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Whether it is Jeunesse or Jeunesse Global, what is important is having a thorough understanding of this program to enable you make better informed decision. This review will serve as an invaluable guide if you are looking at joining the program. That’s why you need to read this till the very end because the review is different from what you can get on just any website. The need to generate income online has continued to increase and scammers are taking advantage of trader’s vulnerability to make them part with their hard earned cash. It is therefore important to be armed with the right information to avoid being a victim.

What is Jeunesse about


Program Name: Jeunesse Global


Price: $29.95 + $250 and many other products

Overall rating: 42/100



What Is The Jeunesse

The Jeunesse or Jeunesse global is ahealth, beauty and nutrition company founded in 2009. The company adopts multi-level marketing approach to deliver its business.Randy Ray & Wendy Lewis are the owners of this MLM Company which claim it was out with cutting edge network marketing strategies different from the traditional and old methods of marketing. Is this claim true? Or is Jeunesse another conventional network marketing company? Well, you shall found out in the course of this review.


What comes to your mind when you hear multi-level marketing? A pyramid or a ponzi scheme?Perhaps you don’t have an in-depth knowledge of MLM, look no further as I do justice to this in a jiffy.


Multi-level marketing is a marketing strategy used by companies, whereby salespersons are rewarded for their own sales and sales made by people they recruited into the salesforce. Using this method, MLM encourages existing salespersons to recruit more distributors. Let’s take a look at Jeunesse products


Jeunesse Products Line

Jeunesse global deals with physical products. Its products are in the health, nutrition and skin care line. Of these products, Luminesce, a skin care product, is what Jeunesse is popular for.  The company claims Luminesce purifies the skin, reduces wrinkle, and protect your skin from harmful rays during the day. Summarily, Luminesce is anti-ageing product.


For you to achieve the full benefits of Luminesce however, you need to buy a full range of products and follow the laid down steps. The costs of these products are heavy on the pocket. Shelling out about $1000 every quarter to look young, to me is a fortune. The high price might be a major setback to its marketing.According to the company, Luminesce is the best skin care product in the world. No company will claim otherwise after all. Asides from locally available home remedies to a glowing skin, youth and vigor is what I believe comes from within.


Jeunesse Business Line

While Jeunesse claims it is bringing an innovation to multi-level marketing, the truth is that I do not found anything unconventional about this company. You still have to recruit people into the network like every other network marketing companies. You still have to convince family and friends why they need to join Jeunesse through you and you have to  do aggressive product marketing as well.


In fact, there are multi-level marketing companies out there that offer much more benefits than Jeunesse. Let’s delve into this in detail as we look at how the business aspect works.


For you to join their business line, an upfront mandatory fee is paid by you. In addition, you are strongly encouraged to buy a signup package. This is justa way of telling you that if you don’t buy this signup package, you can’t benefit from the compensation plan.You also are strongly encouraged to signup for a monthly auto-ship.


100 Personal Volume (PV) points must be accumulated by you within a month in order to be active and qualify team commissions. In addition, you have to personally enroll two distributors and these two distributors must each accumulate 100 PV points within one month. To me, that’s a tough target. I might be able to achieve 100 PV within a month, but what about the people I enrolled personally? What if they just lose interest in the whole networking affair? You also recruit others to go through the whole cycle.


Like I posited earlier, Jeunesse products are highly overpriced. This is one problem characteristics of manymulti-level marketing companies. With MLM companies hyping their products’ efficacy, attempt is often made to shift consumers’ attention away from the price to the quality of the product.


The compensation plan

You do not earn commission when you sponsor new distributors; you are only paid when the distributors you sponsor make sales. While you can sell directly to the public, the compensation from this is miserly, compared to what you make recruiting others into the business.


The compensation plan reveals that those selling products to preferred customers earn very little compared to those recruiting others into the business. This can be likened to a pyramid scheme which places premium on the number of people you bring into the business. Although not all multi-level marketing plans are pyramidal in nature, they, however, do overlap. If the bulk of the commission you make is from the product sales to customers, it might be a real MLM business. However, if an MLM company’s compensation structure emphasizes the number of persons recruited by you and the sales you make to them, then it is a pyramid scheme, it is illegal.


Let’s take a deeper look at one of the Jeunesse compensation video. It reveals you can sponsor two people for the business but does not tell you that recruiting these two persons does not make you recover your investment. To earn just $35 for instance, you need to get a total of 900 CV. CV means commissionable volume. Getting 900CV is not a walk in the park. Earning 200 CV requires someone parting with nothing less than $300 every month on autoshipped products. It therefore means that you need to get people to spend about $1500 monthly to earn $35. This is not even enough for payment to earn commissions.


The presentation says you can replicate this $35 commission more than 700 times weekly, but consider how difficult the process ofturning in $35 a first time and judge how easy it is to do that over 700 times in a week. The presentation gives testimonies of people achieving this feat, but it fails to remind you that this category of people started out early. Anyone starting out late as a distributor for a multi-level marketing company will only be “making” money for those at the top. These top guys are often few, sometimes, just the founders of the company.


Refund policy

Although there is a 30-day refund policy with Jeunesse, getting this is like making a camel pass through the eye of a needle. There are several hurdles to cross. You have to make several phone calls and do what seems like waiting for eternity for a favorable response. As if that is not enough, the refund policy does not include shipping charges. This alone could cost a fortune depending on your entry level.



Jeunesse is just another multi-level marketing that understands psychology of sales as well as how people behave. The company stresses what can be achieved while being silent on what the real system is. Throwing a barrage of overpriced health products at you gives an impression that you are being provided with a real income stream.


However, you are left to work your butt tirelessly in not just selling these products but recruiting more people to work for a minute group of top earners. In the end, you find out that it is not different from trying to recoup the investment of the top guys for them.


The questionis whether Jeunesse’s Luminisce is effective to sell itself. When the efficacy of a product is such that it could market itself, then greater percentage of your work is done. It becomes easier to convince people to buy or join the business aspect.

The reviews I’ve garnered from verified purchases revealed that the product has no extra-extraordinary anti-ageing effect compared to similar products in the market.


The Jeunesse to me is a pyramid structure with products introduced to make it appear like a legitimate multi-level marketing company.


My verdict

Jeunesse is one of the most difficult business opportunity to succeed in if at all you do.  According to the Jeunesse video, you won’t make money until you recruit people into the program.


While the physical product involved in this MLM makes it look like it isn’t a scam, a thorough assessment of the network marketing plan proves otherwise. It is a borderline between a pyramid schemeand an MLM.


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