Is The Fast Cash Biz a Scam-Is It legit, Or Another Hoax

Fast Cash business borders on the mind of everyone due to the kind of numerous opportunities provided. They have made a somewhat cheeky video that aims to convince you that the system is the best for you with two actors that have been specially paid to project to you the idea of a marvelous and lavish lifestyle, what with them claiming to have made $55 million in just three years. We know that these actors are not the conventional Fiverr $5 video actors as they could not be found on any of the popular freelance websites. They must really be big shots in their game, but not as big as they claim to be with this lavish lifestyle of theirs. It is certainly a tough call to decide whether or not the Fast Cash business is a scam or not but we would give you the pros and cons and to the best of our knowledge, try to decide which side it falls on. Shall we?

what is the fast cash biz about



What Is The Fast Cash Biz About

Simply put, Fast Cash business is the online venture that allows you invest in binary options and lets you trade with an automated broker system. This means that all you need to do is sign up, put some funds in your broker account and allow their special robot do all the trading for you. To fully drive home their point that this fast cash, you can access the platform on the go through their specialized and dedicated app. Looking at this kind of business model, it certainly comes as a new and improved product in the world of online binary options trading. The excitement of the new wave was probably what drove a lot of people to know the business in the first place.

Now, going into the business of today proper, we start with the…


Success Rates

Irrespective of what we have reported above, few  traders actually have good stories to tell and they are all legit stories not some back end scam to get people to still believe in the program. Most traders have recorded earning in the range of 80% of interests on their investments and while this is not the 100% success rate promised, it is close to the actual figure and you would make a lot if you play according to the system.

Multiple platform trading

In order to help you maximize your profits, Fast Cash business allows you to trade binary options not just on one platform but in multiple places. This means that you get multiple streams of income on the same program and in case the market crashes for one binary option, the others that you are trading with would still be in strong contention to keep you afloat. This is one of the ways in which they have promised to take care of their customers and they are living up to it



Video Marketing

We have said this before, and we will say it again now. The video marketing that has been put together by the marketers of this program is simply too good to be true and very misleading. Sure, the video introduces you to the Fast Cash business itself and makes promises like most online businesses do. True, they try to sell you the idea of an advanced and better lifestyle that you can get from home and true again, they make it sound so easy, but what they do not do in the video is tell you how the gig works in the first place or how they expect you to make the money. In short, they tell you everything you want to hear and nothing you need to know about the program. In the words of one of their actors, they would not want to bore you with the details.

Hello! The whole idea should be in the details. The details are what we need and not what you should hide from us till we sign up and get into a program that would become hard to leave. We expect that we get shown every hand they have got to deal us before we sit at their poker table of money. Thumbs down here.

Unprofessional website design

Nothing screams executive and legit about a business better than the way its website is designed. A well-organized company should have a well-defined, structured and organized website and one that would surely leave a lasting impact on visitors. From a lot of sources and not just us, you would know that it is not a mere hearsay or word of mouth.

The website has a lot of misplaced tools and the widgets are not organized at all, floating all over the place. The website does not also give you the chance to open communications with support so should you have any questions, you will end up being stranded. There is surely nothing that is more frustrating than hitting a roadblock and not being able to contact the only people that can get you out of it. Another thumb down.

Hidden software algorithm

Most of the online business out there that trade in binary options would give you a hint into how their program and software operates, sharing an insight into the algorithm but Fast Cash doesn’t do this. We are not asking them to give up their trade secrets and what makes them special, far from it, but just a sneak peek into what it is they plan to help us use to gain that money they promised. The video already doesn’t help much when it comes to info on the business so that is not even a reference point and the website offers no pointers either. This is not transparent enough and has all the indications of a hidden scam to rip people off of their money somewhere along the line. The software even offers traders that do not have the time or enough experience in binary trading the option to use an automatic software (or a robot) to trade but without the method behind the robot’s activities being known, I for one would have a hard time trusting a system such as this.

Signup Fee

While legit businesses have used a sign-up fee in the past and have kept true to their promise of helping people to escape financial slavery, it is no news that a lot of scam websites are the advocates for the “membership is free” club after which they ask you to pay a certain amount of money upon signup to access the full services of the website. For Fast Cash business, after your initial deposit, they leave you alone to make all the decisions on your own

fast cash b


The Fast Cash Business has wronged a lot of investors, their business model is binary trading even though they did not clearly state in the presentation, and you know that binary system has over the years brought misery to a lot of people.

Like I keep saying, anything binary trading is completely a game-a gamble at best.Unless you are ready to play the game, stay far away from fast cash biz, because it will do you more harm than good.

There is only one model of business I do recommend to anyone interested in having a business on the internet, that model is what I have used to build an income generating business online. You can read about the platform I used in building my online business here



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