Is The Power Lead System a Scam


Are you searching for how to make money online and you came across the Power Lead System? And you decided to search for a review of the program? I must tell you that you have taken the best step. One importance of doing research is to distinguish what is genuine from a scam. Taking few moments to read this review will save you a lot of resources including time and money. It will also help you keep your sanity. Before you jump into the Power Lead System Program, read and digest this honest review as it will help you make an informed decision.

Is the power lead system a scam


Program Name:  Power Lead System

Price: $30 a month membership fee + $24 per month for an affiliate account.

Owners: Neil Guess and Michael Price

Overall rating: 39/100




What is the Power Lead System About

The Power Lead System (PLS) is a program which claims it offers “business in a box.” According to the PLS, it gives the tools needed for a lead generation while you are also earning money through recruiting others into the system. Before you make a hasty conclusion about how easy that sounds, read on. With the Power Lead System, you earn money from recruiting people and from the products sold by your recruits.


That is not new, but does it work? The Power Lead System is another multi-level marketing program designed to make the founders richer while the “downlines” lose their money. The system encourages you to recruit more persons with the idea of earning more money. This is a typical multi-level marketing structure disguised as an affiliate program.


Power Lead System Products

Power Lead System says it offers marketing tools which are powerful, for your business. These tools are, however, not owned by PLS. They are digital products which can be found online with good research. The only difference is that these tools have been packaged in one place for easy accessibility, thereby saving time spent in trying to find these products. The products offered when you become a member are:


  • Capture pages
  • Auto Responder
  • Sales Pages including video sales pages
  • Custom google hangs out pages
  • Video Training
  • E- postcards
  • Ability to see who is assessing your links and opening your emails


Let me add that the Power Lead System does not offer training. If your desire is to get trained on affiliate marketing, then look elsewhere for that education.


The Power Lead System Pricing

The Power Lead System has undergone different price review since it was first launched in 2013. These are the recent pricing:

Membership fee ($30 per month)

It costs $30 a month to be a member of the PLS. This membership fee only gives you access to the marketing tools without you earning commissions from an affiliate. In essence, you are paying for tools which are not trademarks of the Power Lead System.


The affiliate membership and subscription fee

To become an affiliate member, you pay $24 monthly. Without this monthly fee, you won’t be able to market the Power Lead System Program. This invariably means you won’t be able to get commissions. At this point, I must let you know that the best affiliate marketing systems do not require you to pay money to market their products. Paying for affiliate membership is a bad way to start out in affiliate marketing and a system which promotes such should be questioned. Only multi-level marketing, pyramid, and Ponzi schemes operate on that kind of level.


Does PLS qualify as a pyramid scheme

Honestly, I will say yes. This is because the Power Lead System is particular about you recruiting more people into the program. In fact, if you only joined without recruiting people, you won’t earn money. When you have to recruit people to earn commissions, then it’s no longer affiliate program, it’s a pyramid scheme.


Pyramid scheme places emphasis on the number of people you are able to bring into the system while being silent on the goods you sell to people. What more? The Power Lead System “does not” have a product you can sell to the public without having to recruit people. The issue with most of these multi-level marketing companies is that they design a pyramid scheme from scratch while only coating it with products to make it look like a real multi-level marketing scheme.

Power Lead System Compensation Plan

Let’s take a look at the Power Lead System Compensation Plan. The PLS offers a 100% commission matching compensation plan. In simple terms, this is the commission you get for every other person recruited by you.

what is the power lead system about


For every member you bring into the system, you earn $30. While this might look awesome, remember you have to pay a $24 monthly fee to qualify for this compensation. It, therefore, means you get just $6 if you recruit someone in a month and if you are unlucky to get anyone to sign up for a particular month, you lose $24 while the founders keep getting richer. This to me is no different from a pyramid scheme.


The Pros of the Power Lead System

Like I promise at the beginning that this is going to be an unbiased review, I won’t hesitate to mention the few good things about the Power Lead System. They are:


  • 7 days free trial.
  • How to customize your own Sales Funnels
  • Live Weekly Webinars
  • The built-in auto responder is beneficial.


The cons of the Power Lead System

I will say the cons of the power lead system far outweigh its pros.

  • There are too many upsells

Becoming a member with $30 is not all it takes to start earning money. There are many upsells in the member area that you need to pay for you make meaning out of this program.

  • Payment to become an affiliate

To become an affiliate, you have to pay, this is after the $30 membership payment. You pay to join the program and also pay to market the Power Lead System Tools. A genuine affiliate program is supposed to be free to join.


  • The tools are expensive

The tools offered by the PLS are too expensive. The tools are not in anyway unique and can be readily gotten online.


  • Collection of credit card details

The Power Lead System collects your credit card details while submitting your details for the 7 days free trial. The idea is simple, to deduct your money should you forget to cancel your free membership after the expiration of the 7-day trial.


  • No refund policy

While you can decide to cancel your account at any time you deemed fit, there are, however, no refunds.


  • It does not reward hard work

The fact that the 50% of the total sales made by me goes to the person that refers me is discouraging. It means while I continued to work hard for sales with the person that referred me getting a chunk of the money, I won’t earn any bonus if my referrals do not work.



what is the power lead system about

The Power Lead System is not different from most program on the internet that preys on the innocence of those seeking to start earning a legitimate income from home. With the Power Lead System, you won’t make money because people won’t stay around for so long to market nonexistent products.


The PLS tried as much as possible not to appear as an illegal pyramid scheme by introducing some tools which anyone can get elsewhere, but its compensation plan gave it up. It keeps sending a message, recruit, recruit and recruit more people to make any meaningful income. You would spend hundreds of dollars without getting anything in return. You will just keep making money for the top guys while you are promoting their products simultaneously.


In addition, a new marketer to internet business would not benefit from the tools offered by the Power Lead System without proper training, which PLS does not provide.


My verdict

Is the Power Lead System A Scam? Maybe. But I can categorically say that it is a bait system towards a pyramid scheme. I therefore strongly recommend that you stay away from it if you do not want to get burnt. The hype might make it look like you will keep making money without lifting your fingers, the reality is that only the creators of this program will keep earning from it.


If you are not a multi-level marketer or if you are looking to start making money online, stay away from the Power Lead System.

The best and surest way to make money online that I know of is to have a business  built by yourself, that will generate money for you on a consistence basis.

If you are looking to have your own online business that will allow you to work from home and yet earns money continuously, then you may want to spare 30 minutes of your time daily in the next 7 days to part take in this free 7 days online business training course.





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