Reverse Commissions Review: Legit Or Scam?

Welcome to my reverse commissions review. There has  been a lot of buzz about this business  so I decided to dig deep to find out some quick information about them so as to serve my audience with the truth.

Chances are you have also heard about them and you are here to find out if reverse commissions is legit and worth investing your resources and time on it or its just one of the numerous schemes and scams littered all over the internet.

Program Overview:

Program Name: Reverse commissions.
Owner: Dale Payne-sizer.
Price: $25.
Overall Rating: 50/100

Background Information.

A little background check on Reverse commissions reviews that, it is founded by no other person but Dale Payne-Sizer, remember him? In case you don’t know who Dale Payne- Sizer is, He is a guy from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.
Dale Payne- Sizer is the same brain behind Infinity Profits System, the scheme that has been called out a number of times by different people. It seems though as He got tired of Infinity Profits System and decided he needed to feed people with a new scheme.
In the past, Dale Payne- Sizer promoted other programs like Four-Corner Alliance group which is a matrix based recruitment scheme, a social Network Revshare called TSU, etc.

What Is Reverse Commissions All About?

Reverse commissions is an Affiliate program designed in the shape of MLM, it has a 2up reverse compensation plan. What it means is that when you register with the reverse commission, you are going to pass up 2 of your first 4 referrals to your up line and the same thing goes for your referrals, they are going to be passing out 2 of their first four referrals to you, sound crazy huh? Yea, I think so.

What Is The Product Line Of Reverse Commissions?

Basically, there are four products packages in reverse commission. Each package comes with its product line. Here is the breakdown of the various levels and its product lines.

1. $25 Level.

This is the starter pack level and anyone coming in with $25 will have the following packages:
• Personal Branding A-Z. How to brand yourself.
• Attraction Marketing guide
• Blogging platform


2. $100 Level.

The second level in the reverse Commissions package comes with the following products lines:
• Business Automation
-How to run your business on a complete autopilot system.


3. $250 level.

Here are the products lines of level 4:
• Social media Domination.
• YouTube Marketing/ Google Plus Marketing/ Snap Chat Marketing/ Twitter Marketing/ Instagram Marketing.


4. $500 LEVEL.

In addition to products from other levels, you will also have access to the following product line:
• Run your own digital business.
• Professional done for you high converting sales page.
• You can sell your own products coaching.
This is what you get when you come in through any of the above levels.
Fantastic products I must say, especially to those coming into internet marketing as newbies. It`s a great way to start it off. The problem is all the products can be gotten free on the internet.


Reverse Commissions Compensation Plan.

Reverse Commissions Compensation plan Based on the information available now is simple.

It’s a 100% Commission based compensation plan which means you get to earn 100% of whatever your referral comes in with based on your level.

Here is how it looks like:

If you are on $25 level and you refer someone with $25, you get all the commissions.

But if you refer someone with $100, you get to earn $25, which is at your level and the difference  passes on to the next qualifier, in this case, the person on $100 level. The same thing applies to all other levels.the only way to earn on all without passing on Commission is to get enrolled on the $500 level. Where you get to keep all the commissions.

How many is made in Reverse Commissions?

there are  some four ways to earn money in reverse Commission

  • Direct referrals- you earn money when you refer someone directly through your link.
  • Through Passed up. This is Commissions passed up to you by your referrals. As stated  earlier, you get to pass up your 2nd and 4th referrals to your upline. So, if you are the upline here, you earn Commission from those passed up to you by your downlines.
  • You also earn money through Rolled up.This basically is the difference in commission when someone on a low-level pack passed up some of their commissions to you on a much higher level.
  • Upgrades. You also earn money when any of your downlines decide to upgrade to a higher level.


After going through the entire script, It seems though as Payne-Sizer is rinsing and repeating the infinity profits systems business model all over again with a different name and method but same mode.

Now here are some basic questions you need to ask yourself:

-Is reverse commissions teaching you how to make money online aside promoting the system itself?

Of course, you know the answer, NO. You only make money by promoting the reverse Commissions system opportunity.

There is a talk of a rotator filling in people under you but you know how these things work out, if you don’t go and work your butt out recruiting people, you aren’t going to make any money, no rotator is going to put people under you.

The garbage attached to each level as products is just a disguise to make it look as if they are selling products.

Final Verdict 

The who system in Reverse Commissions is to groom you into recruiting more people for the system and your recruits are also going to repeat the process- nothing less, nothing more.

Having lost a lot of money in the past on systems like this, I won’t touch reverse Commissions with a long rope.

What I recommend is a system that will teach you how to make money online without necessary having to recruit people. That is why I Recommend THIS

There is a system I use to build my online business without having to recruit people and that is the system I recommend, its Free to get started.


This program will teach you how to make money on Amazon, eBay, Walmart, ClickBank etc.

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