Is The Instant Reward Network a Scam-Here Is Some Juicy Details You Probably Don’t Know

The truth is that a lot of people have come across the Instant Rewards Network put and would love to know whether or not this set up is legit or otherwise. Basically, what instant rewards network does is offer you the same kind of services you can get while working as an affiliate and a little notch better. Unlike the usual pay per click advertising that most of these affiliates network use, you get paid on a CPA basis by Instant reward network (IRN). Let’s get into the basics of working with IRN to determine how much of a legit institution this online business is


Program name: Instant Rewards Net


Price: $0-$1

Overall Rating: 60/100




What Is Instant Rewards Network About

IRN is simply a body that gives you the chance to work with various fortune 500 companies in trying out their offers while getting paid for these offers. Now, in the sense of IRN, work doesn’t refer to you having a job with them and marketers who advertise their referral links based on the fact that you can have a “job” that pays certain amount are just over-flogging it. You do not work for IRN but simply try out fortune 500 companies’ offers to get paid.

IRN offers you a chance to make residual income also by inviting others with a referral link on which you would make money on every offers that your referrals complete, up to as much as two levels deep. This means that you can make money in your past time when your referrals or their own level ozone referrals make money on offers completed. Now that we have gotten this out of the way, how can you make money on IRN?

Making money on the platform can come in two ways which you can either embrace independently or focus on as a whole. The two ways are

  • Making Referrals

After signing up for Instant Rewards Network, you would be given your own link to start inviting people and also get tutorials on how you can market and promote your link with the best means always being the aggressive use of social media. Referrals puts you in a prime position to earn at least $20 per person you referred and that is bound to go up with the kind of plan they have subscribed to and a number of offers they have completed. According to IRN, they have made it easy enough for you to make money with their referral program because they give you a ready website with a link to give your family and friends, give you the platform for banner creation and even, a ready-made message that you could just go on to copy and paste into the jobs section of classifieds websites. They have really made it “easy”, haven’t they?

The pro with this kind of approach is that,it really helps you to get set up fast enough to start making money and you even get to promote yourself first over the brand.

The cons are however numerous. You could end up getting banned from classifieds if they have noticed that you post a link such as that too frequently and even under a section such as jobs (of which IRN is not). Also, you risk stepping on toes of family and friends with aggressive marketing on Facebook, email and any other social platform that you might use for your marketing and come off as annoying and spam. Not to mention is that the generation of a ready-made message that just requires you to copy and paste would lead to a flood of the same content everywhere on the internet, leaving people that stumble upon it and think of it as spam. The cons here surely outweigh the pros at least 3 to 1.

  • Completing Offers

This is a more hands-on approach than the referral program and you would have to look for and complete those offers yourself. For every offer completed, you earn points which can be translated to either of money or gift cards. Making money through this method is a numbers game at best because most offers do not pay much and you would have to complete a lot before reaching a suitable money benchmark.

Not all offers on the ground are free. Some offers are paid outright while the free trial offers just stay so for a few days. If you fail to cancel as at when due, you will end up getting charged. The downside of cancellation is that if you cancel too early also, you still end up losing money so this requires you to know what you’re are doing a little too well.

Doing the dirty job yourself surely comes with its own pros and cons too. You get to choose the hours for work and you get to pick as many offers as you can work with, controlling your own earnings unlike in the referral program. The major downside is that completing each trial takes more off you than it gives. Earning a huge number of points for a completed offer would feel like a big deal till you make the calculations of how much that translates to and how much it is you are making on an hourly basis. It is simply too much time of yours being wasted on something that doesn’t pay all that much.

Also, your subscriptions could be a headache for you. Since your credit card information would be required on sign up, the money on that card is at the mercy of IRN should you fail to cancel any subscription on time and you would end up racking up monthly bills, losing your money.


Now that we have gone through the two basic ways you can work for IRN and actually make money, the total pros and cons of the business can be summarized as


  • Easy to use interface and platform
  • Fast set-up with a website and referral link
  • Fair returns on referrals
  • It is not an MLM program
  • Sign up is free
  • Free capture pages for your account



  • Credit card info required for sign up
  • Time – money conversion rate doesn’t worth it
  • Aggressive referral might lose you more than just a few friends
  • Monthly billing costs accumulated on subscriptions
  • Some IRN recommended marketing methods do not work as well as they are projected
  • You probably won’t even make enough with this program.
  • Most of the CPA offers to be completed are not even appealing, to begin with (e.g. book clubs, credit report companies etc.)
  • The program and ads are generic and this makes it hard for new users to create a unique brand and stand out.
  • The business model IRN is based upon is largely unsuitable.


Verdict and Conclusion

While it can be established from the above that the Internet Rewards Network is not a scam, it, however, does not pass the thin line with just more than a few steps. They are much more interested in the money that they would make off you and how much traffic you can drive to them than they are interested in giving you the quality training, mentorship and coaching required. While we would not advise you against IRN, you should know that the platform does not guarantee you of making as much money as projected.


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