Sfi Affiliate Center-The Truth Behind Sfi You Must Know

Welcome to my honest business assessment that is intent on providing information on SFI,as you read on,i will provide the facts and reports i observed during my thorough research and analysis. I believe this will help you determine for yourself if it’s worth investing in at the end of this article. If you like an honest assessment abut SFI this article is for you,let’s take a look together as we explore one online business opportunity that’s getting lots of people talking and wondering.


If you read on,in the end you will be able to determine for yourself if SFI affiliate program is a real deal or just not worth it.


Program Overview

Program Name:SFI

Website: www.sfimg.com

Owner: Gery Carsonsfi

Price: $0

Overall Rating:65/100


What is SFI about-How Can It Help Me Make Money Online

SFI is purely a marketing business that employs the functions of a pyramid scheme. The company achieves its aim by engaging large amount of people from all around the world and feed them with their marketing diet masking its mode of operation (that is its pyramid scheme).


Let’s move on to the fundamentals.

Though SFI for short means Strong Future International,it is a mask for Strong Future International Affiliate Marketing because it is purely a network marketing business and no affiliate marketing company initially wants people to know they are a network marketing business so they don’t loose potential clients.


The company was founded about a decade ago by Gary Carson and operates as an affiliate scheme put up to attract people to Triple Clicks,a vast gallery of wide range of products from electronics to daily commodities.If you choose to register for SFI and your referrals make a purchase,you will earn a commission.


SFI – What’s the deal – affiliate program or pyramid scheme

The method SFI employ can be confounding,though SFI pays commissions and hold claim that it is an affiliate program; it utilizes the structure of an MLM which may not be entirely bad if you like to partake in this kind of business.


I don’t encouraged recruiting your friends and families to join SFI because of the method SFI tells it members to apply. Inviting friends and families is more than likely to turn these relationships sour.

Overall what it implies is as a recruit you are meant to have five referrals that you’re responsible for and when you guys have multiple accounts,you in turn have a lot of people on your hands to be responsible for; consequently you’ve only acquired a large amount of down lines for yourself to deal with later on.



Beyond doubt,SFI is MLM. In order to earn any form of payment from the company,you are mandated to enlist on Executive Affiliate Status. This seems pretty easy and unharmful but it’s not an entirely easy task. As a marketer of this program,you will earn some points for performing simple tasks. For example,you will have to like the company’s program on social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. More tasks are in the company’s launch pad section you have to complete as well; they include participating in trainings, conducting site reviews and more.


In order to obtain an Executive Affiliate status in this program you are required to have Versa points. Obtaining 1500 points is needed to become a member at this level, it may not be easy to get this amount of points but if you’re able to get it and obtain an Executive Affiliate status,you will qualify to receive some earnings. You must also repeat the entire tasks you applied in obtaining this status monthly. You qualify for some Versa points from other tasks as well.


Remember that SFI uses a term called Versa Points to measure performance,it is this points that in turn translates into how much money you can earn. The Versa Points are of two different kinds,one is Sales Versa Points the other is Action Versa Point.When items are bought at the sister company you earn Sales Versa Point,while Action Versa Points are earned by performing most of the tasks mentioned above on the company’s website.


What about the sister company Tripe Clicks

SFI uses an affiliate company called Triple Clicks. This is the product display arena. It gives user access to compile items put up for sales and auction. The company also participates in various auctions and gives access to members to benefit by winning or buying some of these items.The items are put up at very cheap price almost too cheap. Taking time to analyze everything so far,it is easy to see Triple Clicks shows more promise than the affiliate program itself,SFI focusing on Triple Clicks and promoting it may be less demanding. It is important to know you are required to purchase Triple Clicks credits in order to take part in any auction.



Triple Clicks is an online store with large amounts of products put up for sale. It is owned by SFI. The store puts up large variety of products for sale that includes antiques, clothes,educational materials, computer supplies,toys, automotive supplies and lots more.It’s a stockpile of gizmos and collectibles.



Pros-The Attractions.

SFI is free to join.

The sister business Triple Clicks offer exciting products for sale.

The program gives bonus points when more than 5 referrals are made.

It almost feels like work


Cons-The Down-turns.

  • The process of making large amount of Versa Points is tedious. It’s not as easy as it sounds though achievable. Doing this consistently is where the hard part lies; it requires some level of expertise coupled with difficult hustling to be able to achieve it.


  • Bizarre methods can upset relationship f you decide to invite your families and friends.You also hand your hands full with referrals to be responsible for.


  • Unreliable compensation plan,a member sent in this complain while compiling this research.He joined and had lots of down lines who make purchases.Initially he was been paid commissions and his downlines were make continuous purchases,after a while the company stopped paying him earnings even though his referrals where still making purchases the same way they did previously.All efforts to contact the company to hear his complaint proved abortive.He was left stuck in the mud and disappointed after working over a long time to promote the company.


  • The program is for people that enjoy affiliate marketing,it gets confusing for newbies.


  • The company has lots of negative comments in the industry




Final Conclusion

If you’re not a big fan of affiliate marketing stay away from SFI. Though they may not be scam,i don’t Fancy it as a source of alternative or regular income for the average Joe. Though there’s potential to make money its pure MLM.


While the Triple Clicks puts up very cheap products for auction their quality arouses goose-bumps feeling.I doubt the quality of the products put up for sale at very ridiculous prices.


While Sfi may not be Scam, I however,wouldn’t recommend SFI,there’s an alternative program that offers more value for your time and resources.This program has transformed my hobby into a regular income source. Check below for a review of the program here




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