1. Cathy

    Hi there Clem,

    The other good thing about Wealthy Affiliate is their commission payout. No other (legitimate) training pays you almost 50% of sales. You get so much out of this package – hosting, website, training and income source – and most importantly, no hype.

    The affiliate marketing world can be very nasty, people trying to take advantage of newer members, but you can be rest assured that this would not be the case with WA.

    • clems

      Hi, Cathy.

      Sounds like you are already a member of Wealthy Affiliate, its great to know that.

      Thank you for your comment and hope you enjoy your success in Wealthy Affiliate!

  2. Effie

    Hi there! Wealthy Affiliate seems really great and thank you for introducing us to this program. I’ve always wanted to become a professional internet marketer and make money online. I believe this is a true opportunity to build an online business. I wonder if you can succeed as a free member? Thanks!

    • clems

      Hi, Effie.

      The best way to know if you will succeed with a Free account is to GET STARTED. It`s completely free to; what more, you have two free websites to start with.

      Thanks for your stopping by.

  3. roamy

    Hillo Clems

    While looking for ways to learn how to make money online, i learned that i needed to learn as I’m totally a beginner in online marketing.

    Like anyone else, i`d like to work from home and mke money online from the comfort of my home.

    After reading your well written post,lm now closer to making up my mind what program is good for me as a beginner.

    I will re-check Wealthy Affiliate reviews online and make up my mind if it`s the right program for me as a beginner.

    • clems


      Thank you for dropping by. Wealthy Affiliate is certainly a great place for any one remotely interested in making money online, the training is geared towards helping you start an online business in a niche of your interest. Give it a trial, its free to start.

  4. Chris Towers

    I have heard a lot about Wealthy Affiliate and like you, I have also tried a lot of programs out there only to be let down.

    In the last years I have tried affiliate marketing to surveys but never found one of the most important things, which for me is help.

    Does Wealthy Affiliate offer good customer support and assistance? I ask this as in the past I have been left stranded and finally given up!



    • clems

      Hi, Chris.

      Thank you for your comment, and yes, Wealthy Affiliate has an amazing customer support. Aside the 500,000+ active members, you get help directly from the owners.

      I have been a member of WA since last year and i am satisfied with the support i am getting.

      I hope this help.

  5. Matt's Mom

    The Wealthy Affiliate Program is GREAT for beginners! With all of the training and community support, you can learn so much and be so successful! I think you did a great job with your post. Full of good honest facts about the Wealthy Affiliate Program. I know that I am actually a member and it was the best decision I made! Great post!

  6. ches

    This is a very informative and comprehensive post about the best internet marketing site ie. WA (wealthy affiliate). I can remember when I first joined this site last year. I was particularly nervous because of my lack of knowledge in the field of computers as well as internet marketing. Targeting your article at the beginner is such a good idea as many of those joining this excellent IM program will be beginners.
    This article will put them at ease and hopefully encourage them to take the plunge and go with the best IM program in the world IMHO. Ches

  7. Andrew

    Hey there! Like many people here, I have tried a few affiliate training systems and have been let down by most of them. Affiliate marketing seems like the ideal business solution to a lot of people, I for one would love the flexibility to stay at home and make money. I know affiliate marketing isn’t easy, but with the right training perhaps I can make a go of this. That’s why I have decided to give Wealthy Affiliate a try.

    • clems

      Hell, Andrew.

      Thanks for your comment and welcome to Wealthy Affiliate, the best online training program designed to teach people how to create a business on.

      I know you are enjoying your journey with WA.


  8. alexey

    Hey there it’s Alexey. I am an insider, so I can say that everything you mentioned here about Wealthy Affiliate is true. I am a member for quite a while and the quality of the information that I learned about affiliate marketing here is INCREDIBLE. A large community of students & experts that are pushing each other to reach success. Thanks for the share.

  9. Abdullah

    Very good summary of the Wealthy Affiliate program. I’m pretty new to affiliate marketing myself, and just recently signed up for WA. However, I enjoy that you’re not tied into one form of marketing: affiliate marketing is just one of many options.

    So far I’m really enjoying the community, and I love that the owners are so involved. It just comes across as very genuine, which is rare in the marketing world.

  10. Robert

    Thanks for the informative post, it was very detailed. I’ve been searching online for the best program to teach me how to make money online and there seems to be a lot to choose from. Wealthy affiliates seems to be getting a lot of reviews from satisfied members. I think I’ll check it out.

    • clems


      You have nothing to loss by trying it out, afterwards its free to get onboard, so why not give it a go.

      Thanks for stopping by.


    Hi Clems

    I’ve appreciate how you laid it out for individuals like me looking to make money online. I’ve been involved in other online marketing business before, but was never really given much direction. The only way I could get direction is if I invested $100s or even $1000s to get what I needed to succeed. This would always cause me to put this in the back burner because life would just happen and couldn’t come up with the money. Ill be checking Wealthy Affliliate out with further detail. Thank you for putting out this info.

    • clems


      Thank you for your comment.

      I understand your position, a year ago I was in a program which supposedly was to teach me how to make money online working from home, but after a while, I was offered other products which they said will have to go along with the initial product I paid for, it was crazy, the charges were high, I wasnt getting help from the program,i also wasnt making any money, so I had to quite.

      Fast forward, today I am glad I found what I was looking for in Wealthy Affiliate.

      You can start with a free account, at least it won’t hurt you or any body.


  12. Chris

    I agree with you that the premium price is relatively low compared to other programs that teach marketing online at the moment.
    I’ve been told that they also provide really good hosting and weekly webinars as well – great value when you think about the whole package they offer! Heard only good thing about them so far

  13. Ilias

    Hi Clems, it is true that the training and the tools are making Wealthy Affiliate so successful program.

    I have seen other programs to ask more money and offer less.

    For example, on Affilorama you have to pay extra for the tools. How do these guys build websites without keyword research?

    If they want to buy the tools, they give extra $17 per month for 30 keywords.

    Well, at Wealthy Affiliate it does not cost anything extra and you have unlimited searches.

    This is just an example why WA is way ahead of its competitors and why WA’s members are on the first page of Google for so many keywords.

    • clems

      Thanks, Buddy for your comment and yes, Wealthy Affiliate is neck and shoulder ahead of most training programs online.

      I am glad you are with Wealthy Affiliate.

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