1. brian

    A nice right up Mr. Clems,

    Very few people are really sincere in business, what they really want Is to ripe u off and go there way.
    Due to the fact that people need to make end meet the mlm people tell them lots of wrong stories to induce them to join at the end of the day the person ends up losing money and time.

    The most important thing is for the mlm companies to tell the truth, teach people that wants to do the business and have an effective product.

  2. Hi, Brian,

    Thank you for visiting my site, and yes, I agree with you totally, there is a lot of wrong information out there concerning MLM, one need to be very careful about the activities of these MLM companies and their promoters.

  3. Mike

    It seems as though you have had a rough go at the MLM marketing techniques. I agree with you about it being in the same lines as a Pyramid Scheme. Its horrible that you may have lost friends due to spreading untruths that you believed to be true. Sorry for your lose. Keep spreading the word.

  4. Matilda

    Multi-level-marketing is the easiest way to lose friends and ruin your own reputation.

    Many years ago I had a friend who is basically a warm and generous person. Then one day she signed up to a multi-level-marketing program and began to promote the membership and products (I remember they were all sorts of perfume) to all her family members and friends.

    In the beginning, many bought one or two from her. But since that was her business, each time when she came to party or gathering, she would always carry a big bag with perfumes. Eventually nobody wanted to invite her to any occasion.

    • admin

      Hello Matilda,

      I agree with you totally, MLM is a sure quick way of losing friends, I experienced that firsthand. I remember my friends avoiding my calls for the fear of been sold some MLM stories, but all the same, it may interest you that, I got my first car through MLM opportunity and I remain grateful to them.

      Thank you so much for your comments.

  5. Norstad

    Hello there, nice blog about MLM. I have been to 3 MLM companies before and I could say that I didn’t really enjoy the experience of being a part of an those companies.

    I’m not saying that MLM companies are scams contradicting to what you are saying. I’m also agreeing the some MLM companies are legit but now all.

    The only thing that all these companies practice that I really despise is how they claim so much with their products but it doesn’t really deliver that much.

    I also feel disturbed that majority of the people in an MLM marketing is likely turning into a cult member rather than a marketer. There is a vast difference between a marketer and a cult member right?

    Nevertheless, MLM is okay but not really my type of companies.

    • admin


      Thank you for sharing your MLM experience with us, you are definitely not alone in this, a lot of us have had our hands burn at some point with MLM.

      There are so many companies out there scamming people in the name of MLM, sadly not many people are ready to expose the activities of these MLM and their cronies. once you are sign on, you are taught to obey the rules governing the MLM game, and that’s why I agree with those that consider it a CULT, that is what it is.

  6. JeffWA

    Hi Clem,
    A very thorough and educational article that you wrote concerning the factors behind MLM’s and why so many indeed are scams.

    My take on an MLM is that any setup, which resembles a pyramid in which you could earn money as a result of the efforts of people 3 – 12 levels below you, (SFI one such company that I reviewed on my site and to which a person could earn money coming from 12 levels beneath him/her) is an outright scam.

    For a fact, and not enforced enough, pyramid schemes in the U.S. are quite illegal. I did belong to an organization once, Liberty League which got eventually shut down by the Feds. Only a percentage of the people at the top level earned money – off of the work of those, (including myself) placed on the ground floor. I was long gone before this fraud company was shut down – unwilling to keep throwing money away on a venture where the stakes were against me from the very beginning. Only I did not see it at first.

    The fact as you mentioned that only the top 3% of people involved with an MLM make any serious money should be adequate proof that mankind after all is a greedy, selfish species. Human beings, so many of them being dishonest don’t think twice about taking advantage of others and the financial harm that they inflict on the innocent.

    A great article Clem, as really I know of no MLM setup that is based on true honesty and where everyone in the program has a chance to earn equal money.


    • admin

      Hi, Jeff.

      Thank you for sharing your MLM experience with us, let`s keep on exposing the scam in MLM.

      stay blessed!

  7. Chris

    Hi Clems,
    I just had a quick look over your page. I have to admit I have also fallen victim to the MLM Scam. The stories they tell are certainly very enticing, the reality is that most people don’t end up with success they are promised. You have put forward some very strong points of what to watch for, which is great for those in need of advise.

    I like how you have tied WA in to your blog as well. People have to understand that instances of “get rich quickly” are very few and far between. When you’re down on your luck or looking for a quick solution, it seems there are MLM opportunites coming out from everywhere. I’m gald that there are people like yourself out there educating people on what to watch for.


  8. Maria

    Great article – this is so well-written. I like that you pointed out why MLM’s are scammy. And you know maybe scam is a relative term, but generally any pursuit that is meant to just get more money out of people without providing real value – to me – is a scam. So I say scammy for sure. Also unfortunately the smartest most popular and friendly people get involved because they have that friend sphere but it’s virtually impossible for people who are more introverted or quiet to get much out of it and I’ve never known one person who stuck with an MLM program.

  9. Neil

    After being involved with several MLM companies both online and offline, I can definitely say that the MLM industry is a scam, period! RUN the other way!!

    The only people who truly succeed in MLM are the agrresive ones who develop their opportunity over many years and build massive teams of people.

    The unsuccessful end up out of pocket and give up because it takes far too long to make a good amount of money. MLM is depressing, and I constantly found myself under attack from others for being a “HUSTLER!” At the time I couldn’t see it, but now I see how I tried to rip people off and I made a lot of enemies from taking part in MLM.

    Never again will I be involved in Network Marketing. Affiliate Marketing is not only a BETTER way to earn money, but is LEGIT too. I urge everyone to build their own website and see their online business grow from work that actually pays off.


    • clems

      Hi there

      There is a lot of Scheming in the whole MLM setup, unfortunately, new recruits are not really told the entire truth. the picture that is been painted outside is that of a caring system set up to help people out of what ever their needs may be, while in reality, they don`t give a damn what your needs are, as long as you keep putting in more money into the system, they are Ok.

      Thank you for your comment.

  10. Jdoo

    I would have to agree with you. I tried to make Amway work (many years ago) and it was called “network marketing.”

    The REAL MLMs are not scams, but they are definitely not for me. I am no good at selling to my friends. What I really want to find is some kind of business with a similar model, where I don’t need to actually stock the products, but I can bring in business through E-Stores or something similar.

    From your experiences, have you seen anything with a similar principle that does not rely on making my social life all about “MLM?”

  11. Jovo

    Hi, I have read a few articles recently about mlm, so what I see in your text seems to be in agreement with what some other authors write. So all in all, your recommendation sounds reasonable to me, it is better to stay away from this sort of online marketing. I see that you suggest something different by giving some link, what is this about? Thank you.

    • clems

      Hi, Jovo.

      I suggested a program that teaches you how to build your own risk-free business without having to go look for peopleto join you before you start making money. it is a business opportunity that is completely at variance with MLM; you can check it out here ; free .

      Thank you very much for your comment.

  12. Nikos

    Although i have never been in the MLM business i do agree with you. It’s a real business model and some people can make money with it. But there are so many scams in this business and that makes it very difficult to find any legit companies.
    Also in my opinion the MLM business is outdated. There are many better ways to make online.

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