Questra World Review, Legit Or Scam – Pyramid and Ponzi Fraud in my Opinion!

Hey Friend, Welcome to my Questra World review. Chances are that you came across this and you are here to find out more about it before committing your money to it.That’s great because, in this article, I am going to take the lid off your eyes and review exactly how questra world operates and if it is a wise thing to invest in it.

Some friends approached me on social media and were pestering me about joining  Questra so I decided to go do some background digging to find out if it would be a good investment option as I am constantly on the lookout for great opportunities to share with my audience.

Stay glue here as I take you down questra world program review.

Program Overview.

Program name: Questra World


Owner: Unknown

Price: 90Euro Minimum

Rating: 45/100



A little digging could not establish or connect who run this scheme, although one Jose Manuel Gilbert is identified by the website as the CEO, no other information could be found about the management staff, nor further details of the person of Jose Manuel Gilbert could be found anywhere else.

Questra domain address was registered in June 2016, and all information about it set at private making it difficult to place the actual location of the owner and his/her address. This is a bit worrisome as a company that claims to have such reputation shouldn’t have information of this nature shrouded in secrecy.


An address, 28046 Madrid, Paseo de la Castellana 9, floor 3, office C is given as the company’s office address, although you will find out the place exists but same address which, by the way is a popular business area in Madrid housed many other businesses including  AirBnB website that is advertising a one bedroom apartment.


Another thing you might want to note is that, in September 2016, Belgium financial service and markets Authority had cautioned people against dealing with Questra Holding.

Questra Holdings

The Financial Services and Markets Authority (FSMA) warns the public against the activities of Questra Holdings, a company that seems to offer investments in Belgium without complying with Belgian financial legislation.

Questra Holdings is not an authorized investment firm or credit institution in Belgium. It is therefore not allowed to provide banking and/or investment services in or from Belgium.

Moreover, the system proposed by Questra Holdings has every appearance of being of a pyramidal type or at least of a Ponzi fraud. For more information, the FSMA refers to the general warning it publishes today on this type of fraud.

The FSMA thus advises against responding to any investments offered by Questra Holdings and against transferring money to any account number it might mention.

Also on the 17th/02/2017, UKs financial conduct Authority warned people against dealing with Questra as its activities are regarded as not been ‘Authorized’.

Now you see, a company offering investment opportunity with high ROI without any sort of regulation from any agency, also with almost everything about the company shrouded in mystery calls for caution.


Questra World/Holding Product Line.

What exactly is the product line of Questra world that makes them pay huge ROI to Its Affiliate?

A little digging does not review detail about Questra world product line as it looks as Affiliates would have to sell the program itself to earn.


Questra World Compensation Plan.

There is no doubting the fact that lots of people are attracted to Questra world for the huge compensation it promised its Affiliates.

Here is how the company intends compensating its Affiliates.

There are a total of Eleven investment packages for Affiliates or intending Affiliates to pick from and get paid ROI weekly, 4-7%

  • Standard Package90 to 999,999 EURO. Affiliates who invest in this package receive an average weekly ROI of 6% for 52 weeks and the ROI is not withdrawable until after 52 weeks.


  • White Package – This package sees Affiliates invest 90 EURO and earns an average weekly  4% as ROI.


  • Yellow Package – Affiliates invest 270 EURO and get paid an average weekly 4.2% as  ROI.


  • Green Package – Affiliates invest 810 EURO and get to earn weekly 4.6% ROI.



  • Blue Package – Affiliates invest 2430 EURO and get to earn  an average weekly 5%  as ROI


  • Red Package – Affiliates invest 7290 EURO and get to earn an average weekly  5.2% as ROI.


  • Black Package– Affiliates invest 21,870 EURO and get to earn an average weekly 6% as ROI.


  • Indigo Package – Affiliates invest 65,610 EUR and get to earn an average weekly 6.2% as  ROI.


  • VIP Package  – Affiliates invest 100,000 EURO and get to earn an average weekly 6.4% as  ROI.


  • VIP Gold Package – Affiliates invest 250,000 EURO and get to earn an average weekly 6.47% as ROI.


  • VIP Platinum  Package– Affiliates invest 500,000 EURO and get to earn an average weekly 6.47% as  ROI.


Questra World Affiliates Ranks.

Questra world has a number of pecking orders Affiliates are placed on and the mode of pecking. A Total of Eleven packing orders is identified within the platform.

