Online Wealth Markets Scam-How The Scam Works


Product name:  online Wealth Market


Price: $5 Trial membership(you then need minimum of $250 to start trading)

Owner: James Ulrich


Online wealth markets is an online binary trading software that many had raised   eyebrows for. Some “claim” it is legit while some say it is a pure scam. This debate isn’t just among Binary traders, it had really gotten to the extent that online reviews websites had joined the debate. This isn’t good for the beginner who haven’t got the experience of detecting a fake offer online. With regards to this, this article had been written, coined from a thorough research to make it open to you if Online Wealth Markets is scam or not.

Below are the reasons why  I think Online Wealth Markets is a scam you must avoid at all cost.


Multiple Websites

I want to use this as my first reason and I think it is a good one. Online Wealth Markets own multiple websites that are a bit different registered under the same name but with different extension. The main website is aside this two other sites had been discovered namely; and


To confirm this, check the websites or do a simple Google search. This is a big red flag for anyone with a logically reasoning. What would they need all these domain for? For those that would want to argue Google and other biggies online use multiples of this, I would want to clear one thing here. When this credible websites do this, it is purposely to redirect their customers who must have mistaken their domain to their website, they have only one website which all these domains are redirected to unlike Online Wealth Markets where these 3 different domain leads to separate websites.


To even make matters worse, these separate websites features slightly different thing though, all working together to lure people to give out their hard earned money. While the main website looks like what it portray itself to people (binary trading software), the remaining ones have phrases like work from home, get rich overnight online job, etc.


Now let me tell you why websites meant for scams are usually in their multiples, the reason is simply – if I don’t get you here, I sure will get you there. With this skimmy way of the so called binary trading company, it is so open that there’s something fishy which it unidentified developers want to achieve and for your own good. Try to avoid not only Online Wealth Markets but any other company with different identity.


Very important also is the design layout of this websites, they look much alike that other some other scam crap they created as websites.

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Attractive Sales page

Now this in it own isn’t bad, you need an attractive sales page to get customers to buy your product or subscribe to your service. Where the problem lies is when the sales page is full of deceptions and promises of heaven in your sitting room and all that. Let me tell you this, this guys are way to smart to allow you even the shortest time to think before you make decisions, that why their sales page gives you all the reason to just click the registration button. They don’t care what they use and that why they make promises that are so tempting to resist that would give you that taught of “let me just give it a test.” A test you say? That what they are after, getting your credit card details out for a test.

onlinewealthmarkets 3


Again, they have this old time marketing strategy that still work and would keep working. That the strategy of, “buy now, only few spaces are available” anytime I see this on websites, I mostly laugh pass them because one thing am sure of is even if I come back next few weeks, it would still be the same thing. Now tell me, if this is legit in the first place, would you come and see it without someone going for it before you? Ok, let say you’re the first to see it, what about seeing the same thing weeks later? What the explanation you have for it…… Scam! Now, they do this because they wouldn’t want you to think before you act since to you, it now competitive and you would want to grab the opportunity.


The thing about this sales page is it always comes with promises of earning really big and living you dream life all from working online without much stress. Now there’s something I had been told and sticking to it had really helped me avoid scams either online or offline, that’s “if it sound too good to be truth, it definitely not true.”


No Demo Account, Only Trial Membership

Isn’t this a flag off of scam on its own. Legit binary options would allow demo account so you can learn how to trade before you start using real money, this is to avoid losing your hard earned money until you’re ready to take the risk involved. This isn’t the case with Online Wealth Markets, they want you to type out your credit card details and pay for a trial membership for $5. You may think this is worth it for a try. It isn’t because that exactly is what they are after.


After you must have successfully been lured into doing this, you would discover it is as useless as a piece of crap in your backyard and you would be told that you should upgrade to the higher membership which is $250. This automatically makes it $255 now imagine using this amount to play around since you’re a newbie. You would definitely lose it learning the trade. Now, they would come up with high-end promises which usually promises you more than you lose. You would be tempted to invest again if not for anything but for the amount you had lost. This is how you keep losing until you’re fed-up. Did anything comes to your mind? Gambling right? That what it actually is.. The software does the predictions which normally goes wrong making you lose your money.


Now, many would think the one on one training they promise to give is what it seems. They even go as far as asking for your phone number after they already have your email, this would be used for spamming calls and texts.


Trying Hard To Show Affiliation To Well-Known Websites

On this website, you would see logos of well branded and popular companies on the Internet like Apple, Nike, Google, CoCola, Amazon and Facebook. This is done to add credibility to business. Try looking at the logos and you would notice they aren’t exactly the logos of these companies making it difficult to get sued to court for copyright infringement.

online wealth markets scams


To be sure of this, you and find out if Online Wealth Markets is affiliated to either of this brand it is showing it logo.


After much research into this, I had found our that Online Wealth Markets is just an affiliate marketer to Banc de binary and other recommended brokers of Online Wealth Markets. So anytime a user deposit money, it goes to those binary brokers which then pay them their commission. They make all the sweet promises just to earn by referring you, all the other coaching they promise to give is full of spams and other tempting offers.


Final Verdict

I would want to say, I go with the debate that Online Wealth Markets is a scam and feel the articles washing them off this allegation are “online wealth markets” driven articles posted to lure unsuspecting newbies into believing it is legit, This is why I would always advice you check multiple reviews before you reach your conclusion on what you believe online.


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