Is The Millionaire Society a Scam

So you must have heard of the millionaire society and thought that “hey, if regular Joe could make it so big in binary options trading, so can I” and then opted to go for this particular one. You might have even ended up here in a bid to do some additional research before entering into the agreement. Well, you couldn’t have chosen the best place to be to get the best information you need.


Product Name:  The millionaire Society

Product Owner : Brad Marshall

Price : Free -You need $250 + to get started.

Overall Rating: 10/100

Final Verdict :Scam!



This Program is nothing but cheap Scam from Brad Marshall, one of the few people that have a reputation for scams in the industry.My advice is,stay far way from this program!


Inside The Millionaire Society

While it is always very good that some multi-millionaire guy somewhere looks to have made enough that he wants to help us all out by building an app which would equally turn us into millionaires with a marginal effort compared to his, this also smells like a story too good to be true in the first place. Most times, projects like these are just the brainchild of internet marketers who are looking to make a quick buck and leave the business. That’s enough beating about the bush for one day. So, given the millionaire society, are you about to put your money into the mouth of a scam fish or not? Check what we have seen about the program below and that should be enough information for you to base your decision on.

False Advertising

Doesn’t it just unnerve you when someone advertises something in a way and then fail to deliver in the exact way of advertising? Or is it just a coincidence that many marketers and marketing pitches conveniently fail to remember some important points in their campaign just to lure people in first? We ask because that is the same issue you will face with the Millionaire Society. The binary options and trading platform is advertised to you for a free membership fee but believe this, there isn’t no way you are doing anything on there for free.

As soon as you open your own account, you would be asked to fund the account with a minimum of $250. This amount, it is said, would be your way of trading in the binary options market to start making your own millions too. In the end of it all, you would have ended up losing the initial $250 you invested. Now, 250 bucks is surely a lot of money and no one would blame you if you tried to get your money back by investing yet another $250, but then the cycle just keeps going on and you keep enriching the pockets of the back-end people. The picture is now becoming bigger, isn’t it?

It doesn’t end here. After investing, you could get a call from someone affiliated with the millionaire society, informing you of a great package on the ground that offers a lot of bonus if you invest more in it and here, ‘more’ can be as much as $10,000. At the time, it would serve as a great offer as (from testimonies) they would offer you a bonus package of $5000, but easy money isn’t even that easy. A lot of people have lost their money this way and there is even a story on the internet of someone who had to part with their $25,000 retirement funds.

Fake Testimonials

If you have been seeing a lot of testimonials, you would by now be able to tell the real ones and the lies. The Millionaire society has a lot of testimonials out there – both written and in video – and while some may have some element of truth (that we are yet to see, maybe), a majority of it is just a blatant lie and another marketing strategy to knock your hard earned money off your hand. The most common testimonials of the program show people who claim to be millionaires of this program and one “Brad Marshall” who, according to them, has been set free financially just by participating.

How do we know those testimonials are fake? There are a lot of freelance websites that offer diverse freelance services for a fee. Fiverr, for example, has freelancers that would do a very great testimonial video for you for as low as $5 and watching the videos, you can easily recognize their faces from their Fiverr profiles. Now, if you were really making millions from the program, why would you still need to make fake $5 videos?

Misleading Video Tutorials and Web Content

One other way that the millionaire society gets into your head and stays there for a long time is their idea of offering you free video tutorials that would, in their own words, bring you a seven figure sum in no time. Their video tutorials are free, no doubt, but hugely misleading, to say the least. It is also the least educative tutorial you can watch on anything as they teach you all except how to do what you came for – make money through them. There is also a video that was perfectly designed to entrap you where the marketer shows you a snapshot of their Clickbank account. Before you get all excited and hyped up, remember that a lot of websites have used this strategy in the past too and it would not be so hard to have gotten a Clickbank account detail fabricated just for your eyes and mind to feed on. With them, transparency is a problem.

Their web content is also outdated. Be it intentional or not, most of their posts that claim to teach you how to make best use of the platform would leave out information that could be crucial and beneficial to investors. Well, you shouldn’t be so surprised about that. They probably don’t want you to make anything while they make it all.

Replicated websites

When you sign up to trade binary options with the millionaire society, they quickly give you a link to a website which they claim will help you better market the topmost three of Clickbank’s products (guess it – they are number one on that list). What you don’t know is that they are not giving you a personal or exclusive website but a replica of what they are giving to every other person likewise. This means that in the long run, you would be promoting millionaire society far more than you would be doing yourself and in the tithe end, might end up with nothing. A painful reality to wake up to.

Too Many Cons

To run a legitimate business, you have to be prepared to show the quality of your service and your own assurance that it is top notch by offering your investors pros such as money back guarantee but once your money goes into the millionaire society, it is never coming out. Should you try a product and not like it or enter a program that is not worth it, there is no usual “get your money back before a certain number of days” plan and that is just it. Another con of the website is that there are exaggerated fees on content, what with the tutorial package which mostly consists of old content being sold at the rate of $97 per month on subscription. You came in here to make money and not lose, why charge that much then for packages that you could easily exhaust in a week of busy activities? Not to mention is the exaggerated earnings they promise you which starts from the time Brad Marshall would inform you of how he made $18,000 in a matter of minutes. We are not saying that binary options aren’t lucrative, but they are at best a gamble and not everyone can make that kind of fast money, in every few minutes too.


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equally the best thing for you. You would end up losing your money and enriching the pocket of some behind the scenes investors who really care less about you, but more about themselves. Even your stockbroker does not care that much about you.

Best advice is to Create a real business online that will generate income for you with out spending a fortune on some apps or binary.




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