The Digital Altitude Reviews-Is It Scam Or Legit

Welcome aboard my assessment and review of digital altitude.This article will provide unbiased and comprehensive information about digital altitude so if you seek information that will help you gain the right perspective about the program you will find this article very useful.The information in this article must not be overlooked because the modern fast-paced world of the internet is filled with many business opportunities that provide bogus claims to people when they register with them and just a handful are legitimate and an even tinier fragment of this group can provide a consistent income for people like you seeking financial freedom.It is important to establish the purpose of this article, now that this has been achieved, let’s proceed further.



Program Overview


Program Name: Digital Altitudeaspire

Program Website:

Program Cost: $37 monthly for basic registration, Aspire free trial available for $1

Program Founder: Michael Force

Founded: 2016

Overall ratig:50/100




My curiosity was aroused by this program and in the quest of satisfying this urge, I embarked on a journey to discover the core value of digital altitude and everything it’s all about. Here’s what I found out:


Digital Altitude is an invention on Michael Force and an ex Empower Network Executive with a trail of scam reports ( – now extinct).


Digital Altitude is an exorbitant Multi-Level Marketing pyramid scheme that turns people into hustlers. It instructs its recruits on how to make money off other people’s income by promoting false opportunities and offers to promise to make them very wealthy.


Digital Altitude is a pyramid scheme so it should be expected that once a member gets referrals, the member earns commissions and the more the referrals the greater the commission. The functions of this referrals after they signup is the same thing you’re doing keep recruiting people to fulfill the company’s desire of building a vast amount of recruits and then extract money from as many as possible.



What is Digital Altitude about

Digital altitude provides a free trial. It costs $1 and provides a two weeks access to the program. Don’t fall for this cheap strategy; you’re just a target of their data collection. Besides your data,you will be provided with lengthy videos designed to convince you to register with them.


It costs $17 monthly to register and become a member. This level qualifies you to some pieces of training and a mentor if you choose to register, Registered members are called Aspire Members, as an Aspire member you will be handed down tactics on how to promote this pyramid scheme,the mentors are not business mentors but experienced salesmen that promote the company’s mandate of bringing in traffic at all cost. Their goal is to obtain as much money from you as possible.



Aspire level membership is further divided into sub-categories and offers different commission and training. The tier of membership is just a clever trick to collect more money from members using one formula: The more knowledge you seek,the more we’ll take from you.



Digital Altitude Aspire Levels


AspireWalker: $37 Monthly


This level offers 40% commission and gives members access to foundational training materials. It provides members with an opportunity for 1 tier payout.



AspireHiker: $67 Monthly


This level offers 50% commission and gives its members access to more training materials and weekly training from the program coordinators. It provides members with an opportunity for 2 tier payout.



AspireClimber: $127 Monthly


This level offers 60% commission and gives its members access to more training materials and weekly training from the program coordinators. It provides members with an opportunity for 3 tier payout. More benefits are inclusive.


As expected this level attracts lots of interests and desires,the only obstacle for many people is the cost. It costs approximately $150 monthly to register and become an affiliate at this level. Imagine investing $150 monthly and you don’t meet up for one month; you lose previously held benefits and return to being just a basic affiliate.It is a lot for an adventure that promises nothing for it.


Now that we’ve covered the different affiliate membership levels let’s explore the products section of this program.


Upon checking through the list of products one must buy before anyone can earn commissions from recruits I was alarmed. Some dodgy practices put me off if you require your mentor to close a deal you’re earning is reduced by 10-30% depending on your membership level. It’s like saying if you want your full commissions you will need to do it without our support.


Digital Altitude Products

Digital Altitude offers for sale just five expensive ticket products they call Membership. I can’t find a name that qualifies for what they offer because no substantial products are put up for sale neither is the entire structure built around anything.It’s just a circus hosted to collect ticket fees. I won’t quote in tiny fragments the details of the programs so-called membership,feel free to go through the exhaustive information they heaped to confuse innocent people on any of their affiliates website.


  • Base Membership: Single term payment of approximately $597.



This membership contains training materials that are categorized into sections.

If you register you will get instructional training in:


– How to provide exceptional customer service and recruit as many people as possible.

– How to build automated systems and make money without working.


I believe you can feel the pulse, right?



  • The Rise Membership: Single term payment of approximately $1,997


This is another exorbitant and exaggerated tool kit.  This over-priced membership level contains training in about 20 sections.


It provides training for trivialities like how to create an irresistible appeal in your potential recruits.



  • The Ascend Membership: Single term payment of approximately $9,997


This is just another level in this whole pyramid structure,it’s not the highest level but it’s pretty high.It aims to attract rich people who don’t mind throwing this stuff all around.


This membership level caters for travel expenses for a small party,just yourself and your partner.Let’s examine this objectively; anyone with $10,000 should be able to host a very comfortable trip for a group of 10people. I am sure you won’t spend $3,000 doing this. This level is a nice subtle mechanism for the organizers of this Ponzi scheme to scrap off free money from its victims and when the number reaches their expectation I’m sure they will go bust and disappear, after all, they haven’t been around for even a year.


Don’t fall for this,remember as an independent market your goal is to earn money and not get ripped off the little you have for yourself.


This level offers training in subjects like How to build a website with massive traffic something I’m sure any internet search engine can give you unlimited information about. Another training it provides is how to increase your sales exponentially – it’s only teaching you how to be a hustler to make money off people at their expense.



  • Peak Membership: Single term payment of approximately $16,997


Don’t get bored,there’s more to come. This level provides training materials in 20 sections.They include promoting business efficiency,how to add value to your business and how to make money while you sleep using the same pyramid schemes.


It’s another big trick seeking for higher earning people who don’t read the details before signing the document.



  • Apex Membership: Single term payment of approximately $27,997.


This is the climax of their scheme.Think of it if you invest $28,000 what will you be earning as income and what does the company put multiples of this high sums into? I have to be objective by telling you they will collect your money head to Vegas and declare bankruptcy because they never had any desire to pay anyone and didn’t plan ahead about investing whatever money they collect into anything.




– Training materials offered




– Over-priced materials and training.

– Nothing is guaranteed

– It is another Ponzi scheme



Alternatives Digital Altitude

I do not recommend becoming a digital altitude affiliate;if you want a program with proven results and track record, where you are tought how to promote real products, products you are passionate about, where you are tought how to make money online without recruiting, I recommend Wealthy affiliate,check out the benefits of Wealthy Affiliate For Free by Taking a peep in it  HERE





Digital Altitude is a scam. From the introduction to the end of the article,the company, and its developers offer nothing of value. The entire membership training materials are replicated versions of previous affiliate marketing programs that have gone bust; they only did recycling to past scams-gone-bust. Avoid Digital Altitude by all means.

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