Is The Coffee Shop Millionaire Scam-My Honest Review

The 21st century had been flooded with many get rich quick websites, each promising an ocean of wealth to anyone that invest in it with little effort. Some had even gone to the extent where they, in their claim would guarantee you a six-figure income with little to no experience doing what you like from the comfort of your home. Some of these websites over the years had failed integrity test and are now been labeled as a scam, while the status of some had not yet been determined probably because of the camouflage they wear. One of these is The Coffee Shop Millionaire owned by Anthony Trister.

the coffeeshop millionaire


Name: Coffee Shop Millionaire


Price: $37 monthly +more Upsells

Owner: Anthony Trister

Over all Rating: 18/100



What is the Coffee Shop Millionaire

The Coffee Shop Millionaire is an internet based coaching anchored by Anthony Trister meant to teach people how to make millions within a very short time without any prior experience. The developer was smart with his ideas giving him a defense in case he is been confronted. Why did I say this? What is even the idea behind it?


The idea is simple. The Coffee Shop Millionaire would serve as a business coach to you – that’s according to them. To me, it isn’t coaching per se because they would only sell digital products like videos and e-books which only contain the things you would need to make money online but without a proven way for you to do it. In simple form, they show you what, but never how. Now tell me how a newbie as they claim would make six figures without holding him by the hand?


  • Low entry level of $37
  • 60 days money back guarantee offered through clickbank.
  • Great sales page.(video)


  • Lots of outdated trainings
  • Upsells and More upsells-aside the initial start up cost, you will soon face more offers that are supposedly meant to enhance your earning potentials.
  • Unrealistic promises, its not a get rich quick  business, yet there is an offer to help you make $21k in 21 days-what a contradiction.
  • The training itself is not in details-more of long,  surface -scratching videos that ends up showing you no particular pathway to make the so called millions.
  • No  Free trial
  • Absolutely no support.

Who is Coffee shop millionaire for

Well, According to Anthony Trister, Coffee shop millionaire is for everyone who is ready to make a side-money, any one that is ready to make money enough to be able to travel to Honk-Kong, Australia, New Zealand, India etc.

Of course, any body with the right tools and training can make money online

What Are The Tools And Trainings Within The Coffee Shop Millionaire

The coffee shop Millionaire does have a couple of legible video training that can easily be viewed by anybody. It does boast of a total of 12 video training modules and a couple of other training which, according to Anthony Trister, is guarantee to get the money rolling in.However, the training itself is just what I call-Basic training, nothing spectacular and of course, you probably will not make any money with this kind of training-scrap and out of date.

Support-Does Coffee Shop Millionaire Offer Any Kind Of Support

To the best of my knowledge, the means of support available is through their mail system and also through phone which most times, is a recorded voice. They also claim to have a facebook Community which has not been updated for a long time now.


What`s  the start up price

The entrance level of Coffee shop Millionaire is $37 per month, after that you will still have to buy many more expensive programs, like the Six Figure Success Club pegged at $297

The Hidden  Secrets-More Upsells

For the Coffee Shop Millionaire, you are told the start up cost is $37. This would look like an amount you can afford for a try. Pretty good to them if you give it a try. Immediately after that, you would be offered mediocre products that following them wouldn’t even feed you dog. This wouldn’t be enough and you be presented with a proposal into the Six Figure Success Club which would be $297-now that’s the upsell. Now, to you, your problem had ended but contrary to your opinion, it had just gotten to another level. At this time, it is now a no going back situation as you had spent enough, though, you are now unsettled and nervous and wouldn’t keep calm until you become the millionaire you were promised.


You would now be told you need a website to be able to do this and would have to develop it with your money. This becomes an additional cost. It started from $37 then to $334 and now getting over $400. By this time, you must have been frustrated and would leave. That the game, you had been played. I mean what type of legitimate coaching business would hide the true cost of it coaching program? None!


They know telling you might scare you away and they wouldn’t earn a penny from you and the best strategy is to sweep you off your money with the cheap price until you get in. So even if you decided to leave, they had already gotten a few dollars from you. The desperation to even get your money had gotten to the extent where at the time of registration if you decide to quit, you are offered a discount of $10. So instead of $37, it becomes $27. Isn’t this enough prove?


Would The Coffee Shop Millionaire Help You Make Money As It Says

According to the owner of The Coffee Shop Millionaire, “in the next 7 minutes, I am going to give you full access to a simple system I developed that made me $21,0000 in 21 days the very first time it was ever used.”


From the above-quoted text, it logically means he made $1,000 in a day and would show that to his students. Now the question is how many internet entrepreneurs make such amount in a day talk more of a newbie (remember, his course is equally meant for newbies). This isn’t small money and if such system exists from scratch, it would be so guided that it would be a secret that would die with the owner. Also, you wouldn’t be the first to come across it and that means it must have made many millionaires. Now, The Coffee Shop Millionaire had been around for some years now, how many people have you heard of that became that rich using his so-called system? This leaves us with nothing put holes of scam in it camouflaged integrity.


You see, it common for most of these scam systems to use this method most importantly the make thousands/million dollars with no experience required because they know people are out for unmerited wealth. Yes, that the name I call it because how do you explain such an amount of money in a day with no work, no experience?


My Verdict: The Coffee Shop Millionaire Is Setting You Up For Failure, Avoid it like a plague


This is my verdict, The Coffee Shop Millionaire is a big scam that would only set you up for failure. It would keep sweet talking and luring unsuspecting newbies into giving out their hard earned money while they paint the future bright in their head. These newbies only get to know at the late hour when it evident The Coffee Shop Millionaire can no longer sweet talk them again and so had left them with their faith, crappy products and the bad experience of a lifetime. To me,  it is by all standard a scam you should avoid.


Thank You for going through my post and avoid get rich quick scheme making promises you can only imagine because if anything sound so true to be the truth, then it actually isn`t true.



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