SportArb Scam Review – A Classic Ponzi Pyramid Scheme

Welcome to my SportArb scam review! Lots of questions have been raised about the legitimacy of SportArb business structure, whether they are real or just one of those numerous scam programs littered all over the internet. Well, I  have done quite some digging and  I am here with some findings that might interest you.

Looks like the internet world is gradually been taken over by some crooks who invent one program after another, from Richmond Berks, down to Hourly Rich Cash and now SportArb, all promising an outrageous ROI within a very short time.

Program Overview.

Program Name: SportArb


owners: Unknown

Price: Minimum $25

Rating: 35/100



SportArb is said to be a company that specializes in trading sports betting, they are said to have been in business for over three years and over the years had garnered some level of trading skills and now they are here to expand their business to the outside world.

Andres Martins and Ronald Wald are said to be the guys running the show here at SportArb alongside two other guys, Sid Clive and Mitch Stew.

  • Ronald Wald – CEO
  • Sid Clive – Senior IT Engineer
  • Mitch Stew – Customer Service
  • Andres Martin – Trader

A little digging to find out the personalities of those running the show at SportArb, however, left much to be desired.

There seems to be little or no detail information about those running SportArb, from Ronald Wald down to the rest of the crew, no previous activities of them are available anywhere outside of SportArb.

A LinkedIn Profile of all the four guys which look like it was created same day by the same person  fail to review any information about them  besides SportArb

SportArb employs separate and independent teams of highly experienced sports arbitrage traders, IT experts, customer care experts and finally the team that handles all operations related to our investment platform.

That’s the information from SportArbs website about the guys running the show at the company and with that said, I was expecting to find quite a lot of information concerning the previous activities of those guys, but hey no, nothing other the LinkedIn profile which also has some sorts of controversy hanging on it.

The Domain name of SportArb was registered around August 2016 and Ronald Wald named as the registrant, meaning he might be the main man behind the whole show.

Who is Ronald Wald and where on earth does he live? Big question and a tall one for that matter as no one can tell for real if there exists a Ronald Wald, as the two profiles seem to give a completely different account of him.

While the SportArns Incorporation Filings shows Ronald to be British with a Uk Residential Address, the profile at LinkedIn indicates Ronald Wald Location to be  Dresden Area, Germany. That’s something to thinks seriously about as it looks as though the so called ‘experienced guys’ are just some imaginary personalities.


SportArb Product Line.

Looks like SportArb has no retail product as Affiliates can only sell the program by way of recruitment to others wishing to join.

A company with no retail product paying such huge ROI daily sounds somehow fishing. Looks as people are been paid from funds brought in by new investors.


SportArb Compensation Plan.

To get a chance to promote as well as earn the daily ROI, an Affiliate must start up with a minimum of $25, once that is met, here is how the SportArb program intends to compensate its Affiliates.

  • Beginner: $25 – $499, Affiliates are paid a daily ROI of 60%  spread for the during of 30 days. Affilites must invest fresh funds after 30 days in order to continue earning.


  • Starter: $500 – $999, here, Affiliates earn a combined  65%  daily ROI and invested funds last for 45 days after which an investor must invest fresh funds again in order to continue earning.


  • Basic: $1000 – $2499, 70% of daily ROI rate paid out, funds are invested for 60 days after which you must re-invest fresh funds to continue earning.


  • Advanced :$2500 – $4999, a combined 75% daily ROI  is paid out spread for 75 days.Affiliates must invest fresh funds after 75 days in order to continue earning.


  • Expert: $5000 – $24,499, here, 80% of daily ROI is paid out and funds must be invested for 90 days after which an investor would have to put in fresh funds to continue earning.


  • Partner:$25,000 – $100,000, Affiliates who invest under this category gets a combined  90% of daily ROI rate paid out and funds are invested for 120 days after which Affiliates are expected to push in fresh funds if they want to continue earning.

How Is The Affiliate Plan Like?

SportArb also has a multi-level affiliate plan that pays affiliates who refer others into the scheme some compensation through a uni level system and it goes down to 4th level deep.

Here is the break down of how the Affiliates compensation plan looks like.

  • 7% paid out to ones direct referrals meaning when you directly refer your friend and he pick up a position from any of the investment packages, you earn 7% of the invested funds.
  • 3% paid to ones 2nd level referrals meaning if any of your direct referrals refer someone and the person purchase an investment package from the packages, you will earn 3% of the invested funds.
  • 1% is paid out to ones level 3 and 4 referrals.

Also, Affiliates  who are able to recruit some persons  with lots of invested funds can apply to become a representative and earn higher Affiliate fees.

  • 12% direct referrals.
  • 5% 2nd level referrals
  • 3% 3rd level referrals
  • 1% 4th level referrals.

That’s it.

Everything seems wrapped round MLM Ponzi pyramid. The more fresh funds you have injected into the system through referrals, the more money you make.

What Is The Cost Of Joining SportArb?

It cost absolutely nothing to join SportArb, however, to earn ROI, you must purchase a position  from $25 and above. $25 is the beginner level and you earn 60% ROI spread for 30 days.


Final Take On SportArb.

Having participated in similar program as this and seen how they all start off with cool promises but falter off later on, I made bold to declare that sportArb is no different from many others gone before it.

It doesn’t really matter whatever they admins tells you, they need your money and so they will tell you all the sweet things to make you keep pouring in fresh funds.

SportArb is a Ponzi scheme that thrives on fresh funds from new investors and the moment new investment dries up, the system will crash and the admins, which already have lots of question marks all over them, will naturally vanished into thin air.

If you have not invested yet in SportArb, you might want to rethink and probably proceed with lots of cautions or better still back out.

If your funds are already in there then you need lots of luck to get it back.


Attention Friend!

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