Is The Quick Cash System a Scam


This is a review on the Quick Cash System. I’m going to take you by the hand and show you why this system is nothing but a scam. The internet is now awash with so many get rich quick schemes. Online scammers are now adopting different enticing techniques to rip people of their money. There is therefore the need to take extra caution in hopping to any “make money online” scheme.


The Quick Cash System claims that you will quit your job within 24 hours and become a millionaire in just 3 months, 10 days. Sounds too good to be real? Well, let’s see reasons you should flee from this system.

Is the quick cash system a scam

Product Name: Quick Cash System

Price: $250 minimum

Owner: Sarah Markel

Overall Rating: 25/100

What Is The Quick Cash System

The Quick Cash System is a binary system which claims it’s capable of turning a profit of 90% for its traders. Impressive, isn’t it? The question that readily comes to mind is if this is another of those bogus claims by binary systems. Is the Quick Cash System any of these scams? The answer is yes! This system laid claims to unrealistic profit within a short period of time, as little as 100 days.


Sarah Markel, the acclaimed brain behind this binary system claimed to have raked in millions of dollars using the software she is now offering for free.


The Quick Cash System Video

Let’s take a look at the Quick Cash System video. I must commend the brains behind this video for a job well done in packaging a scam as a legitimate tool. At least, that’s my impression when I first watched the video. In marketing the “software”, a high definition video showing a nice car, a big house and kids running into the house while mum talks to the viewers (us), was used. This gives an enticing picture of what you can achieve with the system.


The introduction was striking. The woman acting as the mum starts by saying, “They say behind every successful man, there is a woman. Hi, I’m Sarah Markel and I believe you just found that woman, because I am about to stand behind you, yes you, and guide you until every last one of you is making the kind of money you want to make and a lot more.”


Truth be told, this is different from the conventional style of promoting binary systems. Sarah continued by saying that she is going to be tied to her computer for the next 90 days until everyone that joined the system is making enough money that allows them to quit their job in just 24 hrs and become a millionaire 100 days thereafter. According to her, nothing is stopping her from helping you achieve these goals. Should we believe her?


A deeper look at the video, however, gave Sarah up. The inconsistency can be seen upon thorough analysis. The woman who played the role of mum in the video is said to be a known actress who had played a similar role in several other promotional videos. This means the video is just an act, far from being real.


Besides, using a “hot” woman in promoting the Quick Cash System is an attempt at getting at a group of people, the men. It reinforces the saying that sex sells almost anything. Men should not be fooled and misled by a milf trying to swindle them with her body. Don’t be swept off your feet by a big house, a fancy car and big boobs! Claimed that this binary system will make you quit your regular job within 24 hours is a risk you should not take.


The Bank Statement?

Head over to and you will get a well-fabricated bank statement which looks so real and original. Anyone can get his or her name imprinted on a million dollar bank statement to deceive the public. Testimonials can also be bought easily from Fiverr. It takes $5 to get these.


The Quick Cash System Site

In going through the Quick Cash System website, some discrepancies that cannot be overlooked were discovered. These are strong reasons this binary system is screaming SCAM.


  1. The phone number of Sarah Markel begins with +44, a United Kingdom Prefix, but Sarah claims she resides in Oregon, USA.


  1. The email address is a Gmail

No serious and trustworthy binary system that has the fund to invest in promotional video and a website will make use of a Gmail account. A professional email address can be created with the domain name. This shows the level of seriousness of the Quick Cash System.


  1. Front page design

The design of the front page reveals that it is tailored towards you giving your email before leaving the page. It consists of the video and a sign-up box which when hovered upon keeps telling you not to leave. A further action on the website shows why the Quick Cash System is a scam. In attempting to sign up to explore the website, it redirects to a 404 error page on Titan’s Trade website, the site of the recommended broker. This means that there is actually no software behind the whole stuff. It is just a sign-up page of an affiliate which probably does not exist anymore, hence the error.


What better way is there to be convinced that the Quick Cash System is not legitimate? Even after login with the details sent to my inbox, it does not link to any software at all, just a basic page probably created with WordPress. The scam bell is ringing louder now.


How Does The Quick Cash System Work

For you to trade on this system, you need to make a $250 dollar deposit into your binary broker account for trading through recommended brokers. The Quick Cash System has two options to make use of:


  1. Autopilot selection
  2. Manual trading


  • Autopilot Selection

Because the sign-up process does not really link to the software, your money sits in the broker’s account and you are unable to make withdrawal until you trade it some amount of times. You end up not making any trading until your money runs out.


  • Manual Trading

As for the manual trading, you lose your money if you don’t know your onions in binary trading.


The Truth About The Quick Cash System

While most binary options systems rarely work, the Quick Cash System is even laying more credence to this. While Sarah Markel claims that this system will make you a millionaire in 100 days, the truth is, this is a well-packaged scam meant to make the creators of the system earn huge commissions when you make payment into an online account by signing up with their recommended brokers. These recommended brokers in turn make away with the fund you deposited into these online accounts.In simpler terms, the Quick Cash System is out to exploit the vulnerability of traders who want to profit from binary trades.


These brokers might have even launch this website with the aim of getting more traders to deposit their hard earned money into their account. Brokers now put up their own fake systems and pay affiliates to market them. Because these affiliates want to make their own huge commissions, they hype the system in order to get you to sign up with the recommended broker.


If the Quick Cash System actually works, Sarah should have shown proof of trading and not just bank statement.



The Quick Cash System is a scam that you should run from. The system is out to make you part with your money without profiting from it. Traders who have opted into the Quick Cash System have made complaints of losing their investment.


This binary system was well thought, planned, funded and executed. It was designed to make the brains behind it and the recommended brokers richer while you lose your money. So whether the Quick Cash System is a scam should not be up for a debate. It is simply a S C A M!


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  1. Owain

    Anything that has quick, fast, easy and cash in the name is always going to be a scam. These scams always pick on the vulnerable with the claims that you will get money fast.

    That’s for pointing out the ways of picking out a scam. What with her phone number and her email. That is very suss.

    I for one will never trust anything like this. To earn money you have to put the effort into it.

  2. Chris

    I have to be brutally honest here, but, if people fall for something that has the title of Quick Cash System they deserve to learn their lesson…the hard way!
    Binary Options, Forex and Stocks are a complicated game – I know, because I trade them daily.
    This system is utter garbage – markets don’t work on this sort of success rate!

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