The Ads Team Academy Review – Legit Or Scam

Hey friend, welcome to my review of The Ads Team Academy. There has been lots of buzz about this business with many tagging it the next big thing to happen in internet marketing.

Well, in my usual characteristics, I went down deep to do some digging to find out if it is indeed worth investing in or not and I found out quite some interesting thing out of it.

Stay clue to your device as I serve you hot and juicy details about this program. Do not join until you have read this steamy hot review that reviewed every detail of the program.


Program Overview.

Program name: The ads Team Academy


Price: Starting from $20.                                                           


Overall rating: 25/100


What Is The Ads Team Academy About?

There is no doubt every day lots of people troop the internet in search of ways of making money online. people are no longer satisfy with the secular 8/5 work and so they turn seeking to leave the laptop life. Can The Ads Team Academy offer succor to such people seeking to create an income generating business online?


According to the information found on their website, The Ads Team Academy is said to be a platform that will train all those aspiring to create a business online and also give them all the needed mentorship to be successful in whatever online business their choose. To be successful online, we all need quality training backed by real time mentorship and that is exactly what the Ads Team Academy is poised to give.How true is that is left for us to see.


The Ads Team Academy is a branch off from the mother platform, The Ads Team, which is a Ponzi rev-sharing scheme that sells advertising credits to its members.

It looks to me though as this could just be a way to source for more money to pump into the main system. Besides, the main figurehead behind both the ads Team and The Ads Team Academy is a known figure who is reported to have scammed lots of people in Onecoin.

The Product Line Of The Ads Team Academy.

Looks like The Ads Team Academy doesn’t have a product, Affiliates who wants to make money here will have to sell the program itself to others.

As usual, a business structured in this Ponzi way is bound to crash someday, It might not be immediate but its just a matter of time before it come crumbling like a pack of cards.


The Cost Of Joining The Ads Team Academy.

In Order to promote The Ads Team Academy, affiliates must purchase a $20 position within the platform, which is the introductory package. Beside that, there are 5 packages altogether to chose from Comprising of 4 levels of educational material.



  • Level 1 – Introduction $20
  • Level  2 – Beginner $100
  • Level 3 – Intermediate $300
  • Level 4 – Advance $600
  • Combo pack – $1020

Affiliates who wish to buy the level 2 must first of all buy level 1 before going on to level 2, so is with other levels. That is to say you can not get on straight with buying level 4 without buying levels 1, 2 and 3.

What You Get When You Buy Into The Program.

When you pay for any of the packages above, you will get some internet marketing materials depending on the level.

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • web & social media marketing.
  • Traffic Generation
  • Email marketing/List building
  • Sales funnel

This sounds great from the outside but does The Ads Team Academy really teach one to make money online without having to promote the main product? Read on friend as I unravel more details about The Ads Team Academy.

The Ads Team Compensation Plan.

The Ads Team Academy runs a 3×9 matrix compensation plan whereby an Affiliate is place ontop of a matrix with 3 position below to be filled by his direct referrals or spill-overs from his up-lines.

Payment is paid from 1st -9th steps down.

The Ads Team Academy pays out 25%  on every personally recruited affiliates and 5% from affiliates recruited by other people within an Affiliates team down to the 9th step.

So now you know this is more like an MLM opportunity and its great for those whose specialty is in recruiting people but a complete nightmare for those like me who struggles with recruitment.

To probably make it more attractive to prospective affiliates, there is a 50% matching bonus of all directly referred affiliates. This will no doubt get people rushing in and double their effort in recruiting people for the sake of earning 50% matching bonus.




The Ads Team Academy promises to be a one stop site for online marketing where you earn while still learning and they have some real good training packages targeting both those with little or no knowledge of internet marketing.

One question though that one may like to ask is, if the products have real value.They looks to me like some bunch of e-books and long videos that can be gotten free on the internet with just a google search.

Also going by the antecedent of the founder, one may also be tempted to ask the real motive behind setting up a platform like this, is it to teach people how to make money online or just a ploy to source for more funds to inject into his almost dying revshare platform; The Ads Team.

And again the only way that seems one can continue earning is if he/she keeps recruiting new people because basically people are paid here from funds brought in by new investors hence there is no re-subscription fee.


Is The Ads Team Academy Scam?

To be fair with The Ads Team Academy, this program isn’t scam, at least not yet.

You are actually paying for the online learning materials provided by The Ads Team Academy and you are duly provided with the materials and whether you will go on to make money online with the help of the materials is something entirely different.

One thing though the quality of the learning materials is what I would question. why would I pay for such low quality materials that is geared towards promoting the same materials. The owners  are a bit smart here as most of the training is focused more on how to promote The Ads Team Products.



Do I recommend The Ads Team Academy?

Although The Ads Team Academy is not yet scam, there is no way I would recommend it to anyone as I believe there is a program out there that can give you superior value for way less or even free. Just take a look at this comparison chat below and see why I wont be recommending this product.




Final Verdict

I do not recommend The Ads Team Academy because the value of the training materials is lower than those found free on the internet. And again, the only realistic way you could make money here is if you promote the program itself.

In summary, The Ads Team Academy is just a disguised MLM Ponzi scheme structured to raise more money in order to sustain The Ads Team, the revsharing program of the owners that is almost dead.

Hey, if the program is that good, why not give it a free trial? 7 days free trial won’t harm anyone, will it? Hahaha, just thinking out loud.

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They have a premium package but you can try the free version as long as you want. Now that’s what I am talking about, if you have a quality product, let people try it for free and then decide if they like it or not.

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