enemy, lol.

I believe there are tones of legitimate opportunities elsewhere to make money online, besides, I make money online myself through a system  called Affiliate Marketing which to me is the best system to generate real cash online.

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    • Thank you for your comment, Seun. Richmond Berks pays but that still doesn’t answer the basic question or legality and legitimacy of the program.
      Lets see how it plays out in the coming months as more promo packages are rolled out. Usually this has always been the route to extinction for many programs of this nature, introduce outrageous bonuses, get more people to invest more money and at the mention of Jack, the admin is gone and gone forever.

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