Scam Watch!


I have heard a lot of stories about internet scam, I have seen a lot of people who are scammed somehow, but I have always concluded it is only greed that will lead one into been scammed.

I held onto this erroneous belief and had always boasted of never ever going to fall for these con artist.
But just then:

“We are going to show you, in a simple way, step-by-step, the most authentic, easiest and proven way of constantly generating $3,000 on a weekly basis. This system is what many internet gurus don`t know about.

We are going to give out this treasured secret only to the first fifty people who are tired of been scammed, who are ready to dump the regular 9-5hrs job, students who are not ready to go hunt for a god forsaken white-color job that doesn`t exist, those who are retired but not tired, etc. for just $47:99 one-time payment, you will be handled the keys to everlasting wealth.



That`s that. I was sold. I went for my credit card, I can`t lose out on such great offer.
My friend thought I was going to lose money, I didn`t see it coming. I was tired of my Job. My boss was not helping matters either. I was going to be $9000 richer in 30 days, can you beat that!


Thousands of other people looking for genuin way of earning money working from home probably have been victims of scam one way or the other. Maybe, you have also been scammed in the past.

Thirty days had gone past and I hadn`t made a cent. I went back to the site and I discovered there was no contact email. I was SCAMMED! It was hard to believe, I have always been smart with my Credit Card.

My friend laughed at me. I felt silly, I was ashamed of myself. How could I ever believe these guys?


That was my first experience of how scam works. But I was not going to give up my dream of been an online entrepreneur, and so the search continued.

I was scammed on some few more occasions until I can across Wealthy Affiliate, in fact I was about been scammed one more time, this time around, I chose to review the product before buying into it, and that was when I read a comprehensive review about Wealthy Affiliate and since they allow a free account, I saw nothing wrong in trying in out. That was it, I wasn`t sold this time, I BOUGHT INTO IT.

Thousands of other people probably have been scammed at some point while looking for an online job to do. Maybe you have also fallen victim to these scammers. If you have never been scammed before now, then, congratulations, but if you have been scammed before, well, hard luck!

Scam Tactics

There are lots and lots of scam out there, ranging from the Nigerian email scam type, aka 419, to those selling inferior products and over-hyped programs, to fake dates, to the most sophisticated internet scams you can think of.

These scammers used many tactics in scamming unsuspecting members of the public, and most of them do it very well, taking advantage of people`s basic human traits, like fear, vanity, and to some extends, greed. We all have these traits, fear of losing money, fear of not having enough and the consequence of it will lead us into finding ways of making more money, and trying to make these monies through the less rigorous ways possible, through the shortest ways possible, and then, making it big in the shortest time possible. Most scammers are aware of this, and they take advantage of it very well.


You noticed that, in my experience, I was fascinated by the idea of making $3000 weekly, I didn’t bother to ask what I was going to be doing to earn such money. All that matters to me was making $3k every other week, I gave in to GREED.


How To Avoid Been Scammed.


It is very difficult to avoid been scammed. But a little knowledge of the language and background of how they operate will help us spot one when we see.
Generally, scammers will trick you with an offer that is so good, so irresistible especially to those that are not familiar with their tactics, often an offer that sounds too good to be true. Remember an adage,” if it is too good to be true, it probably is”.




1. Be careful with offers seeking you to pay for a service upfront, without a trial period, before gaining access to, it might just be scam. If the product or service is that great and the owner is confident it will serve the purpose, then, they should allow a trial period. Anything short of that, to me is a red flag.


2. An offer that sounds too good to be true, promising you an overnight riches, often through an automated system. An offer that tells you, you are going to make so, so, and so without lifting a finger, or all you need to do is copy and paste and you will be smiling home with thousands of dollars.


3. Be careful when a website requires you to give out your personal details including your bank details and credits cards. I have seen a lot of dubious dating sites requesting for that, trade with caution, It might just be a lover boy from Nigeria.


4. Bank wire transfers are a red flag to me, especially through some western Union or money gram, your money might end up somewhere in Nigeria.


5. Be careful when a pop up suddenly appears warning you that your system is at risk of contracting virus, and requesting you to act urgently by downloading some antivirus or antispam software, your system might just be at the risk of been spy on. Remember, when your activities on a system is ben spied on, then, the chances of been scammed increases.

There are lots and lots of other ways con artist operates that I may not be able to list it here. But, I advise that, before you reach for your Credit Card, make sure you are convinced that the offer is genuine. Not all offers that sounds good are scam, certainly not. The same way there are lots of scams, there are also lots of genuine offers floating the cyber space daily.

Let`s hear from you, if you have been scammed in the past, or your family members or friends have been scammed. Or you noticed a website or company promoting a program that sounds like scam, drop it down here, we will research them and publish it here.

If you are about going into a program and you are not sure of how genuine it is, let us help you carry out a research about them.

Your friend here, Clems.