Is Swagbucks Legit-Can It Help Me Make Money Online


Congrats if you stumbled on this article while researching to ascertain if Swagbucks is Legitimate or just a hype. I’m sure if you’re reading this piece you are like to know if it’s worth investing in. Read further, I promise you juicy insights about Swagbucks and what they offer and what’s it’s all about. I’m sure you’ll find this article educational and enlightening.


Making informed inquiry about business before startups these days is very important – It is increasingly becoming vital because more and more business opportunities, programs, schemes etc. springs up and enlisting in every opportunity without a thorough research on each program can have damaging effects – Businesses open and businesses close, making the right call is important to avoid investing in a business that is headed down south or completely inexistent. In the end making the right call is important because the end point of every business is profitability!


Proram Overview

Program Name:Swagbucks

Owners:Josef Gorowitz, Scott Dudelson, Ron Leshem, Eron Zehavi


Overall rating:80/100




What is Swag Bucks-The Product

Swag Bucks sounds catchy, anyone would fall for it without requesting for details about what they offer or even do. If you feel this way, you’re not alone, I felt this way myself when I first came across the company.

Swagbucks operates like a search engine, what’s peculiar with Swagbucks is they pay users for searching the web – This is the claim of the marketing department of the company.


They have an interactive website and they can be bookmarked for easy retrieval and use. While Swagbucks produce a less-superior result to other search engines, it can be rewarding to search the internet and get paid for it. After all the best things in life, they say as are free things.

Swagbucks provides add-ons besides credit gained by internet searches. In fact, SwagBucks claim to be a reward paying websites for lots of activities like searching the internet, exploring web content through their website, participating in surveys sponsored by them and a lot more. This is not clear how they generate enough income to pay but they have been functional since around 2008.


When functions are carried out via Swagbucks website or mobile apps either in iOS or Android, It builds the credit of the individual and after a while, payment is made. Swagbucks provide gift card that carries the money value of the member’s account. The company’s marketing department claim to have paid millions of dollars – this is independently unverified, though. The payments made don’t essentially mean Swagbucks is entirely clean; it’s just a veil for its reward paying system.


How does SwagBucks work

You need to register, to begin with. Registration is only available to people in United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, India, Ireland, and Canada.


After registration, members are provided with a manual that stipulates ways of earning money with swag bucks. The one the company makes chatter about is the SwagBucks Answers. This platform is used to provide surveys.

They make payment on just completed survives. Each survey has a potential reward value between 1 SB to 1000 SB.

This reward value is dependent on different factors like the length and the value of the survey. Demographics also affect the value of earned points so it is important to understand that the reward value from one survey to the next is different.

It is important to note that the company reviews the surveys so lying is not an option, providing wrong information on SwagBucks leads to retraction of previously accumulated points and account termination. Read the site’s disclaimer below:



The company demonstrates uniqueness in the Survey industry their zeal to have uncompromising standards. While competitors provide shady information on how they distribute user information or make use of it, they provide information about the use of member data. You will have knowledge about your where your information travels to.


While it is frustrating for any partaker in a survey to start up and complete a survey only to get disqualified or not qualify for benefits the survey provides, SwagBucks provides an incentive, it offers 1 SB for initial first five survey declines. This serves as little compensation because whether you like it or not every participation in a survey will get to become a beneficiary of the survey been entered into. Even with Advanced algorithm application provided by SwagBucks, the surveys are independent of the company and only the operator can make final decisions.


Swagbucks’ website is very interactive and can be accessed easily from any internet enabled PC or mobile device. The site is highly interactive and offers customer service.




Asides from the Swagbucks survey, the company offers a more rewarding program. Let us do a quick re-visit about the search engine program before moving on.



Search Engine

While SwagBucks claim to pay people for searching the web, many people find it strange because it is not the common experience.


Though the site does seem harmful, and Swagbucks rewards with some amounts of SB, a reward for using the search engine platform, it still feels spooky to some people.

The concept of “I can sit on the PC and search all day and make some huge fat reward does not apply “. Furthermore, the results that turn up are limited than the results gotten from standard websites.


Swagbucks does not provide information on how they reward people for using their service to make searches, it’s not an easy have it my way system where anyone can search day to night and make a big pay. What I was able to dig up when I did further research on this is that rewards are provided a number of active hours on their website and not just activity hours. It is your active performance with their website that counts and since the results are limited, it’s a huge contradiction

because I don’t think you want to perform an effective work over what seems like a fun tool because of its limiting functions.


What about referrals

Swagbucks offers rewards for referrals. On each referral, you enjoy 10% reward of their earnings and it is claimed to last a lifetime. If your referral earns like 100SB, you will be credited with 10SB and as the number of referrals grows, so does your reward value with it. You can earn a lot of points if you have a lot of referrals.



More SwagBucks offers: Cash Back

Swagbucks offer cash back that comes in gift cards. They can be used to make a purchase online for retailers like Walmart, Best Buy, and Target. They offer an equivalent of SB in form of this cash back to members. The value can be as high as 25% even though the keywords may be more than this value. One rare incidence is getting less than the 25% cash back and the discouragement of being offered limited materials on cash back programs.



With this in mind, if consistent cash back is paid by any company, it would seem legit enough to use for expenses and some personal upkeep. I hate to mention it that getting just one cash back credit is a product of lots of work and applied patience.



Swag Button

Users of Swagbucks cash back are encouraged to use swag button, when you download this app it will enable you to have access to watch videos from your browsers directly. It also allows users to easily get notifications for cash back opportunity and surveys. It’s handy and easy to use.



Swag Bucks Watch

This is an in-house video content repository. Users get 1 SB per 4 videos watched. This may not be a high value if you watch a few videos, you should be aware that watching lots of videos daily with this app will increase your reward points, this may be about $3 or $4.If $3 is worth a lot to fit down a whole day and spend precious time and data on, then have fun.



Trial Offers

The company rewards some trial users. They reward with fair amounts of SB that sometimes may have an approximate $15 gift card value. While the free trial may be available, it is limited and many features are unlocked by providing credit card information.




A Host of games are available for fun and play using their service. This games offer only little Swagbucks and sitting in front of your PC the entire day wouldn’t amount to a huge sum either.



– It is 100% free to register, the free trial is also a plus

– There are plenty of activities to participate in to make some Swagbucks

– The website can be accessed easily on any mobile device; it is user-friendly and works even on mobile device.



  • Results generated using the search tool is limited.
  • Your account can get terminated if you try to get ahead of the game during surveys.
  • The rewards are low compared to the time spent on it if you join it may be difficult to earn much money spending just few hours on it.



Final Verdict

Swagbucks may not be a scam, for adventurists it can be something worth trying. But  for someone seeking to earn a job replacing income online, then  Swagbucks is not really a place for such person.This is because of how limited the earnings in swagbucks are.Those of you that have been part of it know what i am talking about.It pays just like any other reputable survey site out there.


If you are like me seeking ways of earning income online that would replace your day-job, then, you might have to look elsewhere, and one of the places that offers all you need to be sucessful online is Wealthy Affiliate


Check out what wealthy affiliate offers compared to the little reward value gained from Swagbucks despite spending lots of time on it to accumulate little points, check out the difference.

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