What Is Ameriplan About-Is It Legit Or An Outright Scam



Are you interested in becoming an Ameriplan affiliate but need an honest review to make the right decision ?

Do you seek information to provide clarity and direction to ascertain if it’s worth it or if it’s just another scheme seeking for people to make free money from? If you want answers to questions like this then read on.


You can save a lot of resources or make more money by obtaining quality and objective information about business opportunities just by following our candid opinions about different business opportunities on this blog. This current article review aims to provide independent and accurate information so you are not misled and can conduct business with peace of mind, you will get to know if Ameriplan is a credible business opportunity or just another cheap scam.



Ameriplan USA Overview

Program name: Ameriplan USA

website: www.ameriplanusa.com

Price: from $12.95-$150+monthly dependending on the planameriplan

Owners: Daniel & Dennis Bloom

Overall Rating: 50/100



 Contrary to subjected definition as the name may imply, Ameriplan is not a medical plan. It is just another company that deals in marketing business. Ameriplan is founded by Owners, Daniel and Dennis Bloom in 1992 and operates from Texas, USA.



What is Ameriplan really about

 Ameriplan USA is a company that offers discounted rates on medical services like dental care, eye care and prescriptions uncovered by many health insurance providers.

This seems good for people who don’t own insurance though a monthly fee applies. The company runs a pyramid-scheme kind of business and may be suitable for people seeking for opportunities in network or multi-level marketing; if you’re uncomfortable with network marketing them Ameriplan may just spook you.


Ameriplan’s services may appeal to people without health insurance because of the opportunity it provides.

The company encourages people to enlist, become members and pay a monthly fee to access this discounted services they offer and further encourages them to recruit members to do just about the same thing.


How Ameriplan Operates and What you will be doing as a member


Ameriplan has different membership levels and depending on the membership plan you enlist in the benefits are different.


  •  Ameriplan MD Plus – Provides discounted rates on prescriptions for your family along with round the clock access to a physician. It costs $12.95 monthly.


  •  Ameriplan Dental Plus – Provides discounted rates on dental care, eye care, Chiropractic and prescriptions. It costs $19.95 monthly


  •  Ameriplan Health Care – Provides the benefits of the Ameriplan Dental Plus and added benefits that include:
  1. Scanning and Laboratory services
  2. Physical therapy
  3. The Ameridoc program
  4.  Diabetic drugs and aids
  5.  Mental health services
  6.  Ear Care


  • The company claims this membership level unlocks even more benefit, they claim that hospitalization cost above $2,400 can be covered on this plan. It costs just $49.95 monthly.


  •  Ameriplan Platinum Plus – Provides both the benefits in Ameriplan Dental Plus plan and entertainment discounts, this covers discounts in Shopping, Movie Theatres, Dining out and Automobile.

You also get to enjoy discount on Internet cost, Computer purchases and Sprint phone service provided you sign a two year contract. It costs $50 monthly.


  •  Ameriplan Total Platinum – Provides the benefits of Platinum Plus along with ID theft protection and many more features. It costs $75 monthly.


  • Ameriplan Platinum Freedom Pass – Provides the benefits in Total Platinum Plan and access to medical plan. Members also get to enjoy discounted cruise rates, hotel costs, resorts, golf and grocery discounts.

Coupons are also available and can be printed from members section of the website. It costs a staggering $150 monthly.


How can i make money with Ameriplan


Different membership level unlocks different commission rates. Let’s examine the breakdown together:


  •  Platinum Plus – 20% commission on sales is promised to members though monthly membership fee of $50 is still applied.


  •  Total Platinum – 30% commission on sales is promised to members, monthly membership fee of $75 still applies.


  •  Platinum Freedom Pass – 40% commission on sales is promised to members at this level, but monthly fee of $150 must be paid.



Now that insights have been provided into the basics let’s examine the fundamentals – The process of making money from Ameriplan.



The Process of Making Money With Ameriplan

 Two models are employed, the standard business model and the sales model.


  •  The Standard Business Model


Members make money from using this model by encouraging other users like them to sign up. The referrals are also mandated to repeat the same system and process of signing up down lines for themselves. It is a daunting task as members have to scout and scour the streets and the internet looking for people to recruit and bring onboard.

It doesn’t end here, when people seek inquiry about the offer, they are directed to a personalized site where they are required to fill a contact form and request a phone interview.


Upon request for an interview, they are called and persuaded into buying into some of the health services. This is not a one-time action plan, but a process that must be done consistently to recruit new members to make money.



  • The Sales Model


Members use the sales model to gain advantage; they are encouraged to sell health plans like dental and health care packages. Members may do this over the phone or use other marketing methods to make sales. It involves doing viral marketing, speaking to lots and lots of people, calling people at random to advertise the product – it’s not an easy bite trust me.


No tangible information is provided about maintaining or promoting health care or dental care, the entire focus is on just recruiting people to enlist and further recruit more people.


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Is Ameriplan USA for everyone

 Ameriplan USA may be suitable for people that don’t have an health insurance or dental insurance package.

It could also be ideal for people just seeking to have an adventure looking for something to lay their hands on but it’s not for everybody.


It involves lots of road mounts and bumps and tedious work that may be too much to bear for just about the average person. Making sales in a saturated market also complicates issues. It is not a full time job offer and is subject to spikes, when you don’t get new members recruited, you have to maintain a consistent monthly payment while spending more income on trying to stay afloat. This is not the brightest of business ideas to financial freedom.


Other Membership Benefits


When you signup as an Ameriplan member you get access to the following:


  • Live training calls on a fixed time and date once in a week.
  • 1 Free personalized and automated website
  • Training materials to encourage and inspire your down lines.
  •  Scripts for phone communication



Does Ameriplan Offer Technical Support


Support is provided in just two ways.


  •  Your upline or recruiter is your major contact for support related inquiries


  • The FAQ section of their website has an archive of previously answered questions members are directly to.


These are the only way to receive support from the company. It is a company that doesn’t seem to want to associate with its own members.



Pros Vs Cons




  •  The discounted health and dental care options seems great if you’re not covered by an health insurance program.
  •  They have a wide variety of programs to keep members motivated to make sales.
  •  It could be great for adventurous people.





  •  To use the discounts offered, you may only go to a provider in their network or you won’t be able to use the discount.
  •  They are not popular among professional medical care community unlike they claim. This makes it difficult to present for a discount to enjoy the benefits, it is very limited in scope.
  •  This opportunity is suitable for adventurers and people who like sales or marketing, you may see it as a burden if you don’t belong to this category.
  •  The structure is that of pyramid schemes and not a regular business
  •  The company attracts lots of negative reviews.
  • They terminate membership accounts if several complaints are made against their members with little chance for a defense – it doesn’t matter the level or duration you use in the business the principle is upheld.


Is Ameriplan really a scam


In my humble opinion i wouldn’t say Ameriplan is an entire scam, besides the drawdowns mentioned earlier, they did provide discounted health care services, I’ll not describe Ameriplan as a scam dues to this reason but for an ideal work from home opportunity that provides regular income and promises financial freedom, i don’t recommend them it’s an outright no for me. Though they may seem legit, I am not endorsing them, here is my #1 recommended on the internet.

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