1. Chris

    As soon as I got to your line covering the MLM business like structure my heart sunk – this is not an opportunity that any intelligent individual should take up!
    multi level marketing is a strange, strange game and really wonder why so many people get caught up in it? Why would you pay to earn online when there are millions of free options out there?

    • clems

      Hi Chris, Thanks for your comment.

      Like i did mention earlier, mavwealth is structured like MLM and yes, lots of folks are not fond of MLM opportunities for obvious reasons.However, a lot more people, intelligent people are neck deed into MLM and i tell you, they have nothing but good testimonies. It may interest you to know that, i got my first car through an MLM business, that is not to say i am endorsing it.

      I agree with Chris, there are a good number of great opportunities that requires little or no money to get started, with superior quality and of more value to those seeking to make money online, one of such programs is Wealthy Affiliate which is unbelievably free to get started.

  2. Hi Clemz,
    As you know, everything I recommend or not is from hands on, personal experience.I can tell you from personal experience that the whole reverse auction aspect is a sham. I have “won” over 20 auctions and never got credit for them. I have screen casts to prove, sent them in as evidence of “foul play” and got no response from “support” or my “sponsor”. AS far as pay out for earnings, that remains to be seen.

    • admin

      Hey friend, thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing your experience.
      I am sure my audience will benefits immensely from your experience.

    • Hi, sorry for the late reply, was a little overwhelmed with activities.
      My honest and harmless advice – stay far away from mavwealth and its promises.If you want to earn an income online, I suggest you look at my #1 recommended program, its not only free to get started but it would take you from the basics of making money online and let you build your online empire based on what interest you.
      I hope this help.
      Thanks for stoping by.

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