  • Newcomer – when you just sign up and invest in a Questra World plan.


  • Bronze Agent – when you personally recruit affiliates who together invest at least 3000 EURO.


  • Silver Agent – when you personally recruit affiliates who together invest at least 25,000 EURO.


  • Gold Agent – A gold agent is when you personally recruit affiliates who together invest at least 50,000 EURO.


  • Platinum Agent – When you personally recruit affiliates who together invest at least 100,000 EURO.


  • Bronze Director – when you personally recruit affiliates who together invest at least 500,000 EURO.


  • Silver Director – when you personally recruit affiliates who together invest at least 1,000,000 EURO.


  • Gold Director – when you personally recruit affiliates who together invest at least 3,000,000 EURO.


  • Platinum Director –when you personally recruit affiliates who together invest at least 10,000,000 EURO.


  • Managing Director – when you personally recruit affiliates who together invest at least 30,000,000 EURO.


  • Super Director –when you personally recruit affiliates who together invest at least 100,000,000 EURO.


Referral Commissions.

Questra world pays out compensations for Affiliates who refer others to the program. This is where the MLM/Pyramidal scheme comes into play.

Compensation is paid based on one’s ranking/pecking as stated above.The Total Referal commission paid out stand at 15% meaning if someone on a lower pack recruits someone on a much higher pack, he/she gets to earn based on his/her current status while the remaining balance passed on to the nearest person on a higher rank untill the entire 15% is exhausted.

  • Newcomer – Earns  5% from directly recruited affiliates
  • Bronze Agent –  Earns 7%
  • Silver Agent – Earns 9%
  • Gold Agent – Earns  10.5%
  • Platinum Agent Earns – 12%
  • Bronze Director – Earns 13%
  • Silver Director – Earns 14%
  • Gold Director – Earn 14.5%
  • Platinum, Managing, and Super Directors –Earns  15%

All compensations are paid out using a Unilever Pyramid structure.

This  Pyramid structure goes on till infinity.

Each new affiliate is placed on top with three places opening under and have to be filled by his/her directly recruited Affiliates or Spillover from Affiliates ontop.



Questra world claim that the invested funds from Affiliates are used in trading Forex, IPO, Investment in real estate, etc.Sadly there is no details information anywhere on how funds are invested and profits made.

What is, however, clear from the research conducted by our team is that Questra world and Global Assets Management are among chains of many other sophisticated scam by Alexander Prochukhan (From Vinnitsa, Ukraine), alongside his cohorts and partner in Ponzi fraud Pestyuk Cheslav( From Minsk, Belarus).

Alexander Prochukhan

Alexander Prochukhan and his partners are globally recognized Scammers and in the time paste have promoted other Fraudulent  Programs like,,,, mmm,

Final Verdict On Questra World.

There are series of Warning from reputable agencies against the activities of Questra world, added to that is the fact that everything about the operations and claims of Questra world and its other Affiliates,Atlantic Global Assets Management sounds and smells Fraudulent.

  • The maturity rate for your funds is 52 weeks( complete one year) and that is long time enough for lots of waters to pass under the bridge, if you know what I mean.
  • All investment funds bellow 5000 EUR passes through any of their payment processors listed on the site, Perfect money,
  • All investment funds from 5000EUR and above must be deposited through a bank transfer to their Bank.

The Weekly ROI paid to investors comes right off from funds brought in by new investor and not as a business profit generated by Questra world. As always with this sort of program, the moment fresh funds dries up, the whole structure comes crumbling down with the unfortunate ones who come in late losing out big time.

Another angle is that, the admins might decide they have enough money and might  go on a spending spree, funding their expensive lifestyle and might close shop as they have done with other programs before now.

Attention Guys!

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  1. Ivan

    At the beginning of this year it was announced that Questra does not pay money and is a pyramid of Pavel Krymov. I tend to believe this, because I seen the similarity of Questra with its other pyramids long ago. The thief is still visible in style. Take at least a logo, he decorated the site Private FX a few years ago and it, as far as we know, has been scammed.

  2. Egor

    Questra is scam, there are enough evidences. Just surname of the Krymov, if it sounds somewhere, it becomes clear that this is another scam where people are deceived, stolen money, and of course all this continues with impunity in the new pyramids, because criminal at large, but must be in prison!

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