Questgpt Review

Welcome to my Questgpt review. Chances are that you have seen this site online and you want to know more about it, or maybe you have been approached by someone online to join Questgpt. It`s good you sought more information about this website before committing your time and resources.

Hold me by the hand as I take you through on what Questgpt is all about.


Program Overview:

Program Name: Questgpt.



Price: $0

Overall Rating: 50/100.



Questgpt was registered on 29/06/2016 and launched on 15/11/2016. The Domain name is set at Private and there is no much information as who owns it.

The main activities of Questgpt is pay To Click. It is a website that pays you to click and watch ads for few seconds.

According to the information on their website, Quest has 3 Essentials that distinguished it from other PTC programs.

  • Instant Payout
  • Ensure data security
  • Put extra features boosting members earning.


Questgpt is in the same mode like wad OjOoo.


How Is Money Made In Questgpt?

Like every other PTC sites out there, money can be made through various ways, like:

PTC– here you are paid certain amount to click and watch ads for a certain period, ranging from 5-60 seconds and you are paid based on the duration.

Referral Commissions-Questgpt pays you when you referral someone to the program and the person engages in any of the various activities on the platform, like clicking on ads, etc.

Other Activities – Questgpt also pays you when you take part in other activities available on the platform like completing offers, taking part in the surveys. Also, there is the Qustgrid games which gives you the opportunity to win up to $10, if successful.

Rev Sharing Packages – Another feature that enable one to earn money on Questgpt is their Revsharing package.


This is just simple, buy advertising package as from $5 and you will be qualify to share in revenue whether you click on ads daily or not, this is according to the information I got on their website.


Can You Really Make Money On Questgpt?

Well, the answer yes and no.

Yes, you can make money on Questgpt by under taking any of the task listed above. For example, each time you click on an advert, you are instantly paid, no story. How much you can make on Questgpt is a question for another day.

No, you cannot make money on questgpt just by registering and doing nothing, no clicking on ads, no referring friends and no completing offers or anything that would help you earn money.



From all indication, Questgpt seems to have separated from wad Ojooo. Everything looks and smells like Wad Ojooo- Same script, same payment methods; PayPal, perfect money, payza, and Payeer.

Also, the same method of validating clicks in Ojooo wad is what is adopted here at Questgpt.

It seems as if one or some of the leaders in wad Ojooo became disenchanted with things at Wad Ojooo and decided to go set up their own site seen how lucrative the business is.

I will not be surprise if the myriad of complaints from users trailing wad Ojooo soon began ton trail Questgpt.


Final Verdict.

Questgpt is not yet a scam, at least they are just starting out and I think they have every good chance of standing out tall above their peers and building some sort of reputation for themselves.

However, I somewhat have issues with PTC sites and Questgpt is no different.

  • The PTC programs are a complete waste of one’s precious time and energy. I have been involved in PTC programs in the paste and I barely made $2 in a month. The only people that make money from PTC Sites apart from the owners, are those that are good with referrals and those that come in with money to buy or rent referrals. Even so, the money most of them earn is less than minimum wage.

There are better ways of making money online, one of which I personally recommend – Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing allows you to earn money on Amazon, eBay and other Affiliate Programs promoting Other people`s product.

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I personally would not waste my precious time and resources pursuing something I know will not pay me much when I know I can gain much more, putting in almost the same number of hours doing another thing.


  1. Piyush Bhatt

    Questgpt may be a scam.because they declare withdraw on $5, but when I asked for withdraw they refused to give payment and put one condition to deposit $5 ,I could not understand why they need deposit.During correspondent ,they give a rude answer that ‘if you want to continue than deposit $5 ,or leave,we don’t care’
    On reading the answer from them I was shocked and I stopped working on the site.
    Questgpt is totally a SCAM and want to cheat the innocent people.

    • Thanks Friend for sharing your experience with my readers and I believe someone will benefit from your experience.
      my $5 is still hanging in there, lol.

  2. Ok.Everyone could make a scum site and work like this. But do we have some details from the owner of this site so they would be scared to make a scam site?

